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July 21, 2004


Coming soon. (Please select left or right side for Remainders logo)

(Thanks to jennifer camille)


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Scary. Just scary.

...on the Star Trek: Enterprise!

There's something about that picture, that makes me kinda, uh...

...Nope, I just can't say it.

is she an entomologists wife?

get the bug spray!

What the ---

Why is she wearing those on her *head*?

The last Remainders gig I saw, the band had those on over their G-strings.

So THAT's where my giant squid went! I noticed the aquarium was empty but couldn't follow their tracks...

Overwhelming urge to consult "Me so horny" joke catalogue...

but that would be wrong.

Now we understand Dave's fascination with snakes.

What kind of apparel do you expect from someone named Didi Budiardjo, anyway?

Say man, can you help me get this woman off my butt.

Yummy.....the next slide is much easier on the eyes. Angelina Jolie can eat crackers in my bed any time.

D'Art, you got my line. I was going to say if your name was Didi Budiardjo you'd probably want to make women look like that too.

A newt's coot?

Yikes. That's the stuff of my childhood nightmares.

judi: Definitely put the RBR logo on the right. If you put it on the left, it will look silly.

Geez. That looks like a growth on her head.

Haven't any of you ever seen a Hong Kong beer hat before? Sheesh, what's the big deal?

Sure. Laugh all you want. Wanna know how much that thing SELLS for?!

Now THAT is some big hair!

I didn't know intestines was the latest fad.

"What? What are all of you looking at? Do I have something in my hair?"

Is that the "classic" RBR thong?

At least the press intelligently refrained from calling the ... uh ... "creation" a hat.

I hear the estate of Dr. Seuss is suing for copyright infringement.

I hear the estate of Dr. Suess is suing for copyright infringement.

I hear the estate of Dr. Suess is suing for copyright infringement.

Sorry--the posts weren't coming up. (Now you all know my secret identity.)

Pilsener/Uticast, I think you infringed your own copyright.

Check out what Spiderman did to this chick

ah..the wonders of evolution

"Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a fashion consultant!"

I slept with her.

Respectfully Captain, are you referring to the earth woman, or the parasite eating her brain?

She's too sexy for her hat.

Actually both. Sort of, like, doing, extratresstrial twins!

"What a deformed thief this fashion is"

William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Act III scene iii

The last time I went to the movies, this person was sitting in front of me. Did this remind anyone else of the woman Ford Prefect was dancing with at the party that never ended? Well, not until after the Rory for the most gratuitous use of the word f**k (or Belgium, depending on which edition you read) was retrieved.

I'll stick to my Twins hat thank you

Peri: Uhhh... what?

Hitchhiker' Guide to the Galaxy (So Long and Thanks For All the Fish?). Ford and Slartibartfast were looking for the components to the Key and one of them was at this flying party. Ford started dancing with someone and the music was so loud that it was impossible to hear anyone speak. Ford told his partner that he liked her hat and she kept leaning forward to say 'what' and hitting him with her projecting forhead. She finally heard him and said 'What hat?'. Ford said 'Nice head'. Apparently, it looked like the Syndney Opera House. The party broke up when the robots arrived to retrieve the silver ball.

Peri: Thanks for jogging my memory. Why, exactly, do you have all that memorized? Isn't that a little obsessive?

just to sound as knowledgable as Peri...i'd like everyone to know im reading up on the Multi Fibre Agreement.

ha!beat that peri!

that is all

Disclaimer: these fingers are not responsible for what the brain makes them type.the brain has received extensive exam trauma and is not responsible for what it thinks.

Huh, there was supposed to be a little emote on my last message mocking my own Simpsons obsession.
"Curse you, magic beans!"

Yes, Tetsu, it's very sad that I know this stuff. But in my defence, I was just reading this at the beach last weekend.

Bangi - ah, yes, the Multi Fibre Agreement. I look that over for a little light reading on the bus. But it's being phased out by the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC) you know. The plan is that it will be phased out by 2005 to bring trade in textiles and clothing into line with rules of the newly established World Trade Organisation. It seems to me that little attention is being paid to what the implications are for workers, even though there are likely to be massive changes in the location of the industry. It is important to look at what ATC will mean in practice not only for differnt countries, but also or companies and for workers themselves. What are your thoughts?

I don't want anyone to think I'm a smartass. I copied that straight off a T&G Membership Education in International Developement report.

I have no opinion.

Monsieur Smartass,
my thoughts:
Bangladesh is expected to lose. Bangladesh is the clearest example of a country
which developed a garment industry as a direct result of the MFA and other trade agreements. Bangladesh has had free access to EU markets and the US also gave Bangladesh sizeable quotas so that it became a major supplier to both the American market and European markets. Once quotas are removed Bangladesh is expected to suffer from its lack of textile industry and poorly developed infrastructure

P.S --my whole report is frm the internet :p

Bangi & Peri - stop it! you are hurting my head - oops sorry, it's just the hat - never mind, carry on ;)

How did we make the transition to burecratic babble from a "babe with a very strange uuuuuuh hat"?

Peri & company. Stop please, please, my head IS also hurting and I'm not wearing a hat.

*Bangi & Peri make evil plans to take over this thread with BUREAUCRATIC BABBLE*
[the all new hit single]

*decides to be happy just having the last say*

The Captain was always so keenly perceptive when women were horny.

That was a creation of Philip Treacy, a very famous milliner or a hat maker, Camilla Bowles will wear a hat of him

That was a creation of Philip Treacy, a very famous milliner or a hat maker, Camilla Bowles will wear a hat of him

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