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August 06, 2004


..but don't try licking toes.

(Thanks to many concerned people)


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Wow! You're fast! I just sent this to you!

Oh, and first!


Ew. Even after all the salad-tossing discussion on this blog, that's just Ew...

I guess you could say the Netherlands are "lick-toes intolerant."

That's it, I am moving. Do you think the wooden shoes required for citizenship might hinder MY chances of having my toes randomly licked?

as one of the concerned citizens, i am still laughing because i didnt know this was a serious problem! dont they have any snails, or snakes, or something to distract them? ewwww.

The poor guy was just stoned out of his mind.

I bet he thought it was a good idea at the time.

"like-tooes intolerant"...that kills.

The poor guy was just stoned out of his mind.

I bet he thought it was a good idea at the time.

"like-toes intolerant"...that kills.

The poor guy was just stoned out of his mind.

I bet he thought it was a good idea at the time.

"lick-toes intolerant"...that kills.

sorry...I'm a little stoned...

sorry...I'm a little stoned...


Lick-toes intolerant. *snort!*

Good one morty! (even if it take you a few tries, its the thought that counts)

Of course, it's those evil women's fault. If they weren't laying out there with their toes in plain view, I mean, how is a guy suppose to resist that?

They must have wanted their toes licked, to lay around like that.

A toe-licker in Holland could wind up in a nasty jam.

How do we know he'll just lick toes and not edam?

Morty, he wasn't stoned, he was trying to GET stoned off of nail polish, and just got carried away.
It's a problem that the local authorities have been trying to lick for years.

Tanks MW..

Thakk MW..

AWW you know what I mean!

So - they need a SPECIFIC law regarding toe-licking or else they are POWERLESS to stop it? Wow.

I mean, do they have a specific law against stuffing a hairless badger up sunbather's asses on a Wednesday there? I'm thinking not.

First pits and now a Dutch toe licker
These stories are all gettng sicker
Licking bare feet
Smells tu-lip sweet!
Ugh! Get me some pot and deKuyper.

I licked her toes in Holland
I felt is was my callin'
From heel to toe,
and back for mo'
And now the cops are bawlin!

(Yes, I know. Special place and all that.)

A Dutch toe licker
Police, powerless to stop
Sunbathers beware

1/2 oz of Amsterdam Gahngi...$150.00

A night in the Amsterdam Red Light District....$200.00 (and an STD)

No laws against suprise toe licking (or Wednesday afternoon hairless beaver stuffing)...priceless

The classics never die, thank you Master Card.

The people who comment on this blog are brilliant! I'll bet none of you are using these amazing talents outside the blog, and the world is a poorer place for it.

If an undercover cop dipped her feet in car glue, could they catch him then?

They could book him with attempted suicide by ingesting a lethal substance and one count of biting the foot that fed it.

Bravo Haiku!

Toe jam football

But, Miss Peri, there is naught for those of us who choose to indulge in Limerick and Pun. We are cast out of normal society, forced to dwell here, in this strange and wondrous place where we are free to inflict it on others without reprisal.

This looks like a job for "PITMAN"

He could go undercover....you know, with those toes and all...

Gives the phrase "going Dutch" a whole new meaning.

Toe licking... That's why I had to quit smoking pot.

This incident is clearly the fault of the decadent, tolerant West. These womenhave no one to blame but themselves for inflaming this poor, innocent man who could not possibly be expected to control himself under such provocation. This event would never have happened in Saudi Arabia, as the punishment for a woman showing her feet is stoning to death. (We bury her up to the neck in sand, then anyone who feels like it throws rocks at her head.) We have effectively forestalled random toe-licking.

joshkr, not every female is against toe-licking....some of us are just fussy about having random strangers sneaking up and slurping away in public....

I'm surprised this guy hasn't gotten a swift kick in the toe-licker yet. I know if some guy tried to do that to me, he'd be Efferdent's next big customer.

I like feet and I dont blame the guy I licked a girls feet and toes today and loved it it tasted great.so toe licking shoud be leagel.I would lick toes if it was leagel.feet are pretty I look at feet and toes all day and want to lick and suck toes all day I love feet and toes.You are smart haiku keep licking toes

john, please die.

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