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October 16, 2004




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All I can say is...whoa!

ministry of silly faces..

Whoa is right! They didn't use the crapcam!

I can't believe that Dave has a picture of himself and John Cleese making silly faces and they didn't use the crapcam!

Oh, and I can't wait to see the film Dave. I've missed your acting ability. That one time I saw you in the first episode of Daves World, and you uttered that infamous word, "yuppies", I knew you were a talent to be reconned with.

obviously they've made it past that uncomfortable stage in meeting a new/famous person. Hmmmm...this could be the new 'hand shake' of the millenium. It'd get everybody right past that awkward stage real quick.

promise us that if you win an oscar you won't go off and marry barbera streisand

john cleese is cool and all, but why couldn't you get any of the movie's babes to do that with you guys?

Hey- that's Barry Manilow with John Cleese...

Don't forget - the movie babes are spies! They probably had a rondezvous with the guy who invents random gadgets which will be exactly what they needed at some critial juncture. Which is why they weren't in the picture.

Impressive, Dave, but it would resound so much deeper with me if Cleese was wearing a helicopter beanie.

Okay. I'm scarred for life.

Now, if you keep doing that your faces are gonna freeze!!

Whoa! The two coolest people in the world in one picture!

Hmm....wha? Oh, I'm just looking at my 8x10 glossy of Sigfried and Roy, but John Cleese and Dave Barry are pretty cool as well.

Match made in heaven.

Spot The Loony!!!

Sigried and Roy or the two coolest people in the world?

How is it even remoatly possible that either of those two could be cooler than Dave and John? Tell me, did Sigfried and/or Roy ever go chasing after the Holy Grail with a pair of coconuts? Or make a movie giving us a complete guide to ourselves? I don't think so.

Schade: I think you may have missed noticing that Squall was using that exciting new concept known as *sarcasm.* It's all the rage these days.

Puppet sex. We want puppet sex. In the immortal words of George W. Bush... Need some wood?

Dave looks like an out of control eight year old.

Buahahhahaha. That's funny. Good on ya, Dave and John! You guys rock!

Sarcasm. Hmmm...stand bye...

*looks up sarcasm on dictionary.com..."A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound."

*back to blog*
...ehem...I knew that.

well...so much for looking like a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at Disney World.

that earlier picture is the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.

these are their children.

Two words: Blue shirt.

blue shirt sillyface wbagnfarb

It looks like they both have been "Arbonnized." (Just like John Kerry.) (Arbonne International produces skin care products that are made exclusively from botanicals and herbs. The products will make you glow like a rose!)

It looks like they both have been "Arbonnized." (Just like John Kerry.) (Arbonne International produces skin care products that are made exclusively from botanicals and herbs. The products will make you glow like a rose!)

I didn'y have time to read the whole thread, so I don't know whether anyone addressed this: Is that Sponge Bob on the left?

Actually, I thought Dave looks a bit like Paul McCartney here.

We need to take up a collection to get Dave a new hair-do. Face it, "helmet hair" went out ten years ago!

great job you got their dave! lol.

Dave Barry literally has the best job in the world. However, that still doesn't explain his blue shirt fetish.


Dave, I didn't know that you, Moe Howard, Pete Rose, Bruce Jenner and Jimmy Connors all went to the same barber.

Perhaps they were doing too much taste testing.

Beam me up to your leader!!!

This shall officially be the third thread in which I remind our studio audience that John Cleese has kissed Lucy Liu. On the mouth. On film.

But Dave said "booger" to Katie Couric, so that's pretty cool too.

Fed, does it make a difference that he kissed Lucy Liu...on the lips...playing the part of her Father? I mean, if I kissed Tom Selleck playing the part of my brother, it would be nice....but not enough.

Ok. John Cleese is a comedy genius. I am REALLY impressed that Dave got to meet John Cleese. I am REALLY jealous.

I only met Eric Idle once, and he wasn't at all well.....

I met Dave Barry once, only took me 48 yrs to accomplish.

My son Ryan did it at 5. He's even got a picture to prove it.

I hope he surpasses me in other areas of his life as well, and hasn't peaked at 5...

"I know that face! I've seen it a thousand times! It's the same face that launched a thousand battleships!" En Garde, you Rascal!!!

Dave looks like a new weevil species and John like my dog at the vet as he was getting his anus decompacted.

(. . . heh, heh, a little science for you there folks.)

I think they can win it for the Democrats next time around!

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