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August 17, 2004


Watch for a run on pumpkin seeds in the Olympic village.


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Gold Medal!

"Eat your way back to a great sex life."

Is it just me????

jamester - no, we all had the same thoughts...

And now, a pumpkin seed Haiku:

Gal eats pumpkin seeds,
Guy eats a little blue pill.
Party all night long.

Jamester - exactly.

As in "Find yourself wearing a bulge enhancement product? Eat your way back to a great sex life."

There once was a lady from Leeds
Who cornered the market on seeds
She wasn't no bumpkin
She liked to eat pumpkin
And lots of other more interesting things too.

(I was just sure I could come up with a closing line ... must be too late in the day. Besides, what double entendre word rhymes with seeds? Slowlayne (and others) I bow to your superior skill).

How about a "bulge enhancer" made of pumpkin seeds? Huh?

And, yes, "Eat your way back. . ." was just askin' for it.

"Dr McKeith lists pumpkin seeds among more than 60 "great sex" foods, from adzuki beans to wild salmon."

Just what makes a salmon go wild anyway? Is it all that up-stream swimming just to lay some eggs and die? Do some of them revolt and just say "hell no, we won't go".

When .Salmon go wild, this Sunday on FOX 16. Then stayed tuned forWhen Good Animals Go Bad 6. All starting at 8 eastern, 7 central only on FOX.

Although, come to think of it, the fact that the same thought occurred to Higgy and Christobal doesn't exactly reassure me after all...but now, at least, like Brat, I've got company :)

For orgasm a Middlesex lady did yearn
But lack of blue pills caused quite a concern
But the natural way
Soon saved the day
'Cause pumpkin seeds did Jack-her-lantern

(Laribo wins this round)

A small thing, but my own...

If you yearn for a sexier lunch,
"Pepitos" can pack quite a punch.
Though they say pumpkin seeds
Can meet a girl's needs,
It depends (if you will) *what* you munch.

*staring blankly at a half-eaten piece of pumpkin pie*

With thanks to Lairbo (and apologies to everyone else):

D'Artagnan the pieman was lurkin'
While his lips on dessert were a-workin'.
You silly young bumpkin,
Don’t only eat pumpkin!
The pie that you crave wears a merkin!

Yipe! LMC, that was YOUR rhyme I cadged, not Lairbo's. Apologies with my thanks, thanks.

Wow, all those years I thought my Mom lied to me when she to me women got pregnant eating a pumpkin seed.

Turns out she wasn't lying.

I boweth to thee, Lenore...

I think I'm hungry again anyway.

"Which satisfied all of her needs."

What a seedy bunch -- you guys crack me up! I never really post to the blog, but you have inspired me to come out of my shell today.

I'm late. I'll go now.

Go, golfwidow. Go.

I guess Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, was quite the stud...

I guess I am the only one pondering how this news could somehow help moms and dads everywhere encourage their kids to eat their brocoli.

D'Artangnan, that plume on your tricorne tickles!

Excellent, Lenore!

(Of course I posted this several days ago when Judi was off ogling Hugh Jackman in NY, but SHE takes the credit. Not that I'm bitter. Really.)

Dang! *she winces prettily*

D'Artagnan, I am desolated that my fingers erred.

Et quelle mystère! Though appropriate covering-type protection is always appreciated.

Jeff, I thought I'd seen this posted before...and thought I'd seen many of the same comments. In fact, I thought I'd made a few of them. Whew! for a minute there, I thought I was getting psychic. Well, guess that means my numbers ARENT going to win in Powerball tomorrow night. Oh well.

In the style of Hotdog Eating competitions, we should have Ladies Pumpkin Seed Eating competitions, with a group of average looking blokes in the audience. I'd pay to see exactly how many pumpkin seeds is too many....

I came back. Sorry, Dodge D'Artagnan.

"Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
Had a wife with no libido
So he fed her pumpkin seeds
Now she's meeting all his needs."

And now, having re-re-disposed of the monster, exit our heroine, stage right.

I have a feeling men were buying these seeds for their wives.

eat your way......oh forget it.....i think we are all in the gutter on this one!

Pumpkin seeds! Thou heavenly meal
that, once consumed, the maiden chaste,
in all her comely needs revealed,
in all her sweaty passions vast!

Nah... to artsy for this group. Or:

Eat your way... oh, forget it
We must all be in the gutter
Pumpkin seed, don't merely spit it --
Swallowed, then, the means to rut her!

Ah... that's better.
(with apologies to cheekdog)

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