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July 28, 2004


No, wait. Apparently they have been, here in Florida.

(Thanks to Trystan Shout)


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Jeff, that's pretty funny. Especially his comment that after spending time with the folks around him, he began to wish the movie was real.

... and that the robots would win. :-)

Djtonyb, you managed to tell the same basic story that I did with about 3% of the words. How'd you DO that?! Seriously though, nice move on your friend.

My best friend's wife's phone rang once during the movies. Jokingly (but, not really), I gave her a tremendously hard time for it. That was about a year ago. She's never done it again. :)

See? Small groups (tribes, communities, whatever) policing themselves can work!

As for the poor blogger at Jeff's link, he should stay away from the ghetto theaters. In my part of town, we have a few Magic Johnson Theater houses. From what I've heard, most of the audience actually talks (yells, curses, advises) at the screen during the movie.

Yikes. Can you imagine seeing "Braveheart" with a crowd like that?!

trystan i wanna go to the movies with YOU.

Hmmm....talking and walking and carrying on and throwing things during a movie. Dancing and singing. Ah yes, Rocky Horror Picture Show. But even then, no one gets on the cell phone.
Do you suppose talking on cell phones in restrooms leads to inattention to aiming and results in sprinkles on the seats? (that was for judi)

The blog and link subsequent comments have made me (over)think about another aspect of this. It's partially cultural. The Romans use to do thinks at their feasts that modern Americans would have considered horrifying. However, since everyone believed bingeing and purging was part of appropriate table manners it was.

It's my understanding that a predominantly African-American audience will be more talkative and social during a movie then their white counterparts. But there's nothing inherently wrong about that, some of my best theatergoing experiences have had more to do with the crowd then the film.

The trick would be to acknowledge it. Many theaters already put a big release on 4 screens. One screening could be "cell phone friendly", one "social atmosphere", and one "quite only." That way if you just can't deactivate your phone there's a socially acceptable way to leave it on. You just can't complain about the day trader in the next seat over talking the whole time.

It also makes it reasonable to implement more serious measures in the quite only screening.

I'm going to make a million off this idea. I can feel it!

Tim, Joel,

Billy Crystal once did a routine about that, how he loved to go see movies -- action or scary movies -- with predominantly black audiences. He did a bit about (supposedly) going to see JAWS. During the opening when the girl goes in the water the tension gets to be too much for one guy, until he stands up and yells at the screen, "Don't be taking no dip now, girl!"

Pretty funny.

Jeff, that's hilarious! I'm sitting here by myself, laughing out loud! I think I've seen similar skits on Saturday Night Live.

In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, I seem to remember Bill Cosby including a joke about it in his routine. :-)

*knock knock knock*


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