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August 18, 2004


There's no other explanation.

(Thanks to Andrew Smith)


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you mean those answers are wrong?!?!?

Okay. I know about the states. Every one know canada is the 53rd state.

Eye doghn't reely sea wuht thee prablim izz,

lou, that is spelled "reelly" - you must have missed the last of the 10 weeks.

Here's a good deal on a high-school yearbook

So, a lot of Americans think the war started in 1942.

PS, so what is the difference between a state and a colony? Maybe the colonies don't get stars?

Attention all graduates of California Alternative High School: You're diploma ain't nothing but a pice of chit, man.

That is all.

piece of chit, sorry

I slit a sheet
a sheet I slit
upon a slitted sheet I sit

Thaynks Markhh. Eye reelly shood bee sayving meye munee four Huked Ahn Fonics aneeway.

the smart fellow, he felt smart

In a Los Angeles high school alternative
The subjects were not really learnative
The topic of history
Was quite a mystery
And civics was unrepresentative

Can you imagine the sort of disinformation they dished out in sex-ed class? (I was gonna say "drivers ed" but anyone who's driven there, lately can already tell you that.)

"Graduates" can head straight to work at that lucrative McDonald's in PA .

This guy ought to get his head examined.

Psst, hey, Mister! Wanna buy a diploma? Reguluh price is $450, but this is yer lucky day. For you: $1450!

To the immigrants in California
Pay attention, I'm here to warn ya
Ante up for this school
You'll be played for a fool
You won't know nuthin' 'bout nuthin' at all
including how to make a rhyme or post a comment on a blog

Why don't I ever see a used edukayshon for sale on eBay?

If we take Canada we have have Quebec too?

Deals off.

Besides, I said the 53rd state. behind Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, but ahead of Iraq.

"have _to_ have Quebec"

For the record, my employer for the last 15 years has been (and is) a major Canadian firm.

Remember when Ford got drunk and thought he had made Puerto Rico a state? Good times . . .

"have _to_ have Quebec"

For the record, my employer for the last 15 years has been (and is) a major Canadian firm.

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Seriously, 53 states? That had to be a joke on the immigrants.

" "
*(busy trying to remember a fact I learned in HS)*

You know, people go to 4 years of high school
and don't know any more than those 10 weekers.
I'd say they saved a lot of time.

Back to lurking WAY behind the curve....

For example, I can't spell formerly......

"I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T!"

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