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July 16, 2004


Democracy in action.

(Thanks to Bangi-Bat-Gurl for first link. The warning is for the second link.)


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judi, judi, judi
You are so predicktable.

Did I misspell that?


It's easy to be first when you stay late at work on a Friday evening, cause you have nothing to do.

To LET them take off their shirts? Hell, it should be REQUIRED!

Excellent work Bangi!!!!

Bangi and Punky continue to make the world more enjoyable for women everywhere!!!

Now ladies lets get to work on those Rugby players.

I think I prefer someone with a little more hair.

All you Mrs. Robinsons may wanna wait until some of those footballers finish puberty.

I bet Judi thinks The Shirtless Hunks wbagnfarb, right?


Bangi me love, you've been blogged.

Are you happy now? (actually, could you possibly be any happier, blogged or not?)

And when ONE woman from the U.S. soccer team celebrates -- with her bra still on, even -- by whipping her shirt off, she's condemned!

Guys? C'mon! We got rights, too!

So all of a sudden being a sexist is a good thing!


smeaksayness...and ditto MadScientist :)

Yum Yum....That is some good-lookin' manflesh. Posh Spice must be happy with her Becks...other than the little cheating incident, I mean.

It's still good lookin' manflesh. Mmmm, beefcake! :)

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