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July 18, 2004


Is this unusual? It's hard to tell, any more.

(Thanks to 8 trillion alert emailers)


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Wow, I can't believe I'm first. I just wish I could think of a clever comment on the alligator assault.

No animal abuse charge? The PETA freaks will be outraged (again).

Is it me, or shouldn't Nancy have left David after dodging the beer bottles he threw at her?

And if I were the alligator, soaring through the air at Nancy, I'd be thinking to myself, "Please tell me we have some more alcohol in the fridge." (Ref. to why David tossed the alligator at Nancy in the first place.)

Call me a cynic, but I picture a 1976 Vega up on cinder blocks in their front yard.

Actually, I just popped in to see if there have been any updated "Dave sightings" in Idaho. I did notice that the Idaho State Police picked up a Hawaiian "most wanted" fugitive named Reiner Kran in the big city of Dubois (two trees) Idaho.
Hmmmm, Reiner......"Ron". Could there be a connection? You be the judge.

I wouldn't mind seeing Rob Reiner hit with an alligator. But that's just me.

Maybe we shouldn't downplay this alligator story. If you follow the link to the right of the picture, "Alligator bites off woman's arm", you will notice that the picture is very similar to the one in the throwing incident. And even though they cut open the alligator and retrieved the arm, it is not known if the reattachment will be sucessful. Oh btw, Judi, don't you have anything better to do than be posting to the blog at 11:43 PM?

nope. winding down... got the florida hook thing in email so figured i'd post a couple. that ok with you? ;)

I'm for it, but I see that its 12:46 AM on your side of the continent, so off to bed with with you now.

If a PETA freak was being attacked by an alligator wouldn't saving him be unethical to the treatment of the gator?

I personally favor crocodiles for spousal abuse. They're generally smaller and easier to swing, plus they live longer in the bathtub.

plz dont have anything better to do

I don't think he knew what he was doing . . .

"Staaand by yer man . . . "

y'all got some strange people down there in florida. must be the humidity.

Carl Hiaasen, where are you?

Wait. SHE bit HIM when there was a perfectly good alligator available for bitage duty?

Just goes to prove that alcohol and 'gater don't go together.

Unless you have a REAL BIG blender and LOTS of tequilla!

"Who had that industrial size blender last?"

Anyone for a Mar-gator-ita?

Nancy should be glad he didn't have a pet porcupine.

queensbee: must be the humidity.
Then how would you explain Californians?

"I don't think he knew what he was doing ..."
* maybe her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, either *

Aligator was probably scared stiff being yanked uncerimoniously from his placid tub, and thrown through the air at a P.E.T.A. member. Who knows she could have had on a t-shirt that read:

People Eating Tasty Animals
and needing new boots.


MOTW, I think it's the sun shine. It has a tendency to cook the brain.

"Mr Havenner's version of the story differed."

Yes, well, it would pretty much have to, wouldn't it?


Lookit them gator throwers,
ain't they bitchin'
Lobbin' a gator
Every time