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July 16, 2004


Momentarily, on Conan (eastern time).


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Only a pro could be first at this late hour on a Friday night. I have no life, but I am FIRST!

First!! And Thank you Judi, changed the channel just in time, although I really don't know why. What channel is Tron man on?

Damn!!! SECOND then.

Wow, First.....something to put on your resume........you must really wow your friends and family with your first post prowess. This late at night you might have been safe actually making a comment and keeping your "First".

We now return to your regularly scheduled comment:

First it was Tron Boy on Jimmy Kimmel and now this.....

When will we see Tink on a late night talk show?

Think it'll be on Larry King? After all, he's been married to 6 different women.....maybe he'll take a shine to her?

Ah, they should have been on together! Oh, not FIRST again.

Wow....he flitted onto the set. Big surprise that he has to work at home.

I'm gay but this guy really IS a fairy.


(What did you THINK I meant?!)

Did anyone else hold their lunch down long enough to get to the photo with this caption?:

"TCO Warning!! (Total Cuteness Overload!)
If you wanted a 'pin up' of me... this is a keeper"


OMG! Just watched pixie dude on Conan, and the only thing I going through my head the whole time was Terry Jones of Monty Python's Flying Circus saying: Fairy. Not that there's anything wrong with that, ok, yes there is. This is just wrong, so very, very wrong. I'll bet this guy is going to a "Cuddle Party" tomorrow night.

OK, if that freaky goth Tinkerbell chick shows up on Letterman next week, I'm selling the TV.

P.S. judi, go to bed.

lets make it. conan doesn't come on for hours. I think He was swallowed by a black hole. A man fell in a mud puddle. Hey, I hate slim fast anyway.


The funniest part was watching Rev.Al Sharpton keep a straight face during Tink's spot...Al is a religious man, after all, (I will not judge, I will not judge), isn't he... officially? ...hhmmmmm...

bbescuela, i went to bed and taped it :) just watched it.... pretty amazing. sharpton was funny and i loved seeing conan in the hat!

Is it really "whoppi" or was it just 02:28 AM and you hit the wrong key, "whoopi?"

(I kinda like the sound of WHOP-i, tho.)

*goes to find knitting needles to gouge eyes out*

Trystan...let's dance!

That sound you Floridians hear is Uncle Walt spinning in his grave.

Or maybe that should be Uncle Walt melting?

peter pan was on Jimmy Kimmel way before tron man. Poor peter got caught up in a pillow fight between cousin sal and some wrestler I forget. It was wonderful and jimmy relayed the clip of Peter getting whacked with the pillow for many night to come.

Hey I hope he finds a tinkerbell.

Dammit! The one time I decide to actually do something other than watch my computer late at night...

Uh, someone asked this before, but...ever seen judi and FIRST at the same time?

I saw that, which guest was more cartoonish? He said he was fifty, I am now seriously considering adopting his lifestyle.

So at least we know that guy didn't suddenly regain his sanity...



I actually think that "Peter Pan" guy is pretty cool, in that he's not afraid to be completely open about his weirdness. That's rare and admirable these days.

I say Amen to that...


But ya know ... I have a weird feeling that come judgement day, some of you will die and find yourselves face to face with our green spandexed pixie dust sprinklin' Peter Pan ... he'll be standing at the pearly gates... shaking his head, clip board in hand wearing a Dave Barry for President Pin and you'll be wishing you had written what Martin wrote instead of your not so nice comment.

But for the majority of us bloglit folk, we won't haev to worry about that ... cause we're on an express train to hell ... so our comments don't count.

So when you find yourself locked out of heaven, send us a post card ... we'll let you know if there's an extra room in eadn's condo.

p.s. I think our friend Tinker Bell would be a great match for Peter Pan ... as long as she's never on top ... he looks breakable.

Discuss amongst yourselves

watch out where the huskies go and dont u eat that yellow snow.


greg, i never promised you a gypsy rose garden.

my daddy was a gibson my momma was a fender thats why they call me freddy fender.

i dont have the strength to play one more abnoxius surfing tune. i cant spell obnoxius.

take this shaq and shove it.

confucius say is better to cause confusion than cause conflagration. although confucius like both.

And they say there are no good single men left . . . .and this proves it.

I'm with Martin et al. I'm not running out to buy felt, myself, but it's nice to see someone open about his creativity, even when it's a ridicule-magnet.

And I spend a good deal of time watching men in tights scramble over each other for a ball made of pigskin, so I can't be too judgmental.

Has anyone read Good Luck: Create the Conditions for Success in Life & Business by Alex Rovira? It's a charming little book that boosts your thoughts and feelings on how to create luck in your life. I just read an advance copy and it's going to be a killer bestseller. I heard it's sold like 1 million books in the world already even before hitting the US.

By the way, I'm Alex Rovira's press agent. I guess I should have said that before I shamelessly plugged my client's book on this blog. My bad. You may ridicule me now.

Just saw Pan on Conan's Comedy Central repeat. I have to say I loved it. The guy really makes me laugh, although I have to say he came across stranger in person than on the website. I mean, you can't actually watch him prance around on the website.

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