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October 06, 2004


We would still be staring at this.

(Thanks to Susan Kosior)


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I'll bite, what are they?

Now Judi will fix the link and this will make no sense.

Cool. But no link??

Judi, I think this link is incomplete, or I'm just more hopelessly clueless than usual this AM.

ok, doctor, so what does it mean if I see a bunch of breasts covered in cartilige repairing frog goo?

What do you mean "would be"? I still am. So pretty...can't stop looking...

*puts down the bong*

i demand an explanation.

we must form a panel of my supporters to investigate this.

i am confident that it is george bush's fault.

oh wow. far out man.

WAY cooler than anything I saw when I took "Sensation and Perception" in college back in the dark ages...

*picks up Fed Duck's bong ... grabs bag of cool ranch doritos and puts Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in the CD player*

Ah ... just like old times.

Now that the link is working, I'll say it again:


Oooooh look at all the pretty colours!

here is the author's explanation:

Corroboration for the role of luminance adaptation is that after a
flashed exposure to the standard gradient illusion, a uniform white field
appears to have a short-lived, fast illusory motion, whereas a black field has
weak motion in the opposite direction.

now that the mystery is officially solved, can someone please explain what the author said?

Careful Punky, I put the dark side of my moon in my CD player one time, and now it only plays crappy music.

'Course Pink's dark side may be different.

Duly noted, cbol.

Wow! Traces!

(remember 'traces'?)

What's worse than blasting coffee on the monitor when there's a particularly funny post posted? A pool of drool on the keyboard caused by a loss of one's senses from posts such as this. Monitors are much easier to clean!

Corroboration for the role of luminance adaptation is that after a
flashed exposure to the standard gradient illusion,...the observer feels unexplained anxiety and nausea, leading to projectile vomiting. Questions to note: Why is the vomiting projectile in nature? Can alteration of the illusion lead to other, more interesting forms of vomiting? Further investigation into this phenomenon is recommended.

...and they just keep twirling around, man!

Oh wait, you say there's a link?

What about flacid vomiting?

As the author might say, "This illusory color spectrum gradient, along with the excessive content of tetrahydracannibonol flowing through my bloodstream region, is expediting the saliva from the cavity lying at the upper end of my alimentary canal (bounded on the outside by the lips and inside by the oropharynx), which in turn is producing a strong, irrational, perceived desire for Aide of the Gator artificially flavored sports beverage and freshly extracted cookie dough in its unheated form.
Extraneous Neener of the Mentally Elevated Variety.


oh wow. extraneous neener wbagnfarb

What do you mean they're (not their) not really moving, Judi? ARE SO!

Mahatma wrote:

"Wow! Traces!
(remember 'traces'?)"

Actually, no. But what I *do* remember was a kid's toy where you put one or two color pens into a device which drew repetitive patterns (similiar to the link).

Help me out someone. The toy was called "Size-O-Graph" or something like that, right?

Spirograph, Trystan.

okay. As someone with mild Nystagmus (Look it up) that is *painful*.

You want some more well here's some more

Nystagmus, also known as Wobbly Eyes or Neener Syndrome, is an involuntary eye movement which usually results in some degree of visual loss. The degree and direction of eye movement, amount of visual loss and resulting impairment varies greatly from person to person.

This has been a PSA from the United Bored Office Workers Union and Occasional Orgy Instigators.

What's "number 9"?

Are 'tracers' the same as 'trails'? The lingering images that followed moving objects after certain illegal substances were ingested?
Always made us think differently about Roy Rogers somehow...'Happy Trails to you, ...'

Okay, MKJ, now I feel like I've got frog glue in my eyelids. Make him stop!

ecnc: you betcha

i'm getting sleepy....very sleepy....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*receives post hypnotic suggestion*

Yes, Master....

*proceeds to collect frog glue and heads to site of next political debate*

MKJ, that was one weird link...

It's something wrong. Stars are talking something.

---Whoa, man!

They still make Spirographs, only they don't give you those little pins to attach the wheelies to the cardboard. Too dangerous, I suppose.
Whom do I sue for inducing epilepsy from looking at this awful thing?

Guin, I say sue the whole internet.

Hey, anyone remember that goofy hypnotist's link? You know, the one with the accent.

"Darkness and night..."

Shoot, can't remember what he was saying but it was pretty good.

Sure Mahatma didn't mean the Classics IV song?



Here's one.

Jeff, you mean this?

Jamester, I took that class too!

Although I took a commanding leadership position in inventing the Internet, you can't sue me.

*Changes underdrawers after clicking on Leetie's link* Pardon me while I go have a coronary.

Dude, this beats being John Malkovich.

(being Christobol, though, is a whole other trip altogether)

403 Forbidden.

*walks blindly after the others*

...Doom doom doom doomey doommmmmmmm


*realises she is already tripping, and keeps on walking blindly*


yo that was sick, im dizzy, lol

*all together*
being Christobol, though, is a whole other trip

yea, i would think so....sorry for ya

Judi ... number 9 as in Beatles number 9 or as in reason number 9?

I just suddenly became curious after reading that headline ALL day.

yeah, i asked about that at 12:21pm. anybody?

Judi & Punky, I think it was a Warhol thing... it was parodied on the Simpsons a couple years back, I recall billiard balls floating around and the phrase "Number 9" being repeated incessantly. Sort of a tip-o-the-asshat to Tim Leary, and polyester clothes with piped edging...

*goes to google to see if there's any evidence that the above is accurate*

Yep... "music" set to Warhol.

'Warhol's multi-copies of re-rendered copyrighted images have become the aesthetic air we breathe. John Cage and the Fluxis group in the fifties and sixties used all sorts of prerecorded material as texture and context. Number nine… Number nine… Number nine… Number nine…'

Okay, who was in my bedroom and took a picture of my wallpaper and posted it on that site?

Thanks, Leetie, that's the guy!

"Shadow and darkness, wisit me at night, here in the back room (bathroom?) of my mind."

This time he sounded a little more like Arnold to me.

This has been my desktop for the longest time.

{Insert witty comment here.]


Oh, I've had that on my website for, like, 800 million years.

Okay. Want to really screw with someone's head? Grab one of these images and turn it into a wallpaper and put it a friend or loved one's computer!

Ha ha ha! Friend OR loved-one's computer. HA!

Speaking of which, "HA" sounds a heck of a lot like "MOP" if your octave is eightfold enough, like the Martian Emperor in "Mars Attacks!"

But why would a Martian wearing a purple cape in the New Mexico desert go around saying "MOP"? Does that make ANY SENSE AT ALL??

Hey- I was staring at that in the 60's, you young whippersnappers..or..at least I think I was.
Really, we were sitting on a couch at an off campus, co-ed living arrangement kind of place, smoking,looking at someone project light through a bag of jello, onto a blank wall. Good times!

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