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August 05, 2004


You are not wanted in Tasmania.

(Thanks to James McCall)


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I can't wait for the next big reality show craze-'The Swan for Livestock'. Because low self-esteem is a growing problem among young cattle...

This story is so interesting...It has me glued to my teat...

extreme makeover - bovine version. silly, silly, silly.....


Tasmanians, those little devils!

No mention of udder enlargement. I think I will stick to lowering my truck, thank you.

Cosmetic enhancement will smother
Bovine competition down under
When teats they are sealing
It’s most unappealing
Contestants one after the udder

can't say i'm suprised. what about you dave? i'll answer that. no, you're not either.

If the cows are willing to have their teats glued to win, who is to say it's wrong?

Anyways the point is moo


BALCO devoloped ways to disguise this years ago. Tell me, could YOU tell McGuire's teats were sealed? Bonds'?

Didn't think so.

So my prom date is going to be ugly next year. Well, that was money well spent. Also, check out www.heightenedthoughts.blogspot.com, for stuff less funny than what Mr. Barry offers.

You think we Aussies go to extreme lengths to make our cattle more appealing? Wait til you see what New Zealanders do to their sheep. Lipstick on ewes ... it's baa-baric!

Aww, Rats! What am I gonna do with all this teat glue now?

Convict #1 - "what are you in for?"
Convict #2 - "Murder - what about you?"
Convict #1 - "Teat gluing and stomach pumping"
Convict "2 - "WARDEN - GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!"

Take it from me...teat gluing is NO FUN.

OMG...too funny!

Dave, you wrote about cow modifiers and the brave men who catch them a long time ago. Didn't you actually go and interview one?

Someone please take the teat-glue from Polly.

ut oh. hand stuck

this is not good

somebody call the fire department

You know, the Tazmanians have only themselves to blame. If they want to judge the cows "as nature made them" then WHY is there a teat-tassle dance off to determine the champion?

Those sly devils down in Tasmania
Made cow contests now even zany-ah
Tassles on teats?
G'day! What's the next treat?
Cow panties? Or some other mania?

And how is this different from the gal who used duct tape to enhance her cleavage?

WOW, they get to breed them down there?

I love sniffing teat-glue.........*inhale*

ahhhh, the smell of teat glue.

We will have our revenge for cow tipping and teat gluing!!!

Besides everyone knows that happy cows come from California. The TV says so.

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