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August 16, 2004


Now they're using bunnies.

(Thanks to many people)


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Uno. and ewwww.

All for the greater glory of the Devizes cricket club. It was probably a witch anyway...


Jamester: Hee hee hee!

The Blog is breathing again. I was starting to worry.

Blazing Bunnies - gnfarb?

"Blazing Bunnies" - Mel Brooks meets "Night of the Lepus"! The movie that demanded to be made!

Step back, folks! This is a crime scene!

*Polly stakes up her crime scene tape, snaps on her latex gloves and slips into a pair of surgical booties.*

This is a bunny.
This is a bunny on drugs.
Any questions?

There's one bunny that won't keep going, and going, and going...

*Picks up a stick and approaches the corpse.*

*Poke poke!*

This body has been tampered with. Did one of you people attempt mouth to snoot?

Hewo, acme pest contwol, well i've got a pest i want contwolled!

First they re-introduce the Bustard to Britain and now it seems we have the "Fire Breathing Dragons" back.

The end MUST be nigh!!!!

The lengths they'll go to to bring the crowds back to cricket matches. And anyway, it was just one hut. Set an ant on fire and you could take out Melbourne

Well, at least SOMETHING is bringing some excitement to the world of cricket...

Refreshing to see that not only soccer has it's hooligans...

Cricket Hooligans WBAGFNARB....

"Good news Gwen: The rabbit died."

"I don't think tossing it into a bonfire is how that test is supposed to work, Thad."

"Look Gwen. You need to face reality, ok? That rabbit I tossed off the bridge? Dead. The one I mailed to Ozzy Ozborn? Dead. Likewise the one I strapped explosives to and tossed in the bay. How many frikken bunnies have to die?"

"What do you care? Tipiyokti is the father, if anyone. Him or Tipiyokti for sure. You weren't even in the bar that night."

"Still...will you name the baby for me?"

Who wants Hot Cross Bunn ies?

I'm wondering how long it will take PETA to get in on this?

Run away !!!!!

Oh bunnies! Never mind.

And we can't risk another try, that rabbit's dynamite!

Well, there's a tail that'll set your hare on fire.

bunnies always did strike me as highly ignitable.

It wasn't Miss April was it? I was going to use her in the calendar spread (hehe, I said spread)

And, Has anyone called and informed Mr. Hefner?

Guess his feet weren't lucky ...
boo, hiss, groan

I really have to watch where I take naps. That's the second time that's happened this week. And I thought revenge was a dish best served cold!

Poor rabbit, serves the cricket club yuppies right.

If that's not an act that will do well in Vegas...

might have to put him on a motorcycle though - ie. Evel Knieval

Considerable lost productivity in the workplace this quarter, illustrated by a slight leveling of the ascending GDP trendline of worker productivity--a flatening which appears to far exceed the seasonality influences one encounters routinely in August of each year--may well be attributed to the American worker's cultural overlay feeding into and magnifying the marginal propensity to seek fey schadenfreundic relief at the expense of a childhood symbol of carefree jocularity, which is longed for in the current bleak malaise of an economy yearning to be free for growth and prosperity yet buffeted by events beyond its control. Waskally Wabbit indeed, Mr. Chairman.

... bunch of schadenfreundistas! Right, Andrea?

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