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August 07, 2004


Not this much.

(Thanks to Steve Tabet)


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"his testicles had been stapled to his stomach."
It's 2:45 AM..MMmmm...Mexico,huh? WOW. Just WOW.

He said one part of the contest had involved his lying on the men’s bathroom floor and making “snow angels.”

Snow angels? In August? This is obviously made up. I knew human common sense and dignity would prevail.

"I knew human common sense and dignity would prevail."

D'art: Welcome to the 21st century.

If there are people on Fear Factor will eat tailless whip scorpions for a chance to win a Mazda RX-8, then it doesn't surprise me that there are people that will get their private parts stapled for a chance to go to Mexico.

"I didn't want to pursue that part of it." Good call.

The article didn't say much about this guy's build. If his gut hangs halfway to his needs, suffice to say the stomach stapling thing isn't terribly impressive.

knees, i meant "knees".

duh, i mean, duh.

P155 Angels?

Was a Mexican contest unhinged
Ball staples caused cops to cringe
A trip he was earnin’
All covered in urine
But he won Montezuma’s revenge!

“I’m not talking your little office kind, I’m talking about big industrial Bostitch staples,” he said.

Maybe they can use this in their advertising?

"At one point, he told police, his testicles had been stapled to his stomach.

“We didn’t confirm that,” Santos said. “I didn’t want to pursue that part of it.”

Me neither.

“The urine on the floor of the bathroom, that’s a violation,” he said. “Doing back flips off the bar may not be a violation, but it’s sure stupid."

Well, duh, you think?

"Santos said police never took a report or charged the winner with anything.

“I think he had been punished enough.”

Yeah, being fat, drunk & stupid, with your collarbone broken in thrree places, cuts all over your body, reeking of urine with your balls stapled to your stomach, I guess that's enough.

And give the officer Understatement of the Week.

What a great story!

It costs about $500 to get from VA to Mexico. I've stayed at a really nice mountaintop resort in Mexico for less than $10 per night.

I think I'd rather spend a few hundred bucks than roll around on a men's room floor with open wounds. But that's just me.

It would have looked pretty funny with his boys stapled to his stomach... wonder if Mr. Happy was peeking out?

Call the SPCA, there's a cruelty to animals charge in there somewhere.

Appropriate movie quote:" Boy,how'd you get the beans over the frank?"

Right, Sean, I thought THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY too.

If this guy thinks getting his testicles stapled to his stomach, is bad just wait 'til he has to deal with the time-share salespeople he meets on his "free" trip!!


RUNNER-UP:: At one point, Chicho’s owners had approached the city to ask if they could work with the Beach to improve the quality of the existing nightclub district.

“They’ve lost a lot of credibility,” City Councilman Richard Maddox said.

THE WINNAH!:: Santos said police never took a report or charged the winner with anything.

“I think he had been punished enough.”

Yeah, but did they deliver on the trip to Mexico?

Okey dokey, I'm beginning to be convinced that Virginia is creeping up behind California and Florida for Wierdest State award. Actually, since Virginia is a Commonwealth, it can take the top spot for Wierdest Commonwealth award.

Why can't they just hang themselves from fishhooks like the other kids?

(okay, that was a while ago but I've been away ...)

The man had several slice marks on his side, which were the result of paper cuts or caning, Santos said.

Paper cuts or caning? They can't tell the difference? Those must be some serious paper cuts!

MKJ - It's not fishooks. They're way to small. Much better to install rings and then hook up to that.


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