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October 13, 2004


Are these guys attractive or not?


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Yes, Charlotte. After looking at that story, you came first.

wow, that's what that was?

C'mon. I don't really wanna see that (even though that one on the far right looks just like me). Put some pants on, ladies!

Well, they have nice bods but their faces look like the North bound end of a South bound mule.

Damn! I'm always too excited to see a new post that I never notice the warnings before clicking. By now my webmaster is convinced I'm gay. Damn! Damn! Damn!

I'm wondering if any of them have been to China lately?

Oh, yeah...that's how I like my men...muscle-bound, brain dead and oily.

OWWWWWWW! My eyes! I think I've gone blind -- all I can see are ripples of muscular flesh.

Mahatma, can you help a brother out with a white trash auction please!?! Help me restore my sight!

Big things come with small packages.

I personally am offended by the striped spandex biker shorts sported by Mr. James De Angelo. I *hope* that picture is at LEAST 10 years old.

Am I the only female who doesn't find well built males attractive???

I didn't see the warning either, and a male co-worker walked by and said, "oooh."

Now I know he's gay, and he thinks I'm gay.

Bloggettes, can I get some love here? It's been a long gay day.

And a special bonus prize to whoever translates this sentence from the top of this page:
"All the men on MegaStuds.com are relatet to hard core or soft core bodybuilding."
Assuming that you droolers read the text, of course...

No, Emily, you're not. Those unnaturally muscular guys give me the creeps, the willies, and the heebie-jeebies all at once. In summation - ew.


In a word, no.

I share Megan and Emily's reactions (from the male perspective).
I find excess unattractive in either sex. I think women look better before the breast implants.
Then again, I'm probably just wierd (I'm here, arent' I?) I thought Adrienne Barbeau's best feature was here face...
If I'm not here, I don't want to know.

Thanks, Leetie, that needed to be said.

Men look better before the breast implants too.

Have you noticed that the male movie stars from the forties fifties and even the sixties are very thin by today's standards? I don't mean like the Megastuds dudes, I mean Humphrey Bogart was built like Scott Hamilton. What's up with that? And how did bogie keep his pants up?

Emily: well-built guys, nice. Over-muscled steroid-using freaks of nature... not so much.

afkams: Maybe bogie was decades ahead of his time in simply mentally willing his pants to stay on?

*pinches Fed Duck's butt in view of his co-worker*

You know what they say, "Built like a buffalo, hung like a hamster."

Ladies, here's someone you could get a handle on
DNOAW, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G. Or like bears.

Jeff: random pics of somebody's wife auction

(Guy's also selling pics of "AMATUER WOMEN")

"Amatuer Women" wbagnfarb

Looks as if this guy's girlfriend did something wrong

nice well toned guy is lovely, these guys are like the Hulk without the green. Ugliest award goes to the guy in the bottom right corner. blech!

on a pretty much unrelated note, Peri, I just found vanilla smarties. I think it was you, me & Rachel that had been talking about them a while back. BTW, they are de-lish!

Why would you want to sell pictures of your wife? As far as I'm concerned, my wife is off limits to other men. I catch you staring at my wife, and I'll sit on you. No kidding. I'm just the man to do it. At 260 pounds, that's not something you want to be threatened with.

unless you weigh more. Then I might think twice...

Peri, I think the 'softcore' might refer to their other jobs... I clicked on one of the names and it took me to a whole information page, where I learned that Terry Bradley is also known as Bam Bam and can be hired as an exotic male dancer. Although the costumes he wears bring to mind the Village People more than anything else... Perhaps this site isn't for the ladies after all? At least, not primarily...

MKJ - I think someone just goosed her. Or maybe this is the last look he saw on her just before she knocked him out after finding out he auctioned off a date with her.

Coin collectors rejoice!
(and boy am I reassured!)

Emily, you wrote: Am I the only female who doesn't find well built males attractive???




