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August 11, 2004


Udder-abuse update.


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A bovine version of Mrs. Jose Lima?

Oh, and first

First second!

Those bustards, busted for pumping up bovine busts. Udder disgrace.

"bovine bust"? Nice word play there.

Udder Augmentation?

Got boobs?

Surgically modified heifers
Were injected to make them look bigger
But the judges made boobs
Of those Australian rubes
Who then sold the cows to Hugh Hefner

The cow was believed to be resting comfortably despite the ordeal . . .
Ordeal? She got free implants! The boy cows are probably all flirting with her now.
(wait, that would be bulls . . . )

I'm all for cowsmetic surgery.

I'm sick of ugly cows, dammit.

I had an uncle who was a dairy detective. He didn't work in the udder department though, he was in vice.

Bringing you the dairy bust, er, best. You herd it hereford first, folks.
Heifer gonna keep this up, I'll have to leave.

What's next, acrylic hooves and bovine botox???

What's next, acrylic hooves and bovine botox???

oops. Sorry Sorry. Got stuck in a posting error there.

hair and skin ornamentation. bovine tattoos.

This story is a bunch of bull...

In my paper it says that the 15 cows were sent home in disgrace.

I have never seen a cow in disgrace, pictures?

Speaking as someone who has a bovine tattoo, I think that tattoos on bovines have been in style for a while (at least here in Texas). I think that piercings are fairly common as well.

You can tell the disgraced cows by their scarlet letter tattoos.

They must offer some incredible prizes at this event.

More than a handful is just a waste...

Actually, implants can improve your intelligence

I knew I had a legitimate reason for drinking soy milk.

Did the military pay for the stuff?

OK, we just need to get these cows to show up at starbucks, that should blow the whole thing wide open.

The milking of cows is a feat
Which yields a tasty white treat
but humans, no luck,
when in a Starbucks
We'd better not see woman teat.

nice to see some cowverage of this moovement

Thanks, wadders.

And Stock Squad Inspectors would not only bagnfarb, but would probably be a hit on Aussie television. (Sorry, tele.)

Still laughing over the disgraced cows image BarryFS! Let me know if you get some pictures.

This is just a test

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