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August 17, 2004


We'd like to see the video.


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The Fighting Crickets... gnfarb?


The Fighting Crickets WBARGNFARB.



Hey Judi, quit bugging me.

I really wanted to click on some of the articles linked below the story, but couldn't bring myself to.

"The operation.....was held in the same building that housed a cricket lovers' association."

Gee, I wonder who turned them in?

I don't know about a rock band, but that had to be a Hell of a lot of noise! Ever had a cricket right outside your window? times 150? OUCH! My bet is for the crickets to win!

I wonder what it takes to piss off a cricket?

Back off Abe...he's got a cricket.

There's a cricket lovers' association? Let me guess, there's a flying cockroach association too!

"That's no ordinary cricket! That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered cricket you ever set eyes on"

I don't know how anyone who has ever had a cricket hiding somewhere in their house at 3 a.m. chirping away could possibly love the damn things....

I have torn my house apart trying to find one before and it's not a pretty picture....

I REALLY hate crickets....

A Hong Kong inspector insectical
Broke up a bug fighting spectacle
The contest usurped
"With chocolate," he burped,
"Some people find them delectable."

Event organizers are restaging event on the order of American Idol to have the little critters compete in a sing-off of "When You Wish Upon a Star" and win the chance to play Jiminy Cricket in Disney's combination live-action/computer-generated remake of Pinocchio. (Although how they'll work the Olsen twins and an a sassy, streetwise minority group urchin and his adorable canine sidekick into the story is anybody's guess.)

That beatle battle thing has me feeling drunk and dizzy, and I haven't had a drink yet. I can't; I'm still at work. Seriously, that made my head hurt; but it's really funny to hear the computer trying to read it out loud.

Pinto, re the love of crickets, my point exactly. That's why the sound of Cricket Smackdown could send me to therapy, and I can't afford that. I hope the damn payoff from those bets was huge!!!!

Re Cricket Idol: At least Simon would have a justification for saying, "That was just dreadful. You are possibly the worst singer in the world."

It's entirely likely you don't give a hoot about this, but I've had a cricket stuck in the dashboard of my car for the last month or so.

Might explain the 'Service Engine Soon' light that's gone off in the panel.

This is interesting, yes. But is this really a big enough story to be covered my Radio Australia in Hong Kong and be picked up by a Houston TV station? Is it such a slow news day that the TV station in monitoring Aussy radio in search of story.

This has got to be made up anyway:
"Senior Inspector Angus Yeung Fu-yin of the Special Duties Squad in Mongkok" This sounds like something from Pink Panther or Police Squad.

M. Cowell would probably say something "clever" like, "Too chirpy".

I just want to be there when one of the guy's in jail calls his wife who didn't know he had been gambling) to come bail him out.

Guy: Honey, I need you to bail me out of jail.

Wife: Why are you in jail?

Guy: I was gambling.

Wife: Gambling? On what??


dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a cricket lover......

The Bizarre Chives would be a GREAT name for a band.

I'm betting on the flaming bunny from the earlier cricket match story. I'm also betting that Fox Network is already working on the reality series.

what's ganguly's fav. bird ??



-- DUCK :-)

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