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October 11, 2004


(Thanks, indirectly, to Samantha Ollinger)


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Yes!I can now shout "Suck My Son Of Matthew!" in a crowded room and get away with it!

Another headline that doesn't deliver the promised titilation......

My brother is named Matthew. Does that mean his first-born will be named . . . ?

Oh, Lord.

I'm relieved that the suffix -cock doesn't 'carry any diminutive force' (despite what I've been told personally).

Hold the phone! Did I read this correctly? The story says:

"Actually, the unit "-cock" means exactly what it says: it describes that well-known barnyard fowl, sometimes called a ' rooster". From here on, tracing the general origin of the name is comparatively easy, since it can be recognised as partaking in both the nature of a nickname and as a term of endearment."

A "term of endearment?!"

I mean, most guys love their, um, you know, but puh-leeze!

There is nothing diminutive about my suffix.

Let's up this family never names a son "Holden" or a daughter "Sharon."

"...the unit "-cock" means exactly what it says..."

Mycock means "my unit can talk"?

No Paul, the daughter's name is "Cantfind"




Hey, that's cool. One of my sons is named Matthew. I'm going to start calling him Mycock immediately. It's just so catchy.

"...its strutting walk, its appeal to its female counterparts, and, above all, its fighting spirit - are among those which, within acceptable limits, a father would be pleased to observe in his son and which society would deem admirable in any young man. As a compliment to both father and son, a community would bestow upon a youth the identity of being 'so-and-so's young cock'"


umm Mycock is my last name. and I don't even have one. I feel so so so dirty now...

*lying on the floor, laughing till I cry, helpless in a puddle of my own drool*

*wondering if I might drown*

*no longer caring*

You guys said everything I could have.. I take my hat off to you all

I have a friend, Jamie Heycock. No joke. diminutive

Our local brewery makes a beer called "Matt's." The implications are frankly more than a little disconcerting.

Guys, Don't be scared, but there are little roosters in your pants!

Is it me, or did anyone notice how the article carefully avoided any mention of manhood?

Also, I find it funny that the word unit and the word -cock appear not only in the same sentence, but right next to each other.

Only in an article such as this could you get away with such fowl language...

...sorry, had to say it.

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