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October 11, 2004


I'll be giving a talk at Florida International University on October 21. Are you looking for a serious and thoughtful analysis of the presidential race? This will not even come close. But I hope you can make it anyway, because it's for a good cause: a scholarship fund established in memory of my late father-in-law, Leonard Kaufman, a truly good guy. They have a pretty good deal whereby you can get a copy of Ridley's and my book with your admission ticket, and I'll be happy to sign my name to it. Or, if you prefer, Herman Melville's name, which was "Herman Melville."


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First? Could someone get a book for me?


Would you sign mine "Eeshmayool" ?

I wish I could come, Dave. I've always wanted a copy of Peter and the Starcatchers autographed by Herman Melville. Oooh, can I bring a bible and you autograph it, "To Fed Duck, from God. Please quit doing that thing in the shower, it's not a sin, it's just odd."

Dave,Dave,Dave. Your great state of Florida has already scarred our "great nation" once with its nepotism, racism, and your bad habit of attracting huge storms with the sole intent of increasing insurance premiums for hurricanes that occur 2 to 3 time zones away. Please just stay away from the polls and let the rest of the country decide who the next screwup to "lead" our nation will be. I for one look forward to a leader who does not blink or "wink" for no appartent reason. My border collie does this, but then again he also licks his balls. Lucky bastard.

I mean't apparent dammit

Thank you Joshkr. I like the word in print. I must the the great doctor Hunter S. Thompson for his influence.

The first "the" was to supposed to say "thank" dammit I need to take a typing class. The way its posted I look like an idiot. Any comments?


Oh, yeah. Agreed.

Fear and Loathing in The Blog.

Thank you brother.

Hunter Thompson's spirit has made it to the blog? Memmo to las Vegas-bound bloglits - watch for giant bats flying low over the roadway!

What a horrible lovefest. I feel like I have my own support group. Res ipsa loquitor (sic) or am I sick?

Joshkr. Forget the "i"? Like I said, you make a rookie feel just like family. And yes, I see the damn bats too. Don't worry about them though, it's the hyenas we need to worry about; and the ether.

Joshkr: No response to HST reference? You should check it out. But start w/Fear and lothing in Las Vegas. Don't you agree jamester.

I'll sign yours "Christobol", Josh. Wait, we're talking about the book, right?

For the love of God I cannot type. It's Loathing not lothing. Although that would make a nice name for a bagpipe band.

Still waiting for the world tour... :(

Joshkr: That is a fine book. If you made it through that, then fear and loathing will be a one sit read. Do not watch the movie first. If you have forget it. The book is unbelievable. It is the only book you read under the influence. Not that you should, but you can, it's that captivating.

How about that. No TYPOS!!!

Ok then, it's a deal. Oh, and Joshkr, I don't recommend anything be read in one sitting, lest your hemorrhoids develop hemorrhoids, and then they apply for voting rights (the hemorrhoids of the hemorrhoids, that is) and just so you know they ALWAYS vote for [INSERT THAT PERSON YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO VOTE FOR HERE]

See, now everyone is happy. Except the disenfranchised hemorrhoids.


please be sure and mention herman. herman munster. He's edward's running mate as well as grandpa's son'n law.

Dave, could you sign mine "Melvyn Hermille" for old times sake?

Will Shaq be there?
Will you sign my storm shutter?

I would come, if I weren't an ocean and 8 time zones away. But other than that minor detail, YEAH, I'm THERE man!

Duuuuude. ;)

Man, you people in Florida have all, errr, some of the luck! Sure you get wasted by every hurricane or storm even thinking of becoming a hurricane, but you have DAVE, people! That is a trade truly worth having! Wellllll maybe not.

Hemmoroids can only vote in Florida.

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