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August 05, 2004


Who among us can say how he or she would react to a crisis situation like this?

(Thanks to queensbee)


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poor chicken. now it's lost and away from home.

but what was a chicken doing flying in the first place? flying chickens?

i don't think i've seen a chicken soar through the air. turkeys yes, chickens no.

wish they had a picture.

Maybe the chicken was playing chicken with the oncoming traffic.

"After a brief failed attempt to catch the chicken, none of the officers wanted to be seen involved in a prolonged 'chicken-chasing venture' in front of the police department..."

I'm sure if they'd have caught it after all that, they'd want to choke it, which incidentally, is not a good idea in front of a police station.

So I've heard.

"Finally, an officer donned rubber gloves and freed the bird, which was unharmed but got away."
It ran away? What a CHICKEN!!

During the drive to the police station,an untold number of innocent drivers had the bird flipped at them.

There seems to be a problem with inexplicable chicken incidents (GNFARB) lately. First I look out my apartment window to see chickens happily frolicking in our parking lot, and now this.

i still dont understand why the chicken ran away when it had flown there, and i didnt know chickens could really fly, but then i'm a city girl. i also wonder how the police wrote up that report......

“A frenzy!” the officer crowed.
‘Twas a car with a feathery load!
A foul misadventure;
Escape was the clincher.
And that’s how the chick crossed the road.

slowlayne - You scare me almost as much as Mahatma Kane Jeeves. He's got the e-bay nailed down, but you are the absolutely scariest when it comes to the limerick category (no offense to mudstuffin or MOTW on the poetry front, but COME ON! The man has really got to be a machine.)

Why didn't they mace the chicken? Or shoot it?

And did this guy get a ticket? I'm pretty sure driving while a chicken flaps around your windshield is a violation.


Thanks, I think. And one in your honor:

Gimmicks can sometimes be fun
And limericks mix poetry and pun
So get on the schtick
You’ve go to be quick
It’s late now and I’ve got to run

slowlayne - you are a limerick artiste!

A cop suggested turning the windshield wipers on to see if that would free the chicken? What a genius! What if he had a chicken caught in a blender?

I can guarantee that if a chicken were stuck in my windshield wipers the FIRST thing I would try is turning them on to see if that freed it.

What else can you do? Older cars don't come with a "free chicken from wipers" option, and the after market products are expensive and unreliable I tell you.

Next I would have gotten a large stick and pushed the chicken off, even if that sort of left a leg there.

Oh, I would have questioned it concerning terrorist activities, too, of course.

Actually, you could probably throw a blanket over the chicken to calm it down. Then just reach in and lift up the wiper or free whatever part was stuck in the mechanisms.

If you get pecked a little, big deal, it's just a chicken and I am quite sure it probably wasn't rabid or anything.

I had a robin caught between my dash and my windshield once. The poor thing was really hysterical. My husband and I tried to trap and catch it, but it kept trying to get out the windshield. I was really worried it might get hurt or have a heart attack.

When we finally thought to cover the windshield, it flew right out one of the open doors.



This was probably the only time those cops would ever get to use their HAZMAT suits.

This chicken FLEW into the windshield and then escaped from several cops afterward? What kind of superchicken is this? 'The chicken was left to hang around the front of the office to do whatever chickens do'. It was still there on Wednesday when Animal Control came for it, so I guess chickens don't cross the road.

Yeah - but I don't generally carry a blanket in my car. AND, while I doubt the chicken has rabies, why is it attacking my car? Or flying?

And what am I saving it for? So that it can go get its head chopped off?

I'm not letting a crazed highway chicken peck me.

Anyone else remember the scene in "Forget Paris" where Debra Winger had a pigeon stuck to the side of her head and drove to the doctor like that screaming the whole way?

So true, Polly.

Really, for the cops, there was no salvaging the situation. Either they try desperately to look cool by dressing up in in full riot gear to deal with a CHICKEN. . . or they use the My Little Ponies TM blanket out of the back seat.

Their daughter's blanky would have worked better but if it had been handled that fast, then we wouldn't have had anything to blog about, would we?

"Mrs. Johnson, please tell us about your run in with 'superchicken'."

"Well, I was driving when this chicken flew into my windshield and became entangled in my wipers. Thinking quickly, I grabbed a blanket to cover it and calm it down while I freed it, knowing it is just a chicken and not minding a couple pecks, you know."

"What went wrong?"

"It just never calmed down. I don't know if it was the ponies on the blanket or what. Ended up pecking off two fingers on my right hand, my left thumb, and then it got both of my eyes, the little scamp!"

"Looking, well ok, not literally looking back...but um...thinking back, would you do anything differently?"

"No...I'm just glad the little critter is free. I like to think of it frolicking about in the fields, you know."

"You're eating it right now."

"Oh. Well. Sh$#."

Here lies Tetsu,
under this earth all a-flowered,
bit by a rabid highway chicken,
which was definitely NOT a coward

That's the best I can come up with.

ROTFL, Christobol!!!!

You know, I remember the days when kids only threw stones at passing cars. What is the world coming to?

A motorist, returning from pickin'
up groceries ran into a chicken.
He started to holler
and asked of Bill Ollar
Some help with the fowl's unstickin'.

Open your eyes, people! This was obviously another terrorist attempt, only this time their weapons are more sophisticated. Now they're using specially trained attack poultry. I once had a Bardrock hen leap onto my head and get entangled in my hair, flapping like a maniac trying to achieve liftoff, and roughing up my scalp in the process. So go ahead and laugh...until it happens to you.....

No chickens on my car, but I did hit a rather large frog last night. Which is still stuck to the front of my car. The ewwwwww factor is still too high to get it off. Maybe after it dries out...oh that's even worse. Ewwwwww.

Hey! I know those chickens!

What is strange is that these chickens live along a very busy road, Highway 99, that runs through Yuba City. Even stranger is the fact is they hang out next to the Carls Jr.

While the article states that Yuba City is a farming community the place where the chickens are is in a commercial area with Theaters, shopping centers, gas stations and fast food restaurants in this town of over 60,000. They live in the median between the Highway and the frontage road. While they are certainly not wild chickens the have certainly fared well where the live and besides this incident they are usually not road kill.

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