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October 13, 2004


Key quote: Nearly half of the undecideds were uncertain whether Bush should get another term.

(Thanks to Peter Campbell: "To which I ask, um, and the other half?")


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Defeated by Penny. Dang.

Woohoo! I got a first!

And er, yeah, nice article... now admit it Dave, you tied them together so when they try to run for office they fall spalt on their (not they're) faces and you can win, huh, huh?

Hmmm... spalt = splat on the asphalt. Yeah. That's what I meant to write all along.

*Note to self: you got your first, you can proofread now*

the other half of the undecideds were leaning toward dave... but the danged media didn't list that option.

dave, gotta get a new campaign manager and an october surprise

"Whether Kerry can persuade those undecided voters he is up to the job of president and motivate them to go to the polls in November could be a key, Zogby said."
Ya think, Zoggie?

Now THAT's my kind of math!

*from The Department of the Math Impaired*

"Zogby said only 11 percent of those undecided voters felt Bush deserved to be re-elected and 40 percent thought it was time for someone new. Nearly half of the undecideds were uncertain whether Bush should get another term."

Umm... if you feel Bush deserves to be relected, you aren't undecided. If you think it is time for someone new, you aren't undecided.

The headline "Bush and Kerry Tied Ahead of Debate" begs the question:
Will there be leather involved also?

Are those undecided voters, who are leaning both ways at once, Republicrats or Demoplicans? Without knowing that, the statistics are meaningless.

Is it just me, or do we have to skip more and more posts all the time to get past all the "who's on first" nonsense?

Not that there is much sense after that whole debate ends... it's just getting old.

Undecided voters who don't know which way they will vote...

That's like women of the opposite sex...

I'm starting to get it!

Obviously 45% of the people polled are morons.

I'm going to get this Dave Barry humor stuff down pat sone enough. Just as soon as I figure out why it would help to have it down or to pat it. I figure its got something to do with white albino squirrels, but its nothing to go bananas over. Even if I knew why it was a bad thing to go bananas, since I've never seen a banana do anything except maybe get ripe and change color... but maybe it s bad thing to go bananas. You might even have to start over from scratch. Amazing stuff that scratch. You can build with it or make biscuits or casseroles or use it as a starting point. If you've got it and someone else doesn't, they might become as jealous as a green eyed monster. Not that I've ever seen a monster or much less know why blue eyed monsters are less jealous, but thats the way the cookie crumbles... unless you believe that cookies crumble randomly, in which case Katie bar the door... and Katie, you better just not complain about why its always you that has to bar the door. You are just the one to do it & don't ask me which door it is you should bar, but if you want to live to a ripe old age... there it is again... ripe... bananas... booger

Why did Nixon keep showing Deep Throat while in the White House?
He wanted to get it down Pat.

Can't you see the interview after the election?

Reporter - Who did you vote for?

Voter - Bush, but I don't think he deserved it.

I'll vote for the person who creates a specific food group just for Spam.

".........(really havn't said anything yet)................while the other half is uncertain if Bush is a bad thing, as they take another picture of the panty flash, screaming".................'God I love it when this country shaves!!!?!!!'"

Since i found this, I think I can say FIRST and I only hope someone follows so they can see this!

*keeps fingers crossed and puts out a tray of MOATaritas for arriving guests*

And further news on Sandy's 800 number:

1-800-bloglit: a woman picked up and said "you've reached an invalid line" and hung up...hmm!
1-800-blognog: phone sex line...woohoo!
1-800-moatarita: "it has currently come to our attention that you have some money that has been unclaimed"...yay! crapweasels!
1-800-sandybeach: phone sex line...Oh, Sandy? Care to explain?
1-800-eleanor: an AT&T personal 800 number...darn, struck out

Joshkr, you are the man!!!!!!!!!

I am so proud! (of both of us!)

joshkr--Don't know why that number didn't work. Let's keep it simple--just send me your credit card number. Did I mention you get your name inscribed on the puppy's house?

As for your question above, um, well, it's been a loooong, lonely dark winter. 'nuff said.

Sorry about the caps but Icannot go back!

p.s. See - isn't this fast????!!

Yes, the new MOAT is fast. But evidently not fast enough to evade the wormholes in the space/time continuum that plagued the previous MOAT. Oh well, you can't have everything...

