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August 18, 2004


Yes, I'll have a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

(Thanks to djtonyb)


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Dude, I'm totally first...

"Can I get a Big Mac 'special'?"

"Sorry... the cops shut that down."

"Dang. ...Can I just get a parfait instead?"

duuuude - i'll have the doobie burger, man.

Speak directly into the clown,please..

Hey dude,like,where's the beef? If ya know what I mean..

Hold the pickles. Hold the lettuce.
Mary Jane is what will help us.

The only problem with the Big Mac meal at that McDonald's is half an hour later...

Oh, that's what they put in those Happy Meals for adults. Kewl. And I thought it was Burger King where you could Have it Your Way.

Damn! I'm only a short drive from that Mickey D's. I always miss the good stuff !

McDonald's new ad is a doozie,
The spokesmen are Shaggy and Scooby.
But no Scooby Snacks -
Like, what's in that sack?
Zoinks! It's a parfait and a doobie!

The McDonalds Corporation hereby awards this "employee of the month" award to Denise Stilwagon of Ambler, Pennsylvania. Her innovative marketing plans have resulted in a 203% increase in sales for the McDonalds franchise in Ambler. Not only did Stilwagon attract new customers to the location, but the customers that she attracted constantly had "the munchies" and bought an average of four Quarter Pounders per day.

(Perhaps someone could make a 30 day film of Stilwagon's customers.)

...why YES, I'd like to Super Size the McWeed ...

Would you like to get fried with that?

Yeah, the McSalad, but with...extra lettuce (big wink).

Geez! I had all kinds of great puns worked out for this one but y'all beat me to every one!
I have never seen stoners react so quickly....

That's it. I wondered why I spent so much time driving around, following the little animals (imaginary) at 5mph after going through the drive thru.

Denise Stilwagon anagrams to "salient widgeons" which would of course bagnfarb.

stuffin....you should know, MOTW has a HUGE crush on you.

Yeah, whadya gonna do?

I can't believe someone hasn't yet made a Pulp Fiction reference. I claim my Royale with Cheese.

You know they smother their french fries in mayo, man.

I grew up in Ambler...funny, I don't remember *that* on the menu. Then again, if it was, I probably wouldn't remember much of anything...

That lady behind the corner is wearing a headset with a microphone, I'll bet she's a narc or something man . . .

Great. Now you're making me hungry. It's funny, but even with all the obvious health warnings about McD's food, the movie "Super Size Me" and everything else, I still get hungry for (and eat) one of the sandwiches once in a while when on the road.

Parfait me, dude.

Events like this explain why Jack In The Box is at the top of the food chain, for some, at least.

echo: Oh, NOW I get it. Hey! Little kids eat at that McDonald's!! Will no one THINK OF THE CHILDREN??!!

This sounds like a good business plan for McDonald's franchises in Amsterdam.

At least it probably makes the food taste decent.

So that's why the Hamburgler was always so damn persistent...

Where's Mayor McCheese when you need him?

okay, but the manager's going to be sorry it was ever reported when he sees how money he loses because the customers aren't coming back later to get rid of those munchies.....talk about repeat business!

Can I get some Coke with that?

Woooah - deja vu, man.

The same thing happened at the McDonalds I worked at (my first job) way back in 1970. Some special "customers" would come in and ask for my manager (who was a real d*ck) and he would hand them a McDonalds bag full of pot that he had in the back. I was too naive to figure it out, but the cops did, and hauled him away. made my year.

There's no way around it, Wally: MANY managers turn out to be ducks.

Ha ha! And lame ones at that!

Har! You guys quack me up. Managers are also adept at ducking the issues.

Har! You guys quack me up. Managers are also adept at ducking the issues.

You guys are daffy.

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