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July 20, 2004


...and the blogging is easy.


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It's OK, Joe -- you're first. You can relax now. Let's sit back and watch this thread build a la the Scandinavian hunk post.

Oh my....It's gotten very warm in here. Why don't I know any men like this? Where do they keep them?

Peri: judi's keeping them all for herself. You see, they may post a security risk, and so she requires that they be strip-searched daily...

Our Dave is on vacation
and judi's on her own

to our consternation
the blog's turned montone

studly this and tan-lined that!
is all we ever see!

(no offense to our good brother,

Girls, if you want to masturbate
just keep your right hand steady

but the pictures of the naked men,
Oy Vey! Enough already!


ok, fair enough. no more boys!

...although, "steady" doesn't really cut it, mudstuffinnnNNNNnnnnnNNNNNNnnnnNNNNNNnnnnNNN...


Here's an expensive insulator, for your insulation needs . . .

There is no such thing as "enough" when it comes to studly, mostly-naked men.
I mean, humor and irony are great and all... but a hot guy in a banana hammock is just a symphony for the eyes...

Oh, and I'm a lefty.



Okay, "good hand".

Bravo stuffin and thank you judi!

MKJ, does your tongue get sore stuck in your cheek like that?

Arrrrrrrrrgh......I'm glad MOTW's not lurking around here. She'd give me grief. Lurder2.....*&^E&^%Q!)

mudstuffin - if you listen closely, you can hear the Bard turning over in his grave...

But I still got a good chuckle out of that one...

My question for Judi is: When did we successfully mate humans with elephants? Because given the "trunks" on that page, some of those fellas have a third leg!!!

Me and my insecurities will be over in the corner cowering....

Exactly how does the Fluo Sling stay on? Oh, I get it. It's only meant to stay on, er, briefly.

I don't know, I kind of like the manly men pictures threads . . . I just don't bother opening the original link (here at work), oh and IDWMMT . . . . ah fuhgeddaboutit!

Now granted, the guys are hot. But the thongs are a little - dare I say it? - silly.

*Sigh* - I must be getting old.

You're in good company Flukey dear.

Whoa! He's a fox!


On the other hand (har!), you could never have enough ramparts here on this veritable blog.

Ramparts are different!

They need to add more categories to the size column.

Holey wow. I don't know how i feel about a guy having a wayyyy better rack than mine.

The answer would be "yes".

The fluo sling must be a joint product of Vizeau and the 3M company, and applies the Post-It Note technology. Probably doesn't work well around sand.

mudstuffin, your brilliance is requested here.

djtonyb- *snicker* Ok ouch, I can see that...
Man, am I glad Baywatch didn't have those, wouldn't want David Hasselhoff to sport one of those. It might start the apocalypse...

djtonyb - regarding your previous link.
"Sorry, the site you requested is inactive."

Wonder if these guys like chocolate?

i heard some1 say whipped cream...

MOTW: Thanks. Check the other thread, I done made a deposit over there.

Someone, please stop the madness! It's getting so I have to watch 5 minutes of SpikeTV for every one of these posts just to get my testoserone levels back up.

It doesnt matter how many pics i see
i will always luv the view of extremities

these hunky blokes can me smile any given day
dont anybody listen to what mudtsuffin has to say

altogether now:
gimme a k
gimme an i
gimee a n, k, y
these kinky men make my heart sing

gimme an h
gimme a u
gimme a n , k ,y
these hunky men make my hips swing
( to the music)


hmmm... bangi does make good argument... very persuasive, you might say...

Oh, what the hell, beefcake for everyone!

djtonyb et al -

Yup, it was there. I saw it too, and my guess would be that "Mrs. Bruce" saw it as well, judging by her(?) comment.

is erika under "chocolates" or some1 in another thread...
point me the way ppl

Bangi - see the link in the 1:12pm post by djtonyb.

** Off Topic ***

Hey! Did anyone take the quiz that goes with that Babe Diva ad on the right border. Whew, is she hot or what.

Hey, I just HAVE to respond to djt - yes yes yes give me Goldberg! Gawd! Is he perfect, or what??? (Good thing this is a fabric chair, I'd be on the floor if it was leather!)

website inactive

technologically jinxed,

I can't see it either, though from the comments it's pretty clear that I shouldn't open it at work, anyway...

Loved your poem, mud!!

ass, shoulders, chest, thighs, OMG let's not be picky - he is the only reason I used to watch wrestling. AND he doesn't shave his chest. I looooooove big strong bears (P'town was having something called "Bear Week" - is that what they meant?).

Thread past 50, almost time to go completely off topic!

(Whaddya mean, "never stopped you before . . . ")

Here are some manly men for your consideration


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