Oooh! I get to be on the new MOAT alone with Sandy and Eleanor! Hey, ladies...care to try out the new hot tub? ;)

Sandy...I just emailed you my credit card number, social security information, mom's maiden name, first pet's name, and passwords to all my accounts. Hope that helps!

Great, joshkr. That will definitely help. How does this sound:
The Joshkr Arena!

Gotta run to dinner!

Joshkr - I'm having anxiety that no one else will join us - not that I mind being alone with you - actually it's the dream of a lifetime (or at least a lifetime since I've been MOATing!)

*gets into hot tub and motions for Joshkr to join her*

Eleanor...no worries, they'll be by. And you need to set your dreams a bit higher...lol!

*strips and jumps in hot tub*

Nice coconut bra!

(random thought) what happened to Crash? She's the only one who's name printed correctly with her pic. I have no idea what is up with Photopaint, but everyone else's names came out blurry at first. Fixed that by double-printing, first in Word at a fixed height for consistency, then in Photopaint for the picture. Why am I babbling about this?

The coconut bra made you crazy; hence the rambling - I didn't understand a word you said, but I like the way you said it!

I have stuff to go do now - don''t stay in the hot tub too long - not only will you look like a prune, but you'll shrink -*wink, nudge*

see you tomorrow!

*Pulls blurkmobile away from the cliff just past the place where Moat-lovers go*

Hi Folks! I have been properly "corrected" :-) by some of the Ladies of The Moat for checking out.

I forgot the rules of the MoatElle California ;-)

Anyways, along with a nice Kudos at work for a difficult project well-done by this newbie there and a heart-rending acceptance that this olde soul can no longer properly keep up with all the Moat-ile conversation-threads...

Well...I'm gonna try to be back even as a ghost of a Moatie past (or passed! ;-)

*Turns on the radio...*

*Hears the strains of...*

"Here I go again, on my own. Going down the only road I've ever known...."

(Haven't read a thing except Thanks for the "trail-mix"! In other words, "I'll be back"

Happy Holidays to All and certainly Seasoned Greetings! :-)

if you're a clone ,what would be your mother's maiden name ?
if someone decided to use the same thread again, would they have reMOAT control ?
anyway, why would someone do that unless they had ulterior MOATives?

Wow...just getting done with the master copies (had a few interruptions and had to go slow to make sure the ink was drying)

I do believe I am sleepy.

I haven't posted this for awhile, but here is the final lineup:

---Women of the MOAT---

Jan: Blogchik
Feb: Peri
Mar: Midget
Apr: Mad Scientist
May: Tina
Jun: Susan
Jul: Slyeyes
Aug: Crash
Sep: Rita
Oct: Just
Nov: Bangi
Dec: Polly

---Men of the MOAT---

Jan: Brian B.
Feb: Bismuth
Mar: Vol
Apr: Mr. Fisher
May: Blue Meanie
Jun: Mike Weasel
Jul: Deon
Aug: Kingw
Sep: Higgy
Oct: Kibby
Nov: Lab Specimen and Lee
Dec: Christobol
Jan(2006): Joshkr

*claps for Joshkr*

jeez louise, it's 4:20 am and I'm still up. Why?

Oh yeah. I'm depressed.

BTW, my bro meets with the divorce lawyer tomorrow. If you are the praying type, do keep him in your prayers.

I know I've made mistakes with the calendars (some were last minute decisions and not mistakes) but I think they look damn good and hope you will forgive me if I missed a request. The only thing I was sure about was to error on the side of caution.

I hope you will like them and wish you could all review them before my (now) very good friends at UPS and I do all of the printing tomorrow.

But tough...they be done :)

Blogchik...I'm not the praying type but I hope the best for your brother. Is that why you're depressed?

Last few things...I wanted to throw in a quick note on the back of the calendars. How does this sound? Or should I ditch the idea? Any suggestions or additional notes are appreciated.

"This calendar is dedicated to all of the bloglits. Your wit, your love of fun, your love of adult beverages, your nonsense, and your unconditional caring for one another which manifests in so many ways every single day. I am thankful to know you all.

Oh yeah…and thanks to Dave and Judi for putting up with us. And sometimes even dropping in to say “hi”. I’ll always remember Dave stopping the line at the book signing when we said we were from the blog and saying “wait, this is important”. The fact that Ridley Pearson gave me a wedgie…well I’m trying to forget that.