I don't know about the rest of the guys here, but I have to work. Who the hell has the time to spend working out day and night.

And I agree with you Schade, I'm only a sultry 255, but don't stare at my wife. I will allow cursory glances, but outright stares are off limits.

I don't find them attractive either. And particularly one guy, Micah Meyers. At that point, they are no longer pecs, they are officially man-boobs.

MKJ 'n' FedDuck, I second that emotion (okay, third, actually), adding only, Emily, baby, where were you when I needed ya?

I don't find them attractive either. Particularly one guy, Micah Meyers. At that point, they are no longer pecs, they are officially man-boobs.

And on my very first try, I managed to post twice. Stupid French Internet...

Eet ees hokay, monsieur/madmoiselle Mew, wee vill forgeeve yew thees time. Bute le next time, yew weel rheceive trois tongue lasheengs, een acchordance weeth le bilaws.

Mew - HA! but Al Gore's not French. And if he invented the Internet... I'm confused again!

I'm all for a nice set of pecs and dandy six pack, but these guys don't look nice or dandy.
I think the correct phrase would be "make my flesh crawl"!

so i was right, we're (as a group) undecided, right? because i know some ladies like how these guys look.... i just don't KNOW any.

Actually, I think the word "Dandy" is quite apt here.

That's Internets as we've learned lately, c/o Our Fearless Leader who don't never make no miss-takes.

From Gene Weingarten's Oct. 5 "Chatological Humor" online chat:

Called-in Question: On Dave Barry's blog, what does OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G stand for?

Gene Weingarten's Answer: I referred your question to Mr. Barry, who referred it to his research department, Ms. Judi Smith, who is responsible for many of Dave's bloglinks. Judy reports that this acronym is a warning she sometimes supplies if one should not open said link at work, Or If You Don't Want Your Mother To Think You're (Not Your) Gay.
This response, which was copied to Dave, resulted in a further explanation from Dave, copied to Judi, that Judi, in fact, seems to have a propensity for finding links involving handsome naked men. A furious, frothing exchange of indignant, denunciatory and conciliatory emails ensued between Dave and Judi, all of which were copied to me, basically choking my server and immobilizing all email. Some of it is unprintable. Suffice it to say that the consensus seems to be that 1) Judi certainly has absolutely no undue attraction to naked, good looking men. 2) She certainly does seem to link to them with frequency. 3) 1 and 2 above are completely unrelated. 4) The men are probably all gay, anyway. 5) Not that Judi cares because she is completely blameless in this matter, and of the highest moral fiber. 6.) Fiber makes you poop.

Of course, that should be "Messaged", not "Called-in"

Lurker - The medium is the massage.

A friend just told me of a saying he heard:

"That guy doesn't need a girlfriend, he needs a mirror with a hole in it."

That's the way these guys probably are - too into themselves.

So, basically, if I read this right...Judi's links to naked men makes us poop?

Of course you're (not your) right, Lairbo - dandy would be an appropriate adjective for those freaks of steroid use. My mistake...
Please extend my apologies to Mr. Language Person.

I don’t think there’s any question if these guys are attractive or not. Is a big shaved bull dog attractive? Is an oily mountain of ham attractive? Is a pile of wet dolphins attractive? Without question. Speaking of dolphins I’ll be riding one down at the Santa Monica pier, ‘round sixish, if anyone wants to check it out. It’s just somethin I do. Aight.

Rather fond of wet dolphins - especially since they're pelagic, too... Much more attractive than deformed muscleheads!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Hey MeganBNL.... does that stand for Barenaked Ladies?? Because if so (what else could it stand for?)... perhaps there's some scientific link to our taste in men and music.

*Emily gasps in horror as she realizes her rhetorical question will perhaps not be taken rhetorically...*

let me join the "no" faction.


imagine one of them lurching around the house asking for help because he can't see or reach his shoes to tie them. anyhow, who wants a guy who looks like someone's frankensteined a normal head onto a greased pack of heat-and-serve dinner rolls?

not i, said the fish.

