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August 18, 2004


We definitely did not spend 15 minutes trying to do this; we are far too busy. Besides, we already have a Florida driver's license.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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2 minutes 1 second

OK, I parked it. How do I leave notes on the windshields of the other cars apologizing for all the dings?

21 seconds.

Is there any point for women to try this game? On the off chance they are able to park the car, it won't help them in the real world. :^)

19 seconds. I'm a woman. I drive better than my ex, who for the record is a man and lost his license. A big raspberry to Steve R. :P

I would also like to the man who programmed the cgi script for this page that hangs in the middle of the posting process, making 2 posts appear

Then again, I am a guy after all, so I'm much to lazy to actually care....

22 seconds is the best I can do.

Steve - I double-dog-dare you to drive in Greece with their taxi drivers! 25 seconds. Neener.

37.6 seconds, and that's the LAST productivity enhancer I think I'll find myself going back to...

Who needs to parallel park? I'm taking the Welsh limo with the strippers.

0 choc
score 32.97
time 00:00:15:16

19 seconds . . . but the valet is usually a whole lot easier.

Well, I got 43 seconds. My son got 18 seconds. He's nine-years-old, fer cryin' out loud.

Maybe my dear husband is right when he says a woman driving is like a dog watching T.V. - they go through all the motions, but they don't really know what's going on.

What's the big deal?

score: 50.32
time: 9.93 seconds


0 choc
score : 80.25

2:11, 11 chocs; but, I suspect my computer has been drinking.

Hey Judy, where's all the promised naked people? How about professional swimsuit failures?

Am I supposed to be able to make the car move? How? I got the clock to work, that's all.


11 seconds.

Dude, this is easy. I lived in Bawstin way too long not to nail this.

This is some guy game, for real.

still don't see anyone hitting my 6.23 seconds.

I'm in the same boat as Keith. No matter what I do, it won't work. (Including using the arrow keys.) No instructions and nothing saying that it won't work on my PowerBook G4 w/ MacOS X.3.

Try clicking on the game screen a few times before using the arrow keys.

Oh, and 37 dings at 3:04! Beat that!!

Wait, was I playing it right?

Yep, that's the last time those cars will think about parking on my street.

Those pink cars must be Mary Kay cadillacs.

i just gave up and went Tuwanda on their asses.

Why the hell does the car start perpendicular to the parking space?

Oh, and I did it in two seconds, just for all you "my dick is smaller than yours" guys.

Arrrgh, I hate parallel parking.

But luckily, my real car isn't controlled by four directional buttons, and I'm not disembodied and floating forty feet above myself while parking it.

But hey, I was able to make a big bubble that says "Chargement" in less than a second, so there!

Apparently, the Blues Brothers method is useless here.

7:50 seconds and a score of 48.1

It's easy if you know HOW to parrellel park, which I do.
Dude! What's up with the chick bashing?
I dare say, guys, if you don't know any women who can park, it says to me that you don't care to surround yourselves with intelligent women.
It does not mean all women suck at driving.
Quit blaming all women for the fact that you choose to hang out with dumb broads.
And no, I'm no feminazi. Just a chick that can drive and found your comments to be....what's the word? Mmmm, oh yah- retarded.
No hard feelings here, boys. Just had to vent.

I couldn't believe it when the old lady with the shopping cart appeared just as I was backing in. I got excited and gunned it. Ooops! Then I couldn't get away because the squad car had me blocked in. How do you get out of the car and run?

9 chocs


(what the heck is a choc? I didn't see any candy)

I probably would have done better but I tried to park it backwards first. I thought it was a British game.

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