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August 19, 2004


Some have different priorities than normal humans.

(Thanks to Michael Ester)


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Next thing you know, they'll be grafting cat ears onto dogs.

Who let the surgically enhanced dogs out?

"Cathy Thomas, executive director of the Calgary Humane Society, calls it completely unnecessary and over the top."

Really? D'ya'think?

Since these plastic surgery fans obviously have too much money and too little sense, let them send a nice fat donation check to the "Trystan Shout Fund for Pets without Botox." This 501(c)3 corporation - cough! cough! - has been established to help ugly pets who have been abandoned get the help they need to begin enjoying some quality of life again. Make the checks payable to "Cash" and send them directly to me.

Bichon Botox, Reconstructed Rover, and Plastics for the Poodle wbagnfarb.

Good idea Trystan! Can I get in on that money-making opportunity? I could be marketing director or do some equally important job with a fat paycheck.

Oh come on I mean no matter how much botox you give the pooch he is still going to be Dog ugly but I guess that is better than coyote ugly.

BoTox is no barking matter. These animals lead very ruff lives.

What happens if you inject botox in a Sharpee...you know those really really wrinkled dogs?

Is it going to matter? I mean, really. We're talking about animals that greet each other by sniffing each other's butt!

people with too much money, and too much time. and a little low in the brains department. pu-leeeze!!!

Why can't these people just get leiderhosen for their dogs and dirndls for their bitches like everyone else?

Still, I for one, can't wait for the veterinary spinoff of "Nip/Tuck".

It starts with a little Botox... Then the next thing you know, dog owners will be cropping ears, docking tails, shaving their pooches all funny,and chopping off their dew claws. We have to stop this now before it is too late!

Well if cows can do it . . .

While I'm at it... does anyone else notice that the Red Cross ad to the right loads so that it just shows part of the woman's forehead (because the rest is cut off by the bottom of the browser window) and the visible portion looks vaguely obscene?

"Botox" would actually make a good name for one of those dogs. "Sit, Botox!" "Heel, Botox!"

The Botox Dogs or The Plastic Canine Fix would be good names for rock bands.

I guess people better hope this kind of morality doesn't spill in to the Miss USA type pageants.

But if you gave your bloodhound a face lift, how would anyone know?

I got my pit bull a nose job, and he came out looking surprisingly like John Kerry. And in response to Mahatma JK, Bovine Botox WBAGNFARB.

Brad, you've been watching too many mpeg-encoded pornos.

sorry, I meant "poorly mpeg-encoded"

These doggie owners need a series of brain cell injections.

"The doctor's bills for my Shar-pei's face lifts are KILLING me!"

The slide shows on this page, are just like cheesy singles ads!

since i can't have kids, i love the "real" little cheekdog more than anything. she has has been a great source of entertainment and was even a part of my physical therapy when i shattered my arm. but botox??????? that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard of!!!!! who would put an animal through something like that? puh-LEEZE!!!!!

I had a cat with facial deformities once. He had crooked, narrow nasal passages that made him pretty sniffly and sneezy when he was a kitten. I thought I might actually have to get him a nose job so he could breathe, but luckily they widened a little as he grew up. His face was so funny looking that people would sometimes ask me "Are you SURE that's a cat?" But he was actually pretty cute. Kinda looked like a koala bear in the face.
"What happens if you inject botox in a Sharpee...you know those really really wrinkled dogs?"
The shar-pei would try to bite you. That's pretty much their reaction to everything. And their fur would give you a rash.

Someone needs to check these owners into the mental hospital.

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