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August 17, 2004


There must be events we don't see on TV.

(Thanks to Donna Frandsen)


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Those must be pay per view events ;)

We need to see a condom version of the olympic rings.

Here's another event missing from the olympics

Nice one MKJ, but i'd prefer the KY jelly (co-ed)wrestling event.

So everyone gets *does some math* 10 condoms and 3 tubes of lubricant....

Gonna be a hot time in Greece tonight...

"You just won a gold medal at the Olympics - Are you going to Disneyland?"

"Hell no, I'm going back to Olympic Village - now get the hell outta my way!"

Olympic contests of course
Come from an historical source
What's Greece use for lube?
We're glued to the tube
It's yet one more Trojan horse

Strangely enough, it's been reported that the German women's powerlifting team has taken advantage of the free products more than any other olympian.

Is it part of that Durex costume wearer's job description to grope the spunky Oriental models as much as possible?

Quantity is really only a problem for the "Double-handed dinghy men" (gnfarb), the rest should have ample supply.....

Well, if an athlete doesn't win a medal, at least they'll have something to show there friends at home.

May only be a condom outline in their wallet......although they could wear them around their neck.

Or head

Do the real sexual athletes get gold condoms?

another bet... the world record for simultaneous pole vaulting will be broken at this olympics.

I'll take 30 condoms and 300 tubes of lube. Balance on THIS beam, girls.

-Bela Karolyi
US Gymnastics Coach

And you wonder why the stands are empty. They're all at the Village playing hide the souvlaki.

I was thinking the Olympics were kind of blah this year.....now I know that all the action is going on off-camera somewhere.....

lf you cant be with the one you love, love the one you're with......

"An estimated 10,500 athletes and 3,000 officials will be able to benefit from that generosity."

This puts a whole new spin on getting screwed by the officials.

More like events we do want to see!

Is anyone else out there disturbed by the fact that the face on the condom-costume in the picture is *female*?? What's with the lavish curling eyelashes? The eyelashes bother me even more than the *arms.*


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