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August 07, 2004


Suck it up, you whiners!

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Please,don't anyone post pictures,OK?

"Moreover, the policemen patrolling the beach have admitted that the sight of old topless woman sickens them."

Wow. That's quite a commentary.

As a member of a local "naturist" group (nudist, if you must), a frequent sunbather at Haulover Beach (the nude side) and a lover of Orient Bay in Saint Martin (a totally nude beach, complex, restaurant, store and more) this story is of particular interest to me.

I say "You go, girls!" to the older women! No one is forcing anyone to look at them! The policemen in question should be given a barf bag, then reprimanded and eventually fired if necessary.

Are these women any more unpleasant to look at than the 300-pound men squeezed into Speedos on South Beach?! (The answer if "F@#K NO!")

Those sunbathing 80 year-olds
Romanian police are apalled
What's next? A big fine?
Old farts in decline
The bingo game's over, I'm told

Constanta’s top cop Popescu
Says tourists don’t want to view
Grandma’s mammary glands
Hanging down in the sands
“Eww! I saw Babushka’s tatoo!”

Old Topless Women wbagnfarb (in Romania).

Here's an addtional quote from the Ananova version of the story that shows Officer Popescu will not win this month's PC/Tolerance Award:

"Officer Ionut Popescu who patrols the beach in Eforie Nord resort in Constanta said: "It's always a pleasure to see a young woman, who also has to be beautiful of course, topless on the beach.

"But the irony is it that there are more old women going topless. I find it sometimes quite repulsive. I can understand the idea of wanting to get a uniform tan, but old women should simply give up on it."

So if a young woman is NOT beautiful, Popescu doesn't want her topless either? Talk about your creeping fascism!

I'm with Judi & Trystan on this one: quit whining! The guy's job is patrolling a topless beanch and he's complaining? Try working the inner cities, loser!

beach, not beanch

ok, as long as they make it illegal for men over 45 to wear a speedo.

ooooohh...topless old broads and bottomless geezers...what a mental picture to wake up to.

Can we alos impose some kind of "weight to Spandax" ratio?

The most offensive boob in Romania is Victor Popescu.

Now, I'm going to take the opposite view, because I like making trouble: I must congratulate our man Victor for his merit and valor and Romanianness; his name is Victor. I do however believe that he was out of line to impose the No-60-Year-Old-Topless-Women-On-The-Beach law. It should be 40.

What about the, shall we say, "refurbished" sets of nakeness out there? Does the age figure apply to original equipment only or does it include more recent modifications?

Yeah, Pilsenerman!! Good one!

As for the "offensive" sight of older women's breasts, I can just imagine those police officers' man-boobs. I'm SURE they have 'em...

Someone should make them put some kind of top on

Mahatma; you're back! Everyone was asking for you and wondering where you were (Europe, right?) and where the eBay stuff had gone.

Doug: what about Mrs. Jose Lima? I'd certainly look at her topless even past 40.

Jeff: yeah, I was in France for a couple weeks, I lived there for many years and need to go back to recharge every once in a while. Even made it to the beaches this time where ramparts pepperoni are on display by ladies of all ages and you know what? I don't care how old they are, I still think it's better than the way people have to dress at the beach here. The banana hammock Speedos on the guys look kind of silly, but what the hey. A chacun son mauvais gout, right?

More on nudes v. prudes

Ah, I remember sitting on my grandmother's knee as she sang me this sweet song:

Do you boobs hang low
Do they wobble to and fro
Can you tie them in a knot
Can you tie them in a bow
Can you throw them over your shoulder
like a Continental soldier
Do your boobs hang low?

Excuse, I'm a littl teary.

slowlane - applause, applause, ROFL. Cough, sputter. Tears rolling down face.

"ok, as long as they make it illegal for men over 45 to wear a speedo"

no man should ever wear a speedo.

I agree, down with speedos!

No, wait, back up! back up!

Hey, we are all nude under our clothes. I think since it is a nude beach that Officer Pop should have to patrol in a badge and gun belt. Then let the 60 yr old ladies give body critique.

We old ladies have been hanging it out since Woodstock, not gonna stop now.

All I can say about Mahatma's nudes vs. prudes story is Bring Back the Communists!

What an opportunity for terrorists in Romania... disabling police with naked granny power!

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