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August 11, 2004

MORE ON.....

No, that would be wrong.


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(that article looks familiar . . . )

I'll take 2% and two sugars. Oooh, wait!

Got milk?

Umm, sometimes "Proud To Be A Mammal" people do need to have someone suggest that everyone does not share their gooey maternal hormones. I bet another customer complained first before the employees said anything.

judi: I have to say, that segue from the previous item was hilarious.

Glad to see everyone keeping abreast of the situations. Although I personally feel the topics have been milked for all they're worth.

What, no Janet Jackson jokes yet?

Hey, as long as there aren't any laws that say I can't gawk, make obnoxious remarks and/or feint some panic attack at the very site of a slighlty exposed breast, I say bare away.

If you don't let them nurse, they might take up bad habits

That's right MKJ, that oral fixation has to start somewhere!

On a side note, how very nice of Judi to give you guys some fodder so you don't complain when she starts with the nekkid men!

Bring it in Judi, it's time for some equal opportunity drooling! :)

Would you like skim, whole or breast in your caramel mocha no whip latte, sir?

Starbucks sucks

Yeah slowlayne? Well if you don't like it, you can just leave. This here's America, and we don't cotton to no anti-American, unpatriotic dissenters. We're at war dammit and if you're not with us, then you're against us.

I would think breast feeding in the dining room of any restaurant or cafe would be against Federal Health Codes. Breast Milk is considered a hazardous fluid like blood or semen and can transmit infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. If an infected woman were to accidentally squirt (eww) it would have to be treated and cleaned up the same way as if someone bled all over the place.

Starbucks is considering a policy whereby women are allowed to breastfeed in the stores so long as they "...bring enough for everybody", said a company spokesman. Also, store employees will be allowed to refer to customers' "ramparts" as "Tall", "Large" and "Grande". No "Supersize" is available at this time.

isn't it rude to bring your own food/beverage from home to a restaurant?

Lairbo, you have officially made me snerf my Cap'n Crunch all over my keyboard. We've definitely got a few "Venti" girls on this blog, myself included!

My question is were they "Tall", "Grande" or "Vente"?
(stoopid starbux sizes).

What's Italian for "droopy"?

This Mom is breast feeding a 15 month old? I was just around my two 16 month old nieces, who are eating solid foods now, and can't imagine my sister still breat feeding (actually, I'm not going to imagine my sister breast feeding at all). Anyway, isn't that just a tad big to be hanging off a teet?

I'm all for breastfeeding in public. Whip it out, ladies! And if you want to show your booby while you do it, more power to you! It's the closest to sanctioned public nudity that us women get and we should take advantage.

However, I think there should be an age limit to such public breastfeeding. A 15 month old. Dang! That's nearly a year and a half. This kid can talk and walk and ask mommy for boob. That just ain't right IMHO.

I need coffee

Mother's milk their breast lament
All the while their cause augment
In daylight they'll suckle
And Starbucks will buckle
As moms expose their argument

Can I just pay at the pump?

Sorry about your cereal. You should switch to a coffee-only breakfast.

I knew I'd missed a Starbucks size. Here in NYC we order our Starbucks products the old fashioned way:

"What size? The big one. And stop smiling. Whipped cream?!? Just gimme the goddam coffee."

If Starbucks is the place to go for breast-feading mom's, well then I might just go visit that Evil Empire once again. For coffee that is. Well at least for something, since their coffee sucks!

Wally B: "Cascante"

Being good friends with a lady who was probably the first woman ever to nurse her child in the Purdue Memorial Union about 35 years ago, the Starbucks gals are a little late to the gate.

And I don't think we need be concerened about spilling "hazardous materials". If we do, you'll have to check your spit at the door too.

Boo, no offense, but what Victorian Age are you living in? There's nothing wrong with breastfeeding a two year old in public (let alone a 15 month-old!). I think a mom can and should be discreet about it. There's usually very little need to take off your shirt at Starbuck's to feed your kid.

Hell, why don't they just make the whole child birth process part of the Starbucks experience. You know, nursing, birthing, labor, OB/GYN checks....all the way back to conception.

