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August 05, 2004




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This is way too suggestive. It looks like pubic hair because of the location.


Well, it is naked, and is supposed to be from a man...

Thanks, Dave - for a Naked Man Post that the rest of us can live with as well!

You know, my computer at work wouldn't let me open the pitman link, and I was kind of disappointed because the comments made it sound pretty funny. Now, I don't think I'll ever be quite the same. If I promise never to ask for naked men again, will you make this stop?

I am sorry. There ain't no stopping the Pittman, baby!!!


"judi fans" = horny women

I think I would take the "blouse-opening book" ad over the "asexual torso feet" ad any day.

Excellent. Now I'll take "Things Pulled Out Of Richard Gere's Ass" for $3000.


What would Bill Frist have to say about this?

That looks even nastier than the first time I saw it. Please post enough things to make it scroll down!


No toe jam though

Uggh, Pitman looks like a hairy crotch with feet and not even normal feet at that. What's with the chubby cartoonish baby toes? Maybe that is where the creepy feeling is coming from.

Hey I'm a Judi fan... but not for the naked man pics...

(I'm also an unabashed suck-up)

Someone will make a FORTUNE putting that picture on T-shirts, mugs, and a mouse pad.

What is VERY frightening is that I have yet to see a full on (monty) shot of Mr. Pittman. Exactly what is in the groinal region?

Why does it have only 3 toes? I think that's most disturbing of all.

As an "M.D>", I can honestly say that whatever that thing is, it is a medical impossibility. Not only that, it's freaking me out so stop it or I'll be forced to filibuster your ass.

Dave, it is not nice to torture your loyal subjects.

Exactly what is an "M.D.>"? The chevon ">" is very confusing to me. Are you just a Doctor, or are you greater than a Doctor, or just you just play Doctor with yourself.

I just had a really disturbing thought... What if Axe Deodorant were a white solid, like Sure? Could Pitman be any more disturbing?

OK wait, he can. Work with me on the visual here. But lets say he is wearing a shirt and he didn't put on the Axe Deodorant one day. Describe what he looks like.

Here is another disturbing thought... what happens when Pitman does sit-ups? Fart noises!!

eeeeewwwww. Creepy & gross, all in one. I feel a little sick now. I just love wrapping up my work day with a good round of nausea.

maybe they should combine pitman (a right armpit) with the man pillow (a left arm pit) and come out with something disgusting but approaching a more complete man.

Of course, being that I am at work, I probably shouldn't have been surfing the blog anyway. I have been duly punished.

still yuck. get rid of it. too disgusting to be porno. its just creepo.

That armpit thing has got a mighty big ass!!!

I first saw these ads on billboard inside Miami Airport. Just as I was thinking MIA couldn't bet more disturbing!

Shoot! I meant "GET."

And, I meant "billboards." I gotta go to bed!

I run a college newspaper and we received some "Pittman posters to put in the display area of our newspaper bins (which we sell ad space for). We actually had to have a meeting to decide if it was appropriate, and eventually they went up. Soon the new posters come in and I can take two Pittman posters home with me. Fun!

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