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October 04, 2004


Now they're taking away our right to doctor library videotapes.

(Thanks to Angie)


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Zeroth, on my first post? Probably not.

Who needs to go to the lib? Just watch folicking antics of Dave B(ickle) and Bloggerette Bondage Girls.

*porn slap, porn slap*


Would these tapes be found under Humor, Instructional or Documentary?

What? I do this all the time!

Oh, and what up wit da "Forbidden, you don't have permission" nonsense when trying to post. *&%$ thing cost me a "First".

Russian Police Office: That will be $50.
Rachel: &%*#. OH, *&&*^! AUUGGGGGHH!

What? I do this all the time!

Oh, and what up wit da "Forbidden, you don't have permission" nonsense when trying to post. *&%$ thing cost me a "First".

Russian Police Officer: That will be $50.
Rachel: &%*#. OH, *&&*^! AUUGGGGGHH!

And now it's double posting!

User error.

Ooh, I keep getting this '403 Forbidden' too... glad to hear I'm not the only one.

(hope I can post this)

I got a '403 Forbidden' too - very unnerving for a "New B" like myself.

Yeah, well if we can't post, at least we can enjoy some relaxing videos in the meantime.

"And the Little Mermaid and her prince lived happily ever..."

*Bown chucka bown bown*

'403 Forbidden'-- Isn't that the title to one of the library movies? It's a porno spoof of 'Fahrenheit 9-11'. 403 is the temperature at which herpes burns.

The only way I can post is by vhanging my nick and email...

Somebody fix this quick!

Key Quote: "We've pulled the collection until we review it so we know what we're dealing with," she said.

"Unfortunately, our reviews determined that most of them were outtakes from Cher's 60th birthday party rehersal, so we decided to burn them. The auditors who determined this also requested that they be burned too, 'in order to seal away that terrible memory from the living.'"

Got the Forbidden message too.

Me thinks my Dave Blog libary card has been cancelled - FOR LIFE!

just testing to see what message *I* get.

Hey! Depending on how 'quality' the stuff is, I'd possibly volunteer to preview. Notice no one's mentioned what they'll do with the 'damaged' goods! Offering to take it home for 'disposal' should be considered a public service.

A buddy of mine in high school had this same idea, but using a 16mm stag film, splicing the contents in the middle of educational movies

(okay so I'm a former AV nerd, okay?)

He checked out one clever prank
But then he got his hand spanked
He just added porn
But oh! The scorn!
And now the collection is yanked!

That's ok MKJ until future students start to recognize their fathers.

I'd like that job of reviewing all the tapes in the collection! Porn or no porn, 600 hours of watching movies for pay? Fantastic!

When doctored library porn is outlawed, only outlaws will have doctored library porn.

I want to be the one that matches his home collection to those of the library's. And then vote on the top 100. And then sell them on eBay. And then have MKJ get me posted on Dave's Blog. And then like back to this tread.

My life would have a meaning.

That should be "link" back to this thread.


When doctored library porn is outlawed, only outlaws will have doctored library porn

And od course, 'Doctored Library Porn' wbagnfarb's first album.

Why do this to library videotapes? Why not get Blockbuster videos and edit back in all the stuff they take out? Use your powers for good, people!

If the phrase, "get a life" doesn't apply to this guy...


Actually, the guy who did this is suspected of doctoring rental tapes as well.

To all of which I say...dang it. I knew getting a DVD player was going to cut down on my enjoyment of movies!

I'm going to that library tomorrow. I'm kind of wondering if the've been swamped with requests to rent videos since this happened. I'm tempted to ask. But I'm afraid I'd get book-whipped.

Tina, another good one! The tapes were doctored and became sexable. And that's FORBIDDEN!

*crosses fingers*

Tina, another good one! The tapes were doctored and became sexable. And that's FORBIDDEN!

*crosses fingers*

Tina, another good one! The tapes were doctored and became sexable. Now that's FORBIDDEN!

