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August 16, 2004


(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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First. Do I get a beer?

Sean,wake up it's time for school....Don't forget your lunch money...Oooo,sorry day dreaming again.

I'll take my in kind, if you please.

We got hosed, Davey.

I feel some type of comment about suds coming on in light of the previous story, but my brain appears to have already left for home without me.

I am nearly certain there was an item posted here some time ago about some obscure private ("public") school in England whose charter entitled students to free ale and meals during finals or some such thing, which was redsicovered in the past year by enterprising students and the school paid off in soft drinks and pizza or something. Is this blog searchable? I can't keep wasting time Googling this although it is rather entertaining to do so.

beer is always safer to drink than water from a microbial sandpoint....

"Pupils then had an opportunity to view some of the company's archives, including the school's original 16th Century Royal Charter."

- Yeah, all very nice, but when do we get to the pub!!!!

So what about the faculty? Don't they deserve something for having to deal with all those drunk students?

Yeah, some industrial strength detergent, er schnapps.

Ninety nine dollars for beer in my wallet,
Ninety nine dollars for beer,
Take one out and buy me a round,
Ninety eight dollars for beer in my wallet...

[repeat until drunk]

In ancient times beer was more sterile
So a kind brewer told kids that there値l
Be crowns for a brew
And pizza too
But the students were over a barrel

Of course you can't have beer in class - you'd have to bring enough to share with everyone. There are people I have class with that I most certainly NOT want to get drunk with...

"Students...Michael Dell ...gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the pupils, highlighting the significance of this occasion."

A vote of thanks highlights the significance? Did they say "cheers" as well?

Squire - reminds one of the previous blog item about the guys who broke out of jail (in Kentucky?), got two cases of beer, then returned to jail with the beer to share with their cellmates, of which there were about two dozen. Seemed fair ... just sayin'.

Master Brewer Sir Richard Platt,
A benefactor who determined that,
A silver crown gratuity
Be bestowed in perpetuity.
Hail the suds which reside in a vat!

* hic *

Other than water, beer is safer to drink than schnapps served by stressed waitresses.

nice thing think so too

MOTW - I wouldn't know, I was living in a shack in the middle of the woods for most of the summer.

A Briton I sat next to on a plane returning from London said he thought British beer tasted like "washing up liquid." It wasn't that bad--though I know my brain felt scrubbed after a few rounds of Young's Ramrod Smooth Ale.

Welcome back, then, Squire.

Found the related item It was Rogersville, Tennessee.

400 years from now it will seem just as ridiculous to give schoolchildren money for sugar-laden, caffeine enriched sodas or brain-rotting "diet" drinks. Coca-Cola & Pepsi should go ahead and start the endowment funds now.

My former school actually DID get rid of soda. Riots ensued, and more than sixteen principles were destroyed. Also the principal was fatally shot to death, but he would be okay.

Students given beer money...

I don't see what the big deal is. Nearly every parent who has ever provided financially for their childs college education is doing the exact same thing.


"In 1597, when the school was founded by Master Brewer Richard Platt, it was much safer to drink beer as the water was unclean and considered a health hazard."

Damn that whole bottled water thing!!! We could have been drinking beer in the desert. Then again, I could hardly shoot straight as it was.

Who the heeeck is that guy??


Don't visit his site. He's just spamming.

Kill the spammers.

This is not a haiku.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what is the U.S. equivalent of a silver crown? And how much beer will it buy?

This is:

Spam is not welcome
And we all really want to
Kick some spammer ass

Here are some helpful words women use from some other guy

Ah shwear offfissser, mah *hic* teeacher gaave me thish beer. Itss fer a classh project *hic* abouut waater purity; veery schientiffic shtufff.

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I just met a guy named brandon doot, whose email addy begins: brandoot@...
The Bran Doots WBAGNFARB

Who is that slimy Pop Diva on the right anyway?

32 Wege eine Gaffel Flasche zu öffnen

Now it's eHarmony! Even worse!

Can I trade in my matchmaker service for the slimy pop diva? Or even the Best Western?

Best Western Slimy Pop Divas WBAGNFARB

(man, we need a new thread . . . )

Hey to Bill on Googling -- you can google a specific site, e.g.

beer site:weblog.herald.com

put in the Google search box yields every blog page that mentions beer.

There are lots of them.

Hmmm, I'm not able to see the ads for the slimey pop divas or the Best Western or Eharmony or anything else. And I ask myself, "Is this a bad thing?" I think not.

Girls can be so cold

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