After all, you are getting f@&#ed when they charge you $3 for a small coffee.....even though they call it Tall.

Years ago, I was discreetly nursing my 6-month old in what I thought was an out-of-the way area of Union Station in St. Louis. A guy much older than my husband and I chewed us out and said that stuff belonged at home. About a half hour later, we passed the Hooters that was then at Union Station and saw him through the window ogling the chests of the young waitresses less than half his age. *sigh* Whattayado?

Apparently, I'm living in the same age with Polly.

Let's face the facts. Starbucks coffee is crap. Let all the yappy yentas go there and crank their kids up on smack (that's baby language for caffeine).

I agree that kids are too old to nurse when they start asking for teat.

But if breastfeeding in public is considered dangerous and against ""federal health codes,"" then people who sneeze, cough, pick their nose, wipe their ass, and don't wash their hands should be beheaded.

Leetie: But that would leave us without federal or munincipal government!

I say go ladies. It's long past time when a person can have their breast sucked in public without "nosy" people getting all huffy.

I was in a starbucks not long ago, and decided to have a nice young lady suckle my chest for a few minutes while I finished my latte and muffin, and the stares I got were highly irritating, and nearly ruined the experience.

Why on earth would any woman NOT want to put a blanket over? There may be certain situations in which non breast feeding women whip out their tits for public display but I don't imagine coffee at Starbucks is one of them, so why would breastfeeders do it now? I also think 15 months is (way) too old to be breastfeeding. Not only do the little suckers (har!) have teeth but if they can walk away afterwards I think it's kinda creepy.

Welcome to my age, Boo!

*Polly passes Boo a dry martini...shaken, not stirred...and sans breast milk.*

judi - where were you yesterday? Were you composing poetry into the toilet all day (ask Punky) as a result of bday celebrations? If so, way to go!

I DO think the age of the kid matters. If it was a newborn who has to nurse like every two minutes, that would be one thing. You have to wait longer than that in line to get your stupid coffee. But, a 15-month-old can wait to nurse until you get home. And, a blanket is not too much to ask.

Since she is nursing, however, she shouldn't be having any caffinated beverages, so she won't get any Mom of the Year awards from me no matter how many "Nurse Ins" she arranges.

Oh, and a liquids only breakfast will not help the snerfing on the keyboard thing. My return-key no long works unless you hold it down - too much tea sprayed on it thanks to all y'yall.

I suggest granola bars or bananas. Just take small bites so you don't choke.

Do babies really need caffiene?

Perhaps instead of naming this post "More on" judi meant to name it "Moron"?

Hey! I resemble that remark! (nyuk)

So, what age should kids no longer nurse? And please share your rationale. And how old you are. And whether you have kids. :-) (I'll understand if no one cares to reply.)

They should stop well before they are capable of remembering it when they are older.

Whey (good name, by the way):

I think a year is perfect. By that time the baby has gotten all of the bonding, nutritional, and immune benefits of nursing. Also, babies are sporting a number of sharp little teeth that, according to my understanding of the evolution of man, are meant for eating solid food.

I am 31-years-old. I have three children and breastfed them all for an entire year, though toward the end it had tapered to the point where it was more for their comfort than for any nutritional benefit.

Rationale? Boy have you come to the wrong place.

And I do have a kid that I breastfed as long as I could without starving her.

... stinkin' mellon ballers...

There will be absolutely NO Rationing of Ale in the Moat.

I repeat : There will be NO Rationing of Ale!!!

That is all. Carry on Wayward Moaties.....

"But, Mommy, I wanna pway wif my toys, I don' wanna nurse now"

"But, Mom, I don't wanna nurse, you're dropping me off at school, all the kids will laugh"

"Mom, could I have some steak after I nurse?"

LoL Graz!

Yea... the ability to eat steak would probably signal the time to stop nursing.

I understand in "more primitive" cultures that a child tends to nurse until the next one comes along. (I don't know when the last kid stops.)

I think any age limitations are purely cultural distinctions, and not the rules set by Mom Nature.

"Do babies really need caffiene?"

Not generally, a little butter, a little foil, and 90 minutes on Gas Mark 5 usually does it.

