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July 20, 2004


Or is it Tink?

(Thanks to Chris Kern)


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I thought all towns had a parking meter fairy that put coins in the meters. They leave friendly notes in colorful envelopes as a thank you for staying downtown.

Since I know the parking meter fairy is a quiet person (I haven't seen her in downtown Chicago in person, but I know it is true), I take the friendly notes from under the windshield wipers and drop them off in a box at city hall with little note saying "thank you" for all the hard work.


Where's the pictures?

wouldnt be even noticed in some places. would be ignored, then probably beaten to a pulp in nyc. bwaaaahhhaaaa, parking tickets! ha.

"educate people about the parking tickets."

They're wee little beasties that only come out when you when you're ont looking....

Thank you so much! That was very thoughtful. My employer thanks you, as productivity is sure to go way up.

At least now we know what Dave's been up to on vacation.


How come you never told me that we might be neighbors! I'm down here in Cincy too! Go Reds, Go Bengals, Go Red Wings (hey, we don't have a professional hockey team, and it's the best I could find on short notice)!

Dave doesn't know what he's missing! I bet there are no tutu-donning parking meter fairies in Idaho!

*corners LabSpecimen*
Hey how did you escape? I told you about going out in daylight hours!!! Now back to the cold room with you....

Tomorrow's Man got it right. Dave's not REALLY in Oregon, I mean Idaho at all. He's dressed up as Xavier, who is dressed up as Miami's Parking Meter Fairy.

And The Parking Meter Fairies wbagnfarb, in Miami.

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