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August 06, 2004


We'd better get busy enhancing it and/or improving our skills.

(Thanks to Brian McRae and Marty Mauldin)


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thanks, I feel my productivity changing already!

the thing with the paper ball is good. got a couple in the basket too. but what the hell is that other thing supposed to be? it doesnt waste my time enough if i cant play with it!

Queensbee - use your arrows to move the circle towards the square. Don't get hit by the blue balls (enter dirty joke here) and each time you hit the square, a new blue ball appears!

Yay! Thank you judi. I haven't been productive enough lately. This helps a Friday afternoon.

Higgy, the circle doesn't move!

John, start a new game and use the arrow keys to move it.

You may have to click in the frame first. Then use your arrow keys...

I got to 100...

Nothing will make the circle move!

100 ??? My best so far is 60 ! Clearly my productivity has not been nearly enhanced enough !!!

I got to 110 and clearly nothing more than illicit substances are going to impact my score any higher. Off to the wastebasket game....

the global high score on the wastepaper basket game is 3507

that seems high

mine goes to 11

I only got to 35. Maybe if I try again it would improve...

I'm with --------------------> Higgy

(well, not with him, with him)

I got 13 on the wastebasket game.

3507 shots at about 2 seconds per shot...
Lessee... carry the 2...

That's 1.9 hours of gameplay.

Frankly, that's too much time to spend on these games. At work, I draw the line at 1.8 hours.

This is Cubicle Crack at it's worst.

Ha, 20.

DOH! The Stupid Web Sense software here at work is preventing access to the game. Great! Now I'll have to wait till I get HOME to enhance my productivity. Won't my wife just be all gee-whiz happy about THAT!


These games are even funner than the copter game


The secret is to hang out on the edges. When you are in the center, you can get hit from four sides, but when you hang out on the edge, you typically can only get hit from one side. You probably won't ever get hit if you hang out on a corner.

Wow! On line wastebasket tossing! Is there nothing the internet can't do????

dave, is it possible to become intoxicated on a bear claw.

it is possible.

95 here, but I can't rack up any more than 2 on the wastebasket game. Maybe I need more training.

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