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August 06, 2004


An alternative to Pitman. And the understudy for the movie.


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Ewww, nuff said.

PS -- First!

Stretching is important, butt is farting on the wall?

This guy is my hero...

In Bizarro land...

Owwwww and eeeewwwwwwwwwwww.

Nothing wrong with naked sweaty men, but that was just wrong.

Those guys are wearing fart thongs!

judi, this wasn't what I needed. Don't you have any male underwear models up your sleeve? (So to speak).

Those guys are just....wrong. I mean, they're a couple hundred pounds shy of competitive sumo weight, but a good hundred pounds over the "need to be seen shirtless and wearing a fart thong" weight.

A bunch of big guys in thongs
Got together to write some songs
they sweated and slaved
But rarely bathed,
And couldn't carry a tune with tongs!

It IS Friday afternoon, you know. I'm not at my best.

Hey, I have boxers like that.

An overweight man with a fart-thong,
Is considered by most to be far-gone,
But a hundred with breasts,
In a circle, no less,
Dammit Judi, now that's just plain wrong!

Sumo-ch is wrong with this post
And the KRAB guy - he is just gross
Dave must be away
So Judi can play
Still, it's better than armpits with toes.

fat men in fart thongs,
some dude's stanky under arms -
Yep - I found Dave's blog.

It's like my grammy used to say: "What the hell is the deal with that circle of fat, fart thong wearing fellows?"

Never made sense 'til now.

Butt now it makes perfect scents.

Scott: Excellent

shmenck shmenck.

(re the second link)

That must be quite an interesting radio station.

Fart-thong-wearing men
Replete with much hair and pudge...
Aw man, I just ate!

No, seriously, "haiku" will be the guttural sound I make as I'm hurling my ham sandwich.

I'm off to spray some Windex in my eyes.

Judi, I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'd rather look at your naked guys than this stuff (and that was probably your cunning plan).

Who in God's name would want a permanent link to that? One peek was way more than I needed.

i have nothing to add other than - the comments are way better than this the article/pictures, whatever, and i think the fart thongs are too small for those guys. another ewwwwwww.

actually, i like the sumo guys better. less hair, more toes.

Nice 'ku, stinky!

Sumo dudes in thongs
I did not want to see that!
But Phat Mat is worse

it's not Matt's fault... there's nothing else to do in Bakersfield...

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