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July 16, 2004


We assume most of you have heard this tragic story, because it's just the kind of piece that makes it to every local TV news program in the nation, for no discernible reason other than that it has interesting visuals. You may have thought it was a strange story. You may have noted the fact that Bobo's owner once played Tarzan, or decided that the huge public outcry was odd. But somehow, Florida always manages to take a story one step further.

(Thanks to Anne Morton August)


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"Meredith asked officers to grab the hind legs of the pig, named Baby, or twist its ears so it would squeal and attract the tiger."

'Babies Attracting Tigers' wbagnfarb

It sounds to me like she has some kind of squealing-pig fetish.

I smell BACON!!!

500 mourners . . . in the crowd was Carol Pistilli, who Bobo bit in the head two years ago . . .

Okay, so Ms. Pistilli has a head injury to explain why she's "mourning" the tiger. What excuse is there for these other 499 morons?

OK, so the tiger was de-clawed, BFD, I had a de-clawed cat once, bit the crap out of me. I'll bet the tiger still had teeth.

How could that woman name the pig and then plan on eating it? "Yum, doesn't Baby taste delicious with applesauce!" *shudder*

BOBO HAD A HEART OF GOLD!!! Wow that tiger was more valuable than I thought! How could they kill such a precious animal.

Key line: "Meredith said the trunk of her Cadillac is air conditioned, and she was planning to eat the pig when it is full grown."

Non sequitur alert!

Frankly, I'd make Meredith ride in the trunk -- if she'd fit -- to see how well the air conditioning worked. Then they should have fed HER to the tiger and let the pig go. I just keep picturing Babe in there subject to that stupid woman's whims. "Hey bitch, how do you like having YOUR ears twisted?"

Did anyone else notice that the tiger put on 150 pounds between the first and second articles?

That tiger was simply trying to cuddle the officer, sniff.

Still, you can almost never catch them using a pig in the trunk of a cadillac, squeals notwithstanding.

Well, you might be able to catch Tigger that way.

But then he'll grope you.

I am SO not going to say anything about this . . .

"Look at the blood from my Bobo," Sipek said. "They murdered him. They murdered him."

The operating theater victim from Bucharest who had his body part involuntarily sushied was heard exclaiming a similar cry.

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon..... I smell Bacon.

No, It's Baby Strips!

ps...Jeff, get grip!

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon..... I smell Bacon.

No, It's Baby Strips!

ps...Jeff, get a grip!

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