Short Answer: NO
Long Answer: HELL NO!

I like a man that doesn't care whether or not he looks like a washboard.. I don't know what the obsession is with washboard abs anyway.. we have washing machines and dryers.. we don't need washboards for anything (except maybe as an instrument in a jug band) anymore..

"Hey MeganBNL.... does that stand for Barenaked Ladies?? Because if so (what else could it stand for?)... perhaps there's some scientific link to our taste in men and music."

Silly...of COURSE your question won't be taken rhetorically! And although BNL could stand for Bulgarian Navel Lint...it doesn't. ;)

Why do male bodybuilders' boobs get bigger and female bodybuilders' boobs get smaller?

I don't have anything against washboard abs....but I'd like to.


I'm a 200 lb male.
I work in construction.
I don't have to work out.

But i'm not a burly beefcake, just wicked strong.

If any women want me. I live in florida.

Thank you

As a woman who appreciates men, let me just say...

Give me a real man over these artificial looking ones any day.

LOL, Lairbo. Yeah, why is that?

I think BOTH male and female bodybuilders are majorly ugly.

*furioiusly goes online to book flight to Florida*

ummm, what part of Florida is that, Psycho?

Oh gosh, i got a bite.

I'll talk to you later.


oh, by the way, thank you slyeyes.

that's the second time i've seen someone respond to my posts.

I'm so happy.
I have a peer group now.

"If you love someone, set them on fire, if they come back, you know they love you."-George Carlin

My love to all.
thank you

sly.. I have nothing against washboard abs either.. it's the obsession with creating ang maintaining them.. and the belief that the manboob is a good thing is just WRONG WRONG WRONG

and Lairbo.. serious answer.. female breasts are mostly fatty tissue. When they work out and bulk up they lose their fat stores and their breasts shrink while their pectorals increase. For men breast shrinkage is not an issue, so they just have increased pectorals.

Oh.. and for my $0.02 ... The bronzed oily body building thing is equally as scary as the abs (male or female). I've never seen one of them other than in pictures, but I'm sure they'd glow in the dark. The oil would be kind of a put off too.. you'd never be able to keep hold of him/her

oh, also:
I don't know if that was a direct quote, or a paraphrasing, but i think it was a quote.

Little voice in head: Psssst, his name is 'Psycho'

Slyeyes: Awww, shaddup.

LVIH: *sigh* She never listens

Oooo, I'm going to go see George Carlin Sat night.

"Have you ever had that feeling of vueja dey? That's the eerie feeling that somehow, all of this has never happened before." --- George Carlin.

Kat, I was beling silly...imagine that. The guys in judi's link are, well, ick. I used to date a tri-athlete who was a definite hard body. Not quite to that extent, but definitely had bulges. (momentarily drifts off...remembering...) *uh, right* But it took 2 hours a day of training to keep that.

ok, I'm getting strange looks from my guests 'cause I keep picking up my laptop. They think I'm googling stats. and, crap, we're losing. I'm confident that will change.

I'm not so bad.
Pardon me for spilling my guts.
Just because i'm a carpenter/mechanic/computer programmer does not mean i'm a bad person.

Psycho is a nickname.

The word sounds funny. Like psyche.
But psycho joe has a long explanation.
It strikes people in their (not they're) deepest parts of their (not they're) minds.
It is because it was a comic book written about a guy who was like a collective alter ego for all people. Like everyone's crazy side embodied by a single person...
But i sense(not since) i've gone to far...

thank you.

Joe.. the quote you're looking for runs through the banner at the bottom of the George Carlin site.. it is this..

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, set them on fire.

wow, i knew i was close.

i think mine is better anyways.

don't you?

8> (Psycho Smiley)

Yours is pretty damn good Joe

Also, let me repeat:
This is the only social interaction I have.
Well outside of the 6 guys i work with.
So i thank you for the feedback.
I feel so special!


