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July 25, 2004


Whining? Moaning? Tossing wads of money into trash cans?
Whatever it may be, Miami's doing it.


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First post!! God I hope this is not one of those "Judi found men's underwear" items!

Ricky Williams used to be a University of Texas football hero. Which means he was totally adored here in Austin. He still is, actually.
I was at a movie not long ago that had a suprise cameo of Lance Armstrong in it. When he appeared on the screen, the admiring gasp from the audience was almost obscene. Austin loves it's heros.
I read before that Ricky Williams had depressive episodes and developed an anxiety disorder after he went to New Orleans. He implied that this happened because he was such a media sweetheart here, and then was treated pretty harshly when he was with the Saints. I can see how this could happen.
I feel bad for the Dolphins, but I can't imagine playing a game that could cause such serious injury when you didn't even want to. I hope he's able to be happy now.

judi, could you blog the other 157 stories about Ricky's retirement and get it over with so we can get on to some more newsworthy stories? Like what the security is like in Dave's hotel bathroom.

Who's Ricky Williams? What's he "retiring" from? What's this FLORIDA place that you speak of?

Relax -- It's Only Football
(My post to the Herald's Dolphins board today)

I occasionally check into the Herald message boards to gauge the pulse of the community. In order to preserve my sanity and my blood pressure I don't read them too often as hysteria instead of logic tends to prevail.

Here is my favorite post regarding the Ricky situation: "Today is the worst day of my life."
(I won't embarrass the poster by naming him.)

Now don't get me wrong: my first thoughts were that the 'Fins season is down the toilet after I heard the news on ESPN this morning. (Then I went outside and got my Herald off the lawn and read the details.)

But this is FOOTBALL! How can it be the worst day of this guy's life?! Worse than the illness of a child? Worse than the death of a close relative? Worse than not getting a mortgage on a house you really wanted? Worse than getting bad news from your personal doctor? C'MON!

What's scarier is that he is far from the only one who feels this way! From the way some of you guys write it sounds as if we are going to have an outbreak of unrelated mass suicide in south Florida because Ricky Williams is answering his own personal muse. They have stopped selling single-edged razor blades at all the stores because of this. Also, one cannot go to the upper floors of tall buildings until the shock passes.

He is not the first running back to retire young, guys. Ever hear of Jim Brown (30), Barry Sanders (31) or Robert Smith (28)? I'd like to see the loudest mouths and the biggest cry-babies here sacrifice THEIR bodies for 30, 40 or more carries a game and continue whine like they are.

Then there is the hypocricy. You weren't calling Ricky a "pothead" when he broke 1,800 yards two seasons ago were you? But you are now. What a bunch of self-serving, hypocritical morons.

Then there are the "hate Wanndstat first" people who are going to blame Dave for everything no matter what. Right, right: this is all the coach's fault. Oh, yeah. A Bank of America in Broward was robbed on Friday. That's Dave's fault too, right?

I haven't heard this much crying since the last time I was at a day care center.

Nearly 1,000 Americans have died in Iraq and THIS is important to you?!

Grow up -- It's only football.

Amen, Trystan. I think I'm one of the few guys in America who doesn't pay any attention to sports. I sucked at it in High School and so I guess it just never took hold. A few years ago I was on a security detail in Hollywood (CA) and we were assigned to escort Shaq to a publicity event. When I found out about the assignment I said, "So he plays for the.. uh, LAKERS, right?" (I lived in LA at the time) They all laughed so hard that one of the guys almost peed his pants.

But here's the thing.. our boss brought along his two bright eyed teen boys, both wearing Lakers jerseys and carrying basketballs, to meet Shaq. After the event the boss brought his boys down to the rendenvous point in the lower parking level where we were getting the big fella into his vehicle away from the public. The boys were in AWE.. and of course they asked him to sign the basketballs. Shaq politely declined, citing an endorsment deal that he has with a particular basketball manufacturer that prohibits him from signing basketballs. WTF?

I hope that as he enjoys those huge checks he gets from the basketball manufacturer that he always remembers the looks on the faces of those two boys.

It's all overrated if you ask me, but people never do.

no offense. who cares.

Judi, Zwas that why this guy was really hanging off his Miami hotel balcony?

Otherwise, Ricky, you're 27, grow up, quit whining and get on with it.

One word of advice: people who "retire" or otherwise take time off from a successful career and later try a comeback almost always fail.

Otherwise, I'm with queensbee. Who cares (outside Miami, I'd add)?

"was" not "Zwas" obviously`

trystan, are you FROM here?

everyone else: exactly.

that said: if it were, oh, say, mi amor pudge leaving for some godforsaken place like detroit, i'd care a lot more. yo no soy una fanatica de futbol.

Thanks Bismuth, I guess I can never again say people don't ask me that. Do you really care what I think about sports? I hope not.

If my job involved large angry men cahsing me around trying to hit me, (it hardly ever does) I'd quit too.

Having said that, Go Bucks.

the same goes for men chasing me

What are you all complaining about? I'm a die hard Vikings fan.

(See: NEVER won a Superbowl EVER... Also See: Above average number of convicted criminals)

Same division as the dreaded Packers. And to make matters worse, I live in Wisconsin.

You have no idea how many coasters I've had hurled at my pretty little head in local sports bars...

On Ricky:
Did anybody ever see Predator? I see a family resemblance... Cheers.

Polly - you have my deepest sympathies. As a die-hard Bills fan, I also have several indents in my skull where Panther fans and Redskin fans have vented their outrage at my presence...

Good thing I'm moving to California where the fans are sane (thinks about Oakland fans...) uh, never mind....

Shaq can play football in a pinch. Do they make helmets that big?

...Maybe then he'd be allowed to sign balls (not round ones)

Football? What is this "football"?

Hey, don't you be dissin' Redskins fans. I'm one. Even though they have sucked since Joe Gibbs left. Now that next season we have The Second Coming of Joe Gibbs, I hope things will be better. (Or he will forever tarnish The Joe Gibbs legend and people will cry.)

Joe Gibbs returning to Washington was about on a par of Shaq going to Miami as far as local news coverage. Did anything else happen that week? God only knows! :)


Nothing of note has happened in DC since Joe came back to us.

Judi wrote: "trystan, are you FROM here?"

I was born and raised in Boston. I've lived in south Florida since 1981. It will be 23 years in August. I moved away from the snow and the ice right after college.

Yes, yes, I know. Football is "King Sport" hereabouts. The fans here are rabid over the Dolphins. I have had season's tickets to the Panthers since day one. I have had 'Fins season's tix off and on. (It's much easier to watch on TV. Why should I have to arrive at a 1 o'clock game at 10 am just to get in the parking lot?)

As a kid, I was at the World Series in 1967 and saw my beloved Red Sox lose in Game Seven. I was at Joe Robbie thirty years later and saw my home town team WIN in Game Seven.

I love sports. But relax everyone . . . it's just a game.

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