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October 22, 2004


...we will never again poke fun at these people.

Key Quote: "I stood overnight in the freezing rain outside Ravinia, eating fried chicken and getting sick in the bushes."

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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FYI - the "He's the Manilow" story was 1,635 words long. That is quite an impressive number of words to devote to that subject especially as the author never once resorted to parenthetical haha's or winking emoticon faces or even scattered NOT!s here and there. I would not be able to do it, not at all.

hey Fed, you reminded me of the time some of my friends did an XXX reading of Green Eggs and Ham... RUINED the story for me. Absolutely ruined it.

I insist..there's something going on between Claire Marting and Dave....

do you think Dave is terrified that the answer in some future Jeopardy! game in the 'Before &After' category will be 'Dave Barry Manilow'?
(i would be)

that should be 'Who is Dave Barry Manilow ?'

when does BM's farewell tour start. maybe cher can just follow him.
i just love "Fanilows," "Maniloonies" and "Copacafanas."
What about barrymanilovers? sorry. got hung up on this one aspect. great. now i have a copacabana earworm. fooey.

Believe it or not, Sly, I had the #3 comment after you but got an error message, had to go out, and haven't had a chance back ever since. You forgot an "e" in my name, but despite all the nasty rumors to the contrary (mostly by julietine), I'm sure they're just good friends. But yes, Dave likes Claire Martin best. I've had to deal with it but after the Yankees' loss I can take anything.

Rita, you need a 12 step program to get your sisters some HELP!

. I got drug to a performance of Copacabana a couple of years ago.

Pogo, I'm sure the use of the word "drug" was intentional.

Yeah, but Pinto, he almost destroyed The Last Waltz singlehanded. Also, read these lyrics and tell me that's something to be proud of rather than ashamed. If you don't believe me check Dave's Book of Bad Songs.

Maniloonies, indeed. And thanks for the earwigs. I only got rid of it by picturing Polly's conception and now I need that brillo pad again. Where's klynn when I need her?

Oh, and Fed Duck: a classic!

That should have been these lyrics.

"I stood overnight in the freezing rain outside Ravinia, eating fried chicken and getting sick in the bushes."

"I puke the songs that make the whole world sick."

can't believe I missed this!! thread! Geez

And... I forgot to be ingognito!! Double D'oh!


Hey Slye! *jumps into jacuzzi* Come on in!

D'oh again! Ok, I thought we were in the moat. Been switching back and forth. But we could have a jacuzzi here too.

Sure, why not? I will join you for a bit

In a nutshell... there is only one Barry Manilow song. It is titled, "I Write the Songs on a Weekend in New England at the Copacabana with Mandy"

Wow, i think i'ma take me a (Barry Manilow).
Then i'll wipe my (George Bush).


I've been away for so long that I misses my song!! Went into battle minding the Democratic booth at the County Fair. It ain't safe down here in South Texas for a Democratic Doggie. They keeps on a' sayin, "Git Along Little Doggie, Git A lONG!" hAD A "RUN IN" with a tall Texas law man 6'7 or 8', he was mindin' the Republic front gate (booth). He didn't like the counterfeit Bush 9-11 dollar I put in his pot. I was just tryin' to report a fraudulet plot. But he didn't see it that way. He came over and wanted me to pay!!! I told him "Back off Buster! or I'm goin' clean your firster> The end. Good Night, Dave.


"Ring! Ring! Ring!" "Hello, hello, hello!" Did you call ME? NO. I was calling Blogchik!"

why is it that those REP'S don't have a sense of humor? Are they afraid that someone will steal their products while they are "on the road?" Fair play is fair play! Stealing is now legal. Them critters done stole my yard sign and tore up another one! I'm a goin' to get oout my flea spray and give them a good dosin', by jingos!!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You mean Barry Manilow is playing at the Allstate Arena when he wrote the "Good Neighbor" song for State Farm Insurance??? Does the man have no pride? No loyalty?

Oh, wait, what am I saying? This is the man who, a scant week ago, was doing some sort of frightening song and dance routine on Tony Danza's talk show. I don't understand the puzzlement expressed by the person in the article who mentioned that people "really hate him." Because I barely know anything about him and I way get it.

Did Barry write that song,"Fly Me To The Moon?"
or was it "Anchors Away!" Or did he join the Lolly Pop Gang?

well I am a day late and a dollar short, but I want to say to Polly, Fed Duck and Christobol...
You guys made my weekend!!! Wonderful stuff!!!

See ya all on the flip side of this tin foil hat!

Let me echo Mad Scientist's comments in saying you folks crack me up! But I am disappointed that only one person made note of the use of the word "manilove" in the article.

C'mon DJT, I expected you to hit that softball out of the park! Punky!?! Christobol!?! Any one!?!

Sheesh!!! I guess I'll have to do it myself.

Manilove making fun of those idiots! (Manifans, Trekkies, Yankeefans, etc.)

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