Hmm...I think that needs some rewriting.

Sounds good to me, Joshkr - good morning!

Maybe (now that I've been awake for more than 10 minutes) and thanks to Dave and judi for giving us all a place to meet, congregate, find others with similiar sensibilities (dumb or otherwise), sense(s) of humor, etcs -

*needs work, but hope Joshkr gets the idea*

Thought I'd just pop in to see what's going on....but you all have been too busy for me. Moving even!!

I did a quick scan and didn't see BrianB or Lab...hope they are doing well with the blizzard. Our travel plans have changed. My parents and I were to go to my sister's in Southern Indiana, but my sister ordered us not to try it. She doesn't want Mom and Dad on the roads. (apparently, she's OK with me?????) Anyway, she's in charge of the call center at the hospital and she said things were approaching "catastrophic". That was early yesterday morning when they still weren't able to get to people who had been stranded for more than 8 hours. Maybe with a new day, there will be better news.

Right now, I'm up in Nodaway County, MO visiting my older daughter. This is the area that had that awful murder/kidnapping last week of the 8 months pregnant woman. Hard to believe. I was walking down main street here in Maryville and they've got the town square all lit up, Christmas music over the loud speakers from town hall, etc. Hard to believe something like that would happen here.

It's fricking cold up here, but sunny skies.

We went shopping yesterday in north KC at a new mall called "Zona Rosa". Bis, have you been there? It's built like a quaint little town -- which is fine on a spring day. With temps of 12 and WINDY at that, I was in search of an indoor mall. My daughter said the indoor mall was crapppy. I said it would have heat.

I drive back to St. Louis today and then need to get ready for Christmas dinner that was supposed to be in Indiana. I think I'll do the grocery shopping here 'cause the stores will probably be closed by the time I get home.

Hope all are safe, WARM and dry. I'll catch up later.

Josh, I like the idea of taking the files ourselves to Kinkos and printing our own. Unless something has been figured out already. As I said, I've done a "jet scan" of this and missed a lot.

Love to all!!

Yay, it's MOAT X: The Xtreme Moat! (Is anyone besides me getting tired of everything being "extreme?")

Good morning Weasel - I am not tired of Extreme Weasel but tired of everything else extreme.

Josh - I like the dedication on the back

Eadn - alaways good to read your blurkiness

Mid west bloggers - stay warm and safe!

Merry Christmas and much love to you all (y'all for the southerners)

Joshkr--the dedication sounds perfect. Don't change a word.

Sly-thanks for the update from the midwest. We love to complain here in SE Alaska, but in fact most of you have it way worse!

Today will be last minute shopping and wrapping and cleaning. My husband's daughter and her family are here for Xmas. They have been staying with her mom, who lives across town. (We're all very good friends.) We're going to spend the night at their place tonight, including the dog, and come back tomorrow night with the kids who will stay with us for a few days. (Hence the cleaning.)

I may drop in later today, but if not may I say Happy Holidays to one and all and thanks for having me this year. I look forward to blogging with you in 2005!

I am extremely tired of all things extreme, and Weasel, if you really want to see something that will shake your extremeness to the bone (or whtever the expression is),, check out the gnomes on the MB!!!!!

Mid-Morning All!

Joshkr, I like your dedication note just as it is too. I'm Glad everything's about done and I can almost hear your *sigh* of relief over here! ;-)

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! :-)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Great Kwaanza, or whatever you celebrate!


Ok, thanks everyone for your notes on the dedication...I left it as-is with minor changes per Eleanor's feedback.

So...half of the calendars (the MOTM) are printed after keeping the UPS people there an hour and a half after closing :) I plan to print the rest on Monday. Did y'all know double-sided counts as 2 copies? (crap). So it'll be about $900 (MOTM, 14 pages x 2 for double sided x .39 cents...WOTM same but only 13 pages), but I think I have a plan to get it done.

Anyway, there's your status update. I'm still chugging ahead.

Happy Holidays! I need a beer...

Somebody emailed me a very nice Christmas present

***warning...nekkid wimmin***

Congratulations Joshkr, I just thought I'd check in one last time to see if you were alive!!!

