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October 15, 2004


We bet she didn't say "vociferous" in writing.

(Thanks to Afurrica)


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well, at least people are coming into the library, so it has served it purpose (which is?)

Sometimes, I fear this blog too.
But I wonder why they have to pay her to fix her own mistakes?

hopefully they won't pay her at all. Especially now that they have to provide security for her to come back and fix her screw-up.

Maybe they can "misspell" the amount on the check...to $6.00

We may not be the sanest or best-smelling blog out there, but when we take a stand, we take a STAND!!

To the moatmobile! We are Team Blog, World Police!

GDogg - or just "misspell" her name on the cheque. Like, instead of Marie Alquilar, make it "Devil's Grandmother" or something. You know, not so different that she would notice, but different enough that the bank wouldn't cash it.

she's coming back "after the winter???" What, highs in the 70s aren't comfortable enough for her? does she not realize that we have the collective attention span of an assault cockroach and will forget the whole thing by tuesday if she'd just come fix it now?

Rachel - or "Satan's Many-Tentacled Concubine." An honest mistake.

She also said her career in public art was over.

We can hope. However, methinks she over-estimates the stupidity/obnoxiousness/arrogance of government officials (who are a form of artists themselves).

Likely, the governors of some public entities will find her more desirable as a means of afflicting their serfs with art.

What an immature reaction she had! Just apologize, suck it up and make the changes. And if we're into enlightenment the errors won't bother us?

so there are comparative advantages to marijuana...

Just get medevil on her. Bioling iol or bruning at the steak should do.

At the risk of being castigated, I think everyone should just lay off of her and leave her be. How often do you make mistakes and get all defensive when someone jumps all over you about them? I know I do.

Here Here, old boy. I agree. Schadeboy could have pointed out the many "typos" in my post, but did not. A man of his words and actions. They should still burn the #@!**.

She also said her career in public art was over.

Reminds me of an exchange I saw on an old episode of Match Game:

Gene Rayburn (to Patti Deutsch): You've destroyed my acting career.
Patti Deutsch: It wasn't me.

I forgot a line break in there. Sorry.

Schadeboy, I think people were more upset at her attitude when asked to correct her mistake than they were about the original misspellings. Nobody would have cared if she hadn't insisted that a) it wasn't a problem, b) artistic people wouldn't even have noticed, and c) it wasn't her fault. That, and demanding more money to clean up a mess she made, is what has everyone else up in arms.

And I think it's kind of funny that she's declaring that her career in public art is over, because I was thinking the same thing, only more from the "Who would be stupid enough to hire her again?" standpoint. (I swear, if they could bottle whatever gives this woman her alternate view of reality...)

YEAAAHHH BLOGITS! Great job. Public pressure for the good! She's still a crapweasel! (Don't cha just love that word?)

The article said no one else noticed until it was completed; who are THEY? Doesn't anyone own dictionaries anymore?

I think that the word artist is being used incorrectly here.

But, then again, I consider my self an artist in the medium of sauerkraut.

Gee, she needed some time to "step back and reflect on the situation."

Let me help: Get your ass over there and fix the damn mural already! -- and do it for no extra charge because it was your stupid mistake to begin with! There, that should be all the "reflecting" you need to do. Sheesh!

OK, I'll lay off her now.

kim impossible,
I think that since the library wasn't opened yet, there must have been lots of construction workers walking back and forth ogling her...work while hitching up their britches in a manly fashion. These guys were supposed to notice her errors, point them out, and risk God only knows what kind of wrath that she would have meted out for criticism of her work given in person.

Then there were probably also many architects, city officials, and library officials looking over construction, but of course they should have been paying WAY more attention to her rather than structural integrity and the placement of walls!

Of course, she could have planned this fiasco for press coverage (free publicity) and yet another all expense paid trip to sunny California. She is probably going to use it as a free honeymoon trip; she needed the winter to plan the wedding. ;o)

"People have their First Amendment rights," Piper said. "But people are not allowed to assault others."

What kind of commie pinko town is Livermore, anyway?

why doesn't she just admit that her problem is really "sleep artist-ing", and NOT "ugly-personality syndrome" as we suspect? then she can wake up, blush, and all will be forgiven. she can get a doctor's note too - I think dr frankenstein is still practicing, isn't he?

why isnt she MORTIFIED over her spellos? sheesh. obviously, holding out for more bucks.

What gets me is that, for making a mistake, she basically gets paid TWICE. That's fair?

So watch me play the world's smallest violin for her...

As an "artist" I once did a menu for a cafe, and I spelled "Spaghetti" without the 'h'. NO ONE NOTICED for two weeks. When I was informed I was sooo humiliated... twenty years later I am still defensive about the incident...the cafe's owner wouldn't let me fix it (for free- or at least in exchange for a cup of coffee). She said it amused her patrons. A year later her coffee shop went out of business. ITS NOT MY FAULT!
KTbird in Sparks NV (what is a URL?)

If city officials are smart, they'll make future contracts (future contracts???) to read that she gets paid AFTER the project is completed to their approval.

A few years back a company in Red Wing, MN had to replace several thousand diplomas they'd printed for the Universtiy of Wisconsin after someone discovered the diplomas had spelled the state "Wisconson."

Of course, no one noticed the error for about six months after the graduation ceremony. Imagine being the person who was observant enough to spot the glitch. Were they embarrassed or gleeful when they blew the whistle?

"City officials have agreed to assure that she will be safe when she returns to do the work.

"People have their First Amendment rights," Piper said. "But people are not allowed to assault others." "

This has probably been remarked before, but her spelling of "Shakespere" wasn't actually an error. The common spelling is only conventional, and contemporaries of the bard as well as Shagspere himself, spelled it with many variations, including the one she used. In those days, orthography was just a matter of taste. No excuse for "Eisten", though.

(my problem isn't spelling, it's typing)

point well taken, -ly Ballou, but I suspect, given the other mistakes, that archaic spellings were not her intent. And I love how her excuse for not showing up now is apparently fear of physical assault, given the viciousness of the email assaults (bad blog; no cookie for you!). An artistes life is not a happy one.. Still, 6,000 clams will buy a lot of psychotherapy and a good-sized 'personal-defense-device', so she should be OK in the long run. Plus, no publicity is bad publicity, right?

more people are going to the library (though if it's new, how can they tell?). it goes to show, in Califournia, there's no such thing as bad publissity.

She never wrote back in response to my admiring email...

Anybody remember the Muppet Show?

GONZO: Kermit, are you busy?

KERMIT: Yes, Gonzo, but I can give you my ear for a minute.

GONZO: What would I do with your ear?

KERMIT (exasperated): Van Gogh impressions.

On this very same episode (#9), Gonzo performs his "Rock Act", beating a rock with a sledgehammer and proclaiming with each strike, "Art! Art! Art!" To which Kermit screams, "Out! Out! Out!" to usher Gonzo offstage.

I miss Jim Henson.

Wally Ballou,

That may be true, but somehow I don't think she was aiming for middle English . . .

Aha! After a liphtyme az a sturgling artisst, I fyn mi mystak. I haf a dikshunary an kan reed. las tym eye mak thaat mistayk. I am feeeliyng vewwry vosiferus abut it two, butt eye haf a creem four that...

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