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October 11, 2004


And we've got video.

(Thanks to Joel Koh)


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oh no

Wow. I'm impressed! Of course, it won't work for me. I fold clothes using the "roll-em up and stuff in the drawer" method. By using that method, I've noticed that my wife hasn't asked me fold clothes in over 20 years!

I patented that technique in 1973- how dare they co-op my idea!

Oh man thank God that video wasn't affiliated with JengaJam.com.

can't open the video file. could someone please describe it?

MOTW- it is a short video clip of two hands, one tshirt and someone describing a way to fold a tshirt by pinching it in two certain spots and lifting it- it is actually kinda neat and I have removed my tshirt to try it out.

Allright people - shirt folding instructions going at gina.g's place. Let's head over there right now!

gina.g: Me, too! Me, too! And it worked... interestingly, my husband was far less impressed with my new folding technique as he was with the fact that I was topless in his home office!

I have to go now...

Will this technique also work on polo shirts... or even better hawaiian shirts...

Does anyone speak Japanese? Does it make anymore sense if you do? I can't seem to get the hang of it, but it sure seems like it would make my life a lot easier if I could get this to work for me. I'm going to go practice some more, maybe I just haven't given it enough of a chance yet...


a little t-shirt folding video and all the female bloggers are gettting naked!

good job judi!

My husband would like to join horndog in expressing his thanks for that fine instructional video, Judi...

... from the folks who gave us origami...
(can we see video of a t-shirt turning into a crane?)


My @#$%@% computer opened @#$%@% Winamp instead of @#$%@% Real Player and my @#$%@% won't play the @#$%@% file. (Here's my check for $300 officer.)

I REALLY need to learn how to fold my shirts!

that's freakin' amazin'

Wow, I knew you could fold a puppy that way, but I'd never tried it on a t-shirt.

How handy!

nyuk nyuk

Wow, somebody needs to print those instructions on a t-shirt.

I don't believe it. Notice that one point where the video seems to skip? That's where they edited out the part where they switched in a new t-shirt that still had most of the pins in it. Scientists still don't understand how those pins get in there.

On the other hand, I'm not the least surprised at all the women getting turned on by well-folded laundry. Of course, I'm just one of the xenophobes who was grossed out by the male lactation story.

That is the COOLEST folding technique I've ever seen! My boyfriend doesn't like my folding style (in half, in half again), and does the "fold two sides in, fold in sections from the bottom" style -- which I can't seem to master.

I can't WAIT to show him this!

I just use hangers.

Wow, it's, like, a t-shirt, and now it's, like, folded and stuff!

Like, WOW, man.

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Folded t-shirt.

*steals all the Tshirts on the blog for Scientific purposes.

Judi - please post one of someone folding pants...

That is like, SO much more economical than setting your clothes on fire. I wish I'd known about this years ago.

It really is very cool (and the coolest bit is that it really is as simple as they make it look), but the problem is that once you've folded your shirt this way you can't move it, otherwise the bit with the sleeve on the bottom gets loose and it's all ruined.


and lol @ jilyna..

I use both hangers and the stuff-the-crap-in-the-drawer method. Whatever gets the job done, I guess.

I accidentally opened this video and the Team America video in separate windows at the same time. I saw the T-Shirt folding but heard the audio from Team America! I was very confused to say the least -- but I kinda liked it!

Thanks reneviht, that made all the difference. I feel so proud now!

No - seriously, it's totally easy. I think my wife thinks I have brain damage, though. I keep showing her I can do that over and over and then laughing in a very japanese way.

That is totally NEAT (pardon the pun). Origami with clothes! The longer clip is a bit easier to follow, but it comes across like they are trying to sell you the technique. I kept waiting for the "Wait! but there's more!" - which was probably actually being said if I could but understand Japanese.

Having perfected the moves I think I'll taunt the honey with it the next time she tries to show me how to fold towels - which is more often than you might think, given a certain slowness with understanding domestic skills.

*obvious consequence dawns*

Hang on, that will mean I'll end up folding t-shirts for the rest of my life!

*promptly forgets technique*

Dang; it works! To think of all the time I have wasted over the years folding shirts the old-fashioned way. Think of all the beers I could have drunk...

@%$#&**!@##* computer! Machine crashes every time I try to see the videos. Now I will continue to be inept at t-shirt folding and will be haunted (and taunted) and for all practical purposes, scarred for life.

Thanks for the Link to my Site!

(It's my site the video is hosted on)

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