Take the rest of the night off -
*loves Joshkr 2 beers, 2 MOATaritas and 2 blognogs*

Happy Holidays/i>

*practices html, fingers crossed*

Eleanor...thanks much, you wonderful woman! Those should just about get me started ;)

*making dorky kissing noises and motioning Eleanor towards the hot tub*

Hmm...I have low hopes that people are going to be on the MOAT much this evening...off to play games for a bit. I'll check in later.

Joshkr - When you said naked women you really meant naked women! But only one naked man!!!!hmmph!

no hot tub for you!

And then to top it off, Jose Feliciano!!! I'd rather have Barry Manilow and Cher singing a duet!!

but as Jose would say, hasta manana!

joshkr--great work, I'm sure you're exhausted! I suggest you NOT print the other calendar on Monday. Instead, let us print those ourselves. It sounded like most folks are willing--I know I am. Think about it....

Off to the family shindig now... Damn, that hot tub looks sooo good right now!

Merry Christmas Eve MOATIES! And a happy holidays to everyone!

This place is on friggin' snow lockdown. They just lifted the Level 3 snow emergency yesterday afternoon. It was in effect from Wednesday night until Thursday afternoon. I don't know what it means elsewhere, but here, a Level 3 is for Emergency personnel to be on the road only. If you go out and are stopped, they can arrest you.

It's friggin' awesome baby!!!!!!! (Please bear in mind that I love cold weather and nothing pleases me more than a white Christmas.....ok, I lied. I love a good single malt AND a white Christmas!!)

They are predicting a low of -6 F tonight and a high of 10 tomorrow. I'm going to the Bengal game on Sunday, and I think it's supposed to be around 20 F or so. At my house, we got a little over 8 inches, but and it's between 6 and 12 throughout the city. I heard some places in Southeast Indiana got up to 24 inches of snow in a 24 hour period.

Anyway, taking care of TLBB and trying to let TCMB get some sleep. He has taken to a nocturnal schedule and neither of us is sleeping much. Luckily, I don't really need sleep. Unfortunately, TCMB does, and is getting frustrated and VERY tired. Hopefully a little Christmas cheer (to be read: multiple glasses of wine) will make her feel better tomorrow.

Merrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy Christmasss! (Or whatever)

By the way, three questions:

What are we naming this MOAT?

Where is Christobol, and has he done anything with Snake since Ch. 35? (the one he posted on his site)

Does anyone have a link to that site?


Happy Holidays.

That is all.

*sneaks into MOAT late at night while everyone's asleep*

I've been spending HOURS reading through the MOAT since I left as a sort of belated xmas present to myself.

And I came across Lab's posting of the Crocodile Hunter music macine and promptly wet myself laughing. Just so you know, the average Australian looks at the croc hunter and winces over the fact that this image is being (very successfully) exported. We are not like that. Really. Most of us anyway.

And Sandy, what the hell is an "easter peep", and why, when you microwave one, do they explode?

And apparently I'm only 28% metrosexual, well you'd get that from my photo with the scooter wouldn't you, and, rather consistently, 27% asshole/bitch - a bit dissapointing for a project manager - but, refreshingly, 43% geek, given I've spent the last 30 years in the industry.

and here's a cross-posy from the Y-MOAT:


From: "Meriphistimo"
Date: Sat Dec 25, 2004 11:54 pm


Dateline: Christmas Day 11:50pm-ish

Its been a wonderful day here - the weather was just about perfect
(ie not too hot, with a thunderstorm late in the day to cool things
down for the evening), family around me and laughing over Christmas
dinner, and best of all I managed to score one more win over #1 son
at Defender. Mind you he had to wear a blindfold, but it goes to
show what age and experience can achieve if properly motivated.

There was only one other thing I thought I would do with this day
and that was to spend the last part of my evening reading through
the MOAT from the point I exited abruptly.

I read all your comments, and then all the chattering since I left,
and was reminded why I had to go. I've been reading for two hours
now and I'm still only up to 15 December - about halfway since I
left. And I wanted to post this before the end of Christmas day here
in Australia.

I miss all of you.

I have been provided comfort by a number of kind souls who e-mail
me, or who come and visit me here in the Y-MOAT, or both. I have
settled into banishment here because it is quick and easy to use,
comes pre-bundled with the photo and file store that allows me to
share a bit more of my life with you all, and is generally quiet
enough to allow me to monitor it at odd times without consuming
large slabs of my time.

