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October 28, 2004


The World Famous In Some Areas Rock Bottom Remainders will be performing tonight live -- at least most of us are alive -- at the House of Blues. Although, to be honest, we do not truly have the blues. The most we have is somewhere in the range of the turquoises. But you should come out anyway because it's for a good cause.


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Meega nala quista!

Blue, i would have loved some coffee...but then there was the whole explosion thing...

*looks around to see if kilties have left any blankets and pillows available*

*sees none*

*grabs sharon's*

Hmmmm....science fiction Kilt day.

Works for me.

*hops on space-kilt transporter and beams self to work*

No, we're catching up on two weeks worth of calculus homework.


psst...KDF...NO. :)

oops...guess ya already figured that out. ;)

here...have a mojito.

Something for that mojito.

Hey! Who stole my pillow and blankie??


For all your mojito needs.

Sharon - it was Blue.

And where's my lightning bugs and cider????

*pulls sharon onto the Couch o' Less Demanding and gives here a big *smooch* and some cider*

*pulls sharon onto the Couch o' Less Demanding and gives her a big *smooch* and some cider*


Pushed a little too hard, I guess. ;)


*falls akimbo on couch amidst smooches and cider*

Geez, El, you didn't have to push me THAT hard!

But thanks! :)

i think it's typepad's fault. slow, grumpy typepad.

This is the thanks I get fer blowing up detonating myself in an attempt to bring fresh hot stimulants to my supposed friends on an early workday morning? Allegations of petty thievery?! No defense by anyone??!! Huh!

I only borrowed them.

Blue, i don't think there are any kilties here who need more stimulation.

at least not of the kind to which you were referring.

other stimulation needs can and/or should be addressed as they come up.

......"fresh hot stimulants"...>/i>

Hmmmmm......nah. The Perv Potential (tm thingie)™ is a bit too obvious for that one.

*helps KDF and also hides remaining umbrage*


There. Better?


Trying again.

sharon~ You don't have to worry about the remaining Umbridge. The centaur herd took care of her ages ago.

*zips in to czech on Sharon*

pssst everyone, please whisper, she's napping...

I'm napping??

*czechs self (not Self)*

Huh...guess I am.




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