*crosses fingers, click*

looks like "it" doesn't like caps to begin email address. testing... NOPE! FORBIDDEN! HMMM!!

So far the only way I've found to get around this stupid 403 is by making up completely bogus nicks and addresses. Hope I haven't just jinxed myself!

Bad 403! Shoo! Shoo!

Try #2

Go Bangi go Bangi go!

Go Bangi go Bangi go!

Sorry for posting twice, confused legislation and litigation... well, they sound the same.

[over intercome]

Attention in the blog! Bangi triple-posted while under a 403 ban. And still she complains of frustration.

We are going to need to call in specialists.

Just to see if I am forbidden or not...

[on walkie talkie radio]

Try to cut them off at the canyon. We've got to research their insatiability! The world of, er, fruitflies will be better served if we know the genetic causes of this frustration despite documentable postings!

Hurry team, scramble!

[smirks at Bangi]

My secret headquarters remains a secret.

*rolls in large diversionary shrubbery to allow Tina and Bangi to escape. Also sets up large trampoline at bottom of canyon so they don't kill themselves falling off cliff*

*yells at specialists*
"You #$@&^..."

*removed from scene by Russian police officers*

Earlier I attempted to post - I was tremendously, coffee-spewingly funny if I say so myself, so funny I was forbidden.

I don't remember what my post said, alas...

Curses! Foiled again!

Mankind (and I mean mankind) may never solve the mystery. It may be several thousand years before we find another with a genetic makeup allowing her to multipost under a 403 prohibition and still remain frustrated.

*sigh* back to the fruitflies.


Where is Joshkr when I need him?

[tries throwing shiny things in the pathway]

*lassoes self to bumper of get-away car*

*hands chocolate all round* Umm, let's not delve too deeply into where I got this, 'k?

You know, if we need another diversion, perhaps jamester could post another coffee-spewingly funny post. I think the shrubbery gave me hives.

Are you 403 Forbidden?
Have you ever been 403 Forbidden?

*looks up from shiny object, sniffs air*

Is that... chocolate-covered bloglit? And what is that repetitive, and yet strangely compelling music?

403 Forbidden wbagnfa perfume

"Jennie Alexander, library director for Mount Zion, said the library became aware of the problem on Sept. 24, and staff there will review all 2,700 tapes in the library's collection, which could take 600 to 900 man hours."

Of course, that's if Joshkr is the man in question. If it's a woman it could take maybe... three hours tops (unless it's Tina, of course).

Actually joshkr, I was hoping you could be the distraction. I had to resort to throwing copper.


Nobody mentioned that for chocolate to be soft enough to pour, it also must be . . . *EEEEOOOWW*

Rhea, you can hear that music? I thought it was in my head!

Okay, now in English.

When I attempted to post a shorter, edited version of the above, I too received the "403 Forbidden" message.

I did something that I don't usually do. I first previewed the post. (I wanted to make sure the bold tag worked.) Then I tried to post it. Then I got the error.

Did the rest of you preview first as well? Could that be the common thread?

pReview? What maks
you thingk I actully preview?

That can be done?

Hmmm. No, I've 403s without previewing.

This is a test of the emergency posting network...

Interesting. Some posts go through, but others don't. Those damned terrorists have sabotaged the blog!

"Police learned the name of the man who last checked out the tapes after obtaining a court order..."

The police had to obtain a court order???

Librarian: "Hello, I'd like to report a case of vandalism."

Police: "Okay, can you give us any information that might help apprehend the suspect?"

Librarian: "Not without a court order!"


I like to say, if you're going to get arrested for it, why not go the whole way? Why did he just put the stuff at the END of the tapes? Except when it's Monty Python, nobody watches 'till the credits anymore.

Yeah, I got one of those, too. But I tried again...I guess you can call me "the little poster that could" or something.

trying to post yet again...pweeze pweeze pweeze!



badger badger badger! :)

Crimson Room!

ramparts! coconut bras! MOATaritas! peach flambe'!

Hi, Blogchik. How's Russia?

403 this !

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