Banishment is working fairly well for me - Da Boyz and I have been
continuing to take our daily walks, although they have clicked onto
the fact that if we go to the local shops (which is a shorter
distance than the path we used to take), I can be conned into buying
them a treat once we get there. And the extra time available to do
bits around the house has eased the grumpiness in other quarters.

The scooter has turned out to be problematic. Given the fairly flat
terrain around our area, I have discovered scootering is actually
harder to do than walking. But am determined to practise, and have
drowned the bearings of the thing in oil in the hope it will roll
along better the next time I use it - new bearings has been my
excuse for not keeping up with them so far.

Apart from sleeping and lobbing about, there was one other part of
the day that warrants a mention: the croquet set. The Honey did a
certain about of strategic Christmas shopping with a view to the
boys entertaining themselves while we relax at the coast. A waste
of money as any parent will tell you - kids can sense a parent
relaxing from a mile away and home in with an "I'm bored" more
accurately than anything the military has.

The set consists of five or six stand-alone hoops, a set of four
foam balls and two plastic mallets. #3 son managed to convince her
to come and join the three of them to play a game - I was pre-
occupied with figuring out how to insert batteries into various

After a while my conscious registered the fact that there were gales
of laughter coming from the back patio. I went to investigate and
discovered that the Honey was having difficulties. She would swing
at the ball, but would somehow just miss it with the forward
swing,only to catch it with the end of the mallet on the backswing.
This caused the ball to go backwards, away from the hoop that
the ball was right in front of. As I arrived, she had done this
five straight times, to the enrmous delight of the boys, who had
virtually finished the game by that stage.

As I watched, she did it a sixth time. I wish I had a video of it.
We all collapsed laughing. Its been that kind of day.

So as I close out my Christmas, and you start yours, and despite the
crap weather some of you are experiencing, I hope it is as good a
Christmas as I have had, and I promise to come post a bit on the
MOAT from time to time just to keep my hand in.

Once again, all the best for a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


--- In ReMOAT@yahoogroups.com, "Meriphistimo" wrote:
> Dateline: Christmas Day 3:30pm
> *Emerges from "nap" 5.5 hours later feeling human again*
> *Looks at watch in amazement that he got away with such a long
> The Christmas presents must have been unusually entertaining this
> year - but then that was what I was aiming at - or kids have
> each other during super-soaker fight.
> *reminds self to check back yard for bodies later*
> I drifted into lounge room to discover #1 son playing with a cheap
> game console I had bought for the younger kids to entertain them
> the coast during down-times. Turns out it has 118 old video
> style games, including a bunch that #1 used to play on a Nintendo
> a kid. I discovered that it also had my all-time favorite arcade
> game - Defender! Ya-Hoooooo! Instantly challenged him to a game
> and wiped the floor with him. The first time. Don't you hate it
> when youth and reflexes will beat you every time once they
> understand how the controls work?
> Have also added another photo of #3 son with his super-soaker to
> Boyz folder at the link below. Full of water, the weapon weighs
> almost as much as he does, hence the staggering stance.....
> --- In ReMOAT@yahoogroups.com, "Meriphistimo" wrote:
> >
> > Dateline: Christmas day 10am
> >
> > Been awake for 4.5 hours - as any parent would know. Net sleep:
> > approx 3 hours after sitting up wrapping presents and listening
> > CD of Bing Crosby Christmas carols for five hours straight. And
> the
> > odd bit of Christmas cheer along the way.
> >
> > I managed to get 4 of the work decorations into the house -
> singing
> > Santa, singing mouse, the angel and the HoHoHo. First 2
> > to spot next to fireplace with batteries removed after the first
> 398
> > playings, Angel found permanent place amongst nick knacks,
> > sadly at odds with other peaceful Christmas theme created by the
> > Honey, and was relegated back to shed.
> >
> > The Angel is MUCH better in a darkened room. Her wings actually
> > glow all the way through and are bright enough to light up the
> area
> > around her. I have posted some more photos in the Christmas
> > Decorations folder of the room last night, the tree and of me
> > sporting new present to keep up with kids on our walks - a
> >
> >
> >
> > All the presents worked out, and kids have been happily occupied
> > with them this morning.
> >
> > *eyes off bed speculatively while kids are racing around back
> > with massive-capacity new super-soaker water guns*
> >
> > *edges closer to bed with view of a quick nap before kids get
> bored*
> >
> > All the best to my friends in the MOAT, and may your Christmas be
> as
> > nice as this one is being for me.

oops! Make that "Christmas".