(I really AM smiling)

Simulposting OWNZ.

Let me give my appropriate thanks to DAVE BARRY.

Your website makes this all possible.

And thanks to JUDI SMITH whose link got me here.

Someday i might be considered a regular.

Thanks to slyeyes and kat.
You have brightened my day.

(I bow to you all.)

Making love to that type of body is like making love to a 2 x 4. It's hard and, without at least 6% bodyfat, it's unyielding.

*commecial for a pitching change*

That's what's so great about the internet....people in Missouri, Florida, New Zealand, Bangladesh and elsewhere can "talk".

Talk about a shrinking world.


*sneaks up and gives Joe a kiss on the cheek*

Lets play match game:

There once was a man named McGrass.
He had balls made of brass.
When he clanged them together,
they made stormy weather,
And lightning shot out of his "Blank"

Can you get it at home?

(Man, i'm off on a wierd tangent today...)

Thanks for kiss, i WAS having a bad day.
Not any more.


Let's recap:

These guys are handsome (no one has said otherwise) and in terrific shape.

The question was "are they attractive?"

The replies included comments on their attire, possible use of steroids and not-so-veiled references to their sexuality. Oh, yeah, and my favorite: speculation about the size of their packages.

Just like George W. Bush during the debates, not many posters answered the question!

As someone who has been around the block many, many, MANY times, let me put to bed (pun intended) the myth about bodybuilders compensating for the size of their equipment. NOT TRUE. Sometimes, sure. But most often, not.

That's just something that jealous, out-of-shape guys - gay and straight - came up with to make themselves feel better.

Not handsome.

Not sexy.

NOT attractive.

Tout le bulge!

i'm starting to love this topic.

Well, it's bedtime 4 me, thank you all for the posts.
I will sleep well tonight.

night, Joe. Sweet dreams.

Thank you, MeganBNL. I was hoping someone would merge the threads with "Tout le bulge!" It just needed to be said here.





What punky said.



Nah, I don't think so.

Why is it that bodybuilders always seem to look like they hit every branch when they fell out of the ugly tree?

Steroid-popping freaks
Difficult sleeping tonight
Aaaah make them leave now

A haiku by
Thank you

Don't want to wax political on you guys, but please, Trystan Shout, comments like that are, in my opinion, unwanted. If I am wrong, please tell me. (btw-you should talk, Kerry avoids questions like nobody's business) Ha ha sorry guys I had to

*not getting political* I'm not in the US and am not worried about any of the candidates.. to recap my previous answer...

are they attractive?
Short Answer: NO
Long Answer: HELL NO!
Longer Answer (just because I can): They are unattractive to the point of making me change my mind about being heterosexual

Kat -


Thank you.

Tout le Bulge!!

Rufus -

New to the blog, huh? Welcome.

Stuff here is all done in fun. If you think I took a shot at your candidate, go read the thread on the Yankees/Red Sox. There you will find cheap shots flying back and forth.

If you think THAT was bad, wait to you see me when I'm REALLY on a roll! [lol]

Rufus -

New to the blog, huh? Welcome.

Stuff here is all done in fun. If you think I took a shot at your candidate, go read the thread on the Yankees/Red Sox. There you will find cheap shots flying back and forth.

If you think THAT was bad, wait to you see me when I'm REALLY on a roll! [lol]

Rufus -

New to the blog, huh? Welcome.

Stuff here is all done in fun. If you think I took a shot at your candidate, go read the thread on the Yankees/Red Sox. There you will find cheap shots flying back and forth.

If you think THAT was bad, wait to you see me when I'm REALLY on a roll! [lol]

And sometimes Rufus, the blog Gremlin, that lives under Judi's bed, causes multiple posts and there's nothing you can do about it! Like it did to Trystan.

To recap:

No. Definently not. Ewww. Must be something in the water. Etc.


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