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August 17, 2004


Call us naive, but we did not realize this was a huge problem .

(Thanks to Linda Leeson)


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So many double entendres, it's hard to choose. Think I'll vote for " giving rise to concerns about indecency."

Those must be some freaky midget pole dances,if they fit inside of a limo. Even one of those monstro-hideouso Hummer limos.

They don't say whether the drivers are the ones getting lap dances etc. That could really be a problem.

Quote from a drunk leaving a strip club in a limo: "Who says you can't take it with you when you go?"

So just don't strip on a blanket...

Okay, you are naive

Is a Welsh limo lap dance on the kinky test?

Lap dance, pole dance . . . pretty much the same thing

"Hey Nigel, does this mean we can't put a horse in there for Mr. Barry?"

"It doesn't mention anything about horses. Just get the pole out and tell Trixie she's now a massage therapist."

Speaking as the resident Welshman....

*shoots self in head*

And here I thought only the horizontal dance was thought to be an 'inappropriate' activity in limos.

When limos collide

In a limousine full of Welsh ho's
The girl stripped off Christobol's clothes
She spun on the pole
To accomplish her goal
Then success! His indecency rose!

Next they'll be banning strippers in public transit buses!

Man, I need to relax. I wonder if Kandy is still doing her routine in Taxi #417?

Cristobol - not horses....ponies! A horse wouldn't fit in a limo.

Well, it might it you wedged it in tight enough

And that would be a contribution to the night's festivities because???????

I wonder if they run the pole horizontally, or just up out the roof. That would be distracting to the rest of the traffic. Maybe that's their heartburn?

What are you babbling about?

Sock...BAM....Crunch.....Stop that, lemee go!!

I always thought that limos had those dark tinted windows. Shouldn't be an issue then. I always wonder what's going on inside them when I see them on the road.

Well, maybe it's an issue.........nobody else gets to watch.

"Some operators are providing entertainment to clients within the vehicle which may involve inappropriate activities such as lap dancing, giving rise to concerns about indecency."

Ya think???

To throw the cops off the track slap one of these on the bumper of the limo

LOL, Tetsu.....I've always thought that the poles in the subway cars would be good for use by a stripper.

Maybe it was just memories of Rebecca DeMornay in Risky Business that gives me these ideas.

Or maybe I just have a mind that sees the possibility of naked women in everything............

And a new definition for the word "welshing" makes its way into the lexicon.

wha' happen to Day. He dissappear. He Hijack?

Customer: Yes, I need a limo to the airport.

Dispatch: And will you be needing a blowjob?

Customer: Excuse me?

Dispatch: Nothing. Mr. Smith needs a lift to the airport and nothing else.

I hear that America always follows British trends. I can't wait to rent a limo.

Damn, there goes the prom.

In Car Striptease may be an "inappropriate" action (I guess they don't get HBO's Taxicab Confessions in Wales) but it might be agnfarb.

But I'm with those who wondered: how do they get the pole in the limo and is it really a big problem?

Slowlayne: excellent.

Darn, what's Judi going to do now for extra cash when visiting Wales?

You can't strip in a Welsh limo, but you can take a leek.

I just need to clarify, "in-car strip tease" is an inappropriate activity JUST in limos, or in all cars?

one more comment - you are naive.

ouch! i banged your head! [teehee]

Next time I'm driving my SUV to the club then

Now we know why President Clinton spent most of his time in the Presidential Limo.

Damn, I should have went to prom in Wales.

Its true that there are concerns about ethics, morality and conservative values.
But what can we do, when a lil 4 ft man comes to us and insists that he wants to waiter in our 20 passenger Navigator? The customers will pay him good tips for that service?
Do we let him waiter and entertain clients?

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David Jefferson

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