Merry Chritmas to all.

Merry Christmas one and all
u guys r always in my thoughts

Merry Christmas,

Am I the only single person to have nothing to do today but surf the web?


sorry,, I couldn't resist - it was such a great set-up!

I've been just trying to appear busy since no one else was posting - and there's a football game on in a few minutes so I'll be watching that - I have the basketball game on to see if Kobe and Shaq got into it, but I fell asleep!

Merry Christmas!

How's by you?

MORNING Eleanor!

It took five hours to read through the MOAT - so it goes down as the most engaging xmas present I got yesterday....

Hi, Eleanor

I posted that last one without kibbying first so I didn't see you.

Did you order Chinese food last night?

I hear that's a Jewish tradition.

I just realized how sad that sounded. Actually, my brothers and sister spend Christmas Day with their spouses families, and tommorrow we all have a LTTG Christmas with our parents.


Same with me - off today (boxing day here in Australia) to Sisters property (ranch?) outside town to gorge on turkey and ham. Again. I don't expect to actually have to eat once I get down to the coast if I keep packing it in like this before I get there....


Here, have one on me....

*darts to beer fridge*


well, just slipped into the time warp, read my last to posts in reverse order, and it might make more sense!

steven & Eleanor, with Joshkr and me, us solo-Christmas cocooners make four.

Personally I'm quietly enjoying a do-nothing day with even the entire commercial world damn near at a full-stop!

I'm dippin' into the beer now and I gotta bet Joshkr's already swigged a few ;-)

Hmmm. I should take up future gazing - of course that post to eadn was sent after his. The time warp makes me look prescient.

I'm with you there, Mr Smirnoff and I have been cooking a half a turkey after waking up somewhere around 2pm today. In a way I miss it, but it's kinda nice not having screaming kids waking you up before daybreak on Christmas!

It seems like all the posts are out of order this afternoon! Merry Christmas!

Uh, I guess that was yesterday to you.

I put it down to the alcohol - maybe it just looks like they're out of order.

And a belated merry xmas to you too!

Seems like Santa has a similar problem.


My parents left a bit ago and my daughter went to work at the Country Club. They are having a holiday buffet for the members.

I'm cleaning up the kitchen and then I'm going to make some hand knotted fleece snugglies for a couple of my friends for gifts. We're having a get together later this week and we're exchanging gifts then.

LAB I just talked to mymy niece said she's not going to eat the turkey since she's not fixing it like I did at Thanksgiving. That was when I used your brine recipe.

Wysiwyg: Great to "see" ya!

Eadn, Steve, Eleanor, Josh and all, salud

*raises glass of Cabernet*

Everyone have a great rest of the day.

I lasted about 2 seconds before zapping myself on the train-track. The boogers said look out for the train not the track!

Sly, if I send you the wool, can you make me a fleecy snugglie as well - they sound wonderful, albeit the wrong time of year here for one (about 85F today - just pleasant for a tee-shirt and shorts).

And that reminds me of the old joke:

Person 1: My mother made me a homosexual.
Person 2: Do you suppose if I sent her the wool she would make me one too?

Not only am I confused about the order of the posts but I don't understand why people are "talking' to Josh when he's not here!

But it'is nice to see everyone else -

Chiefs and Raiders are tied at 7 so I'll be back in a while - I know there (not their) not in contention for anything (unlike my Chargers!!!!!)
but I'm an AFL person from way back!

Eleanor, Joshkr and I messaged last night and this morning re the calendars. Between his previous comment on The Moat and my own RL too, that was sortof a side-exchange we had.

Nothing bad...mebbe we should all have a "ghost" support group since us soloists seem to be handling ourselves very well by ourselves ;-)

Which reminds me of one guy I used to know that in no way could handle solitude! I'm comfy with me ifyaknowwhatImean?!

Hey steven! I hope you got the better half of the turkey with Mr. Smirnoff basting an' all ;-)

*wheels in tray of leftover kungpao chicken, sweet and sour shrimp and fried rice*

It's half time - game is now tied at 21 - I love high scoring games -

eadn, we have to get Josh some more money for the calendars, don't you agree - I've been thinking about it all day - because it seems to be that the $900 he said it cost didn't even include postage, am I right??

I'm comfortable being alone, also - to me there's a big difference between being alone and being lonely and IMHO you can certainly be alone (and enjoy yourself) and not be lonely!

wsyiwyg - I love that joke! Terrific!!!

it seems to be

that would be - it seems to me

I agree 100%, I am alone but I'm not lonely!

Oh yeah, solitude, half-deafness...gotta love it! :-)

(Although I wouldn't mind Punky's spiritual solitudinous take on it either ;-)

Eleanor, that was one of the things I've been discussing with Joshkr because, personally, I'm tapped within reason, but feel for all his good intentions being "sidewindered" by the cost of RL.

My own take from Joshkr's responses is to let come what may and make a personal note of our Friend's Most Respectable Integrity! *sends karmaic wishes for an eventual balance with all of us*

Uh, Geek-knowledgeable? :-) I ask this question:

Given that the shorter the post, the less time it takes to cross through the "filters", is this perhaps why our posts are being posted out of our actually written&sent order?

Ripley's now I believe it! My short last post, I actually posted before my longer one, but they did come in reverse order.

(Ain't that the way it's supposed to go, Ladies? ;-)

*Shitfire* Geekolytes ;-) My last two immediately above also posted in reverse order!


(Thanks steven, I always hope for understanding at the last :-)

I read your posts as you intended, but when I refreshed your second one was ahead of the first!

eadn - sometimes you're (not your) a little too esoteric for me!

*loves eadn a Xanax*

But Eleanor, I've had all my shots!

Actually, this is the first time I've posted enough in short order to see what y'all have been saying before.

Methinks we have been transported to a Blog-sotted penny arcade!

The problem with being a pack-rat (which I am), is that when it comes to packing up to travel, you have to make hard choices about what of the current nest of things you have stored in the shed you "might" need while you are away.

- Large box of wires and old computer cables. Probably not. Goes in the "if there is still room in the car at the end" pile.

- Badmitten rackets missing some strings, but still serviceable. More or less. But no shuttle-cock. Definitely a starter, could possibly buy another shuttle cock down there. And maybe a string or two.

- Blow-up matresses on the off-chance somebody comes to stay with us in this coast house that is already too small to fit US in, let alone anyone else. In. Also air pump for same.

- 3 sets of golf clubs - one more than there are people that actually know how to play golf in the family - Out, involves too much walking to be considered a holiday activity.

- beer fridge. Essentials pile.

- Ping pong table. Hmmmm. Desireable but fecking heavy and hard to fit into the trunk. Out for now.

- 48 Beach chairs, deck chairs, camp stools and lounge chairs bought over the years. 5 of the more reputable looking ones in.

- 498 bicycles in various states or repair. Out for now, will rely on scooters for the time being, as need tow bar for trailer of overflow bits instead of bike rack.

- 3 fishing rods in, even though none of us would know what to DO with a fish if we caught one - but risk of that is low. Could always give it to charity at this time of year I suppose.

- 3 large boxes containing 2000 Christmas decorations. Longing looks, but its past Christmas now.

- Box of receipts in order to catch up accounting data entry like a good company director. Pffft! Who am I kidding here, its a holiday after all.

And so on.

At least there is more time - #1 Sister has just called to say #3 sister couldn't get her bum out of bed to get down from Sydney in time for lunch as has been planned for months, so its now a dinner. Which is a pain because now we'll be getting home late and there is an early start tomorrow. I'd say "fecking relatives", except this is not the time of year for that.



you're (not your) going to the beach -
1 - bathing suits
2 - hats -
3 - suntan lotion
4 - snorkel stuff ans super soakers
5 - beach chairs
6 - shorts and t-shirts
7 - beer - if they don't sell it there -

that's all you need!!!!!
Have a good time!

Eleanor - they sell beer everywhere in Australia of course, and all that stuff you mentioned is in the essentials pile. But I just "might" need some of the other things....

*fights down packrat tendencies with a baseball bat*

Baseball bat! I wonder where I saw that last....

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