Two dozen mothers in Starbucks protesting in Starbucks is not going to cut the mustard. What we need is EVERY lady, lactating or not, to bare her breasts wherever she say, on the count of 3.



By the time babies are a year-old or so and have their first molars, they no longer really need to nurse for nutrition. They are eating solid foods and can drink out of a cup.

After that they are nursing mostly for comfort and attachment to Mom. And I don't care if a kid wants to nurse till they go to college, a blanket is not too much to ask.

BTW I am 44 and I have kids - all discreetly nursed until they were aproximately 13 months. No one has ever had to ask me to leave anywhere because I was causing a scene breastfeeding.
Or because my kids were screaming. I know when to take the little darlings home.

As an aside to all interested parties (and I do occasionally do parties for a nominal fee):

Though I breastfed my kids for a year each, my breasts stand before you as perky as ever...

That is all.

*I think any age limitations are purely cultural distinctions, and not the rules set by Mom Nature.*

Never had a kid latch on with a brand new set of razor sharp incisors have you?

Well, for the record, I am 38, caffeine-addicted mom with a 4 yr old and 2 yr old. The 4 yr old self-weaned around 22 months and my 2 yr old still nurses a couple of times a day. Pre-child, I used to state to my friends how gross it would be to nurse someone who could ask for it with clear words or unbutton your shirt. Well, things change with experience. I don't let anything show, but I sure as hell don't wear a poncho while I do it.

And speaking of ponchos, don't you all wish you had a toilet poncho with you in emergency type situations? Or primitive camping situations?

( 0 )( 0 )

OOOPS. Sorry, you said Ladies.

Do I still get beads for that?

Oh they're all a bunch of boobs at Star*ucks!

Well, for the record, I am 38, caffeine-addicted mom with a 4 yr old and 2 yr old. The 4 yr old self-weaned around 22 months and my 2 yr old still nurses a couple of times a day. Pre-child, I used to state to my friends how gross it would be to nurse someone who could ask for it with clear words or unbutton your shirt. Well, things change with experience. I don't let anything show, but I sure as hell don't wear a poncho while I do it.

And speaking of ponchos, don't you all wish you had a toilet poncho with you in emergency type situations? Or primitive camping situations?

I feel like I'm reading Cosmo or something here.
(got 'nuthin)

Mr. Fisher, Punky is going to throttle you for drawing her girls on the blog.

I understand in "more primitive" cultures that a child tends to nurse until the next one comes along.

Ya gotta figure that in "more Primative" cultures there is no pill, diaphram, rhthym method, spit or swallow, forms of birth control...........so a kid a year would usually limit nursing.

All Starbucks really did was ask this breastfeeding woman to be discreet and drape herself? Most moms I know would do that as a matter of course...

I guess I don't get what this is all about...
(Gee, how new for me, I mutter sarcastically...)

Sorry for the double post.

Polly, yay for you and your perky breasts. Mine are empty husks. We were discussing weaning one day and one friend announced, "Hooray, I got my boobs back!" (meaning her daughter had moved on to pop, I think). My other friend said she got her boobs back, too, but she didn't recognize them. :-)

...moved on to pop? Wish my husband could have helped me there too.

oy. just anudder boob job...

Okay, sorry, SODA! Is that better.

We midwesterners have to put up with a lot of discrimination.


I have three kids, nursed all of them to varying ages. Child 1, until 8 months because she was not getting enough. Child 2, until almost 12 months, when he got the flu and stopped nursing cold turkey (putting me through no small amount of pain, either). Child 3, until he was 8 months because he was not getting enough. (BTW, all three kids were 9-1/2 pounds each, full term.)

When I had to nurse in public, I used a blanket and tried to find a private spot.

Lily: I'm not plumbed for the experience, so no that hasn't happened, but as we can see above it's not a common deterrent.

Graz: The tribes I read about were herders in Africa, where large families were not the rule. The article referred to 3 and 4-year-olds nursing.

I'm not promoting the practice, just chipping in some info I came across.

Hmm, I'm curiously thirsty right now...

At least they didn't move on to cousin.

I am guessing baby latte??? Starbucks coffee is way too strong and I can't imaging drinking it while nursing.

