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July 23, 2004



(Thanks to Derek Breid)


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first post! i scored 2 zillion AND MADE FIRST POST while the rest of you flailed around! haha.

I am a cow killer...I NEVER get these things. They just don't respond to frantic hand waves and squealed directions. Is the cow's name Baby Jessica, by any chance?

Bismuth, it WAS!


I stink at these things. I should send it to my brother who plays them in his sleep.

Oh, and Cow in the Shaft wbagnfarb.

I figured that "Cow in the shaft" was a new euphamism for some sex act. I just couldn't figure out quite what it meant, so I clicked on the link.

Boy was I disappointed.

Did you guys miss the list of other games to the left? That is "Bush Shoot-Out: Starring President Bush and Condoleeza Rice?"

I am NOT making this up.

Oh, and you must be 14 years or older to play.

(Not making THAT up either.)

I've played that one. Funny as hell. (I don't know what's so particulary funny about hell, though. Now Cleveland, that's like hell, but much funnier.)

I always thought Cleveland WAS hell. Now that I've played "Cow in the Shaft" I know different.

What psycho decided to call it "Cow in the Shaft"?

Thanks, Trystan. Loved the Bush shootout. Much better than Cow in the Shaft.

Couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do so I clicked the help button. I got a 404 error window. Nice help.

There used to be this awesome site FlingTheCow.com but they shut it down. :(

Fling the Cow


And I mean that in the most platonic way possible.


Hey Brockmeier! Long time no see! Come back to the MOAT. We miss you, promise. :)

I used 2 score those bulls eyes and all u did is lose and u kniw wat I kind of thought that was cow killing!!!!

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