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July 18, 2004


(Thanks to Ken Burchill)


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Looks like someone at Amazon didn't type the whole title.


I suspect they were too busy playing with their poo to type the whole title.

Coincidentally, the original Mr. Hanky episode of South Park is running right now on Comedy Central.

Later in the listing, they screwed up two song titles, which explains the scatological listing.

The songs:
4. How Big A Fool
5. The Right Tool For The Job

The typo-ridden version:
"How Big a Fool For the Job"


that sums up my indepth analysis

Whoever wrote that is full of shi

A whole album about the London Science Museum's new "donation policy"?

The intended name of the album, "Let Me Play with Your Poodle," is disturbing in its own way....

It's a good album, though. Buy it. Seriously. Ball plays piano in the style of Professor Longhair, with a rockin' band supporting her.

Marcia Ball was on some show and another singer/songwriter type was introduced as being introspective or something. Ball said she was also that way.

Then she played "Let me play with your poodle."

Long, tall Marcia Ball. She's good.

I OWN that CD..>!!!!

*opens up his trench*

Hey! Mister! What to buy some poo

MAN! Hate it when the text just gets cut of

f in mid sentence..... darn!

Crap, that was supposed to be "trench COAT"!

I looked at that link about 2 hours ago and I'm still breaking into laughing fits.

Again I cannot stress this enough, having a statue of a sheep right next to the toilet will prevent various behaviours.

$21.99 to play with poo? Dang, I can go down to Santa Monica Blvd. on a Saturday night and get to do that for about half that price. And I can get my choice of gender & race of the poo factory. Ahh, good times..

I wonder if this title might actually INCREASE sales of this album.....

They fixed it. Darn.

Put your head in my poodle
Whisper in my beer .. Baby

She really loves cheap perfumes as I know! I just boought her some at Saturday 04 September 2004 05:27:58

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