I have no problem with nursing in public, but I would definitely cover up - not because of the people around me (nobody is forcing them to look, are they??) but because there are some parts of my body that I don't think need to be given public exposure.

Starbucks and all public venues should consider installing a nursing room where new moms can nurse in comfort and privacy. Asking them to go to the bathroom to nurse is disgusting. I would never eat my meal in the bathroom so I wouldn't expect a baby to either. I wouldn't force new moms into the nursing room, but it would be nice for them to have a choice.

I breastfed in public as often as possible. Preferably on college campuses in front of the gym where all the hot guys hung out. And I never used a blanket. What would be the point of that?

Puh-lease don't get LaLeche League involved here!!! They're the breastfeeding nazis!


kids shouldn't be drinking soda at that age!

As an aside, Polly does have really nice looking boobs (as far as I can tell from the photo) and should uncover them often.

Waaaa. Here I am.


Hee hee hee!

*...Chai Latte dripping off the monitor*

You funny.

Yea, Boo, but too bad you can't see all the hairs on them in the photo. They're spectacular.

Boo, aren't you sweet. How about I make you a Chai Latte? And I DO mean latte....

Don't blame me...blame my Eastern European heritage. Besides, I keep it well trimmed. Right now each of my breasts have goatees.

I'm considering Brazilian waxes, but I hear that hurts....

"Now THAT'S funny."

Thank you.

Umm....what colleges are these?

*furiously scribbling notes*

Me too, Punky! I mean the peeing part.

Polly - they do hurt. Trust me.

I clearly went to the wrong college...

The Breast Goatees - WBAGNFARB (or maybe that's what The Bee Gees really stands for)

And, If a throttling will improve my KT score, then by all means, bring on the throttle.

Also whilst you're at it Punky, Can you be a doll and bring me a new change of adult diapers. I soiled mine something fierce , between you and Polly I should probably buy stock in them.

I need a pair of dikes for mine.

Dikes, of course, meaning wire cutters.

"No more yanky my wanky! Donger need FOOD!" --Quote by Long Duck Dong, 16 Candles

In other words, Polly's gonna get some lunch... Me 'n the girls will catch you later.


Are guys allowed in this kaffee klatsch?

They teach diaper changing at Boston College?

Yes, Mahatma, guys are allowed.
However, if you feel the need to breastfeed, please be discreet and use a blanket.

For a lot of people, it's not the breast feeding per se, it's when the kid asks mommy to rub peanut butter all over one and jelly all over the other that....

no wait, that's not a problem either.

News Update

Starbucks today announced "Nipple Tassel Tuesday" to promote its new "Friends of Naked Hot Chicks" policy. Corporate spokesman Ken Javabeans quipped "We never really had a problem with mothers nursing in our stores, provided they were really hot, you know? So now we're promoting it."
Look for "Wet T Wednesdays" sometime in the fall, once the problem of scalded breasts gets worked out.

It what Javabeans claimed is an unrelated promotion, Starbucks nationwide have begun handing out coupons for free coffee encouraging "ugly women to go get their caffeine fix at Dunkin Donuts, and take their kids with them."

A barista who wants a tip'll
Serve me my espresso triple
should not be averse
to seeing kids nurse
and I wanna see me some nipple!

(OK, it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. They can't all be gems.)

MKJ - "Sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand"

Yeah, they're cute while there nursing, and the next thing you know you're washing loads of these all day

I'm really glad my mom couldn't post my underwear on eBay when I was growing up. Wait a minute, I'M a mom now, I could...no, no, no, posting childrens underwear on the internet is just going to attract the wrong sort of, er, shopper.

We're changing those diapers now!
(Changing those diapers)
Trystan Shout!
(Trystan Shout)
Was wiping all of those baby butts
(Wiping those babies)
What made you want to come out?
(Want to come out, wooooo!)

Leetie is really hot today! I've done myself a mischief reading her posts here and on the reMOAT.

Wet T Wednesdays - when I was breastfeeding Wet Ts happened all the time. The gals became waterguns when they were too full.

Man, what a long thread. People have really been able to . . .

(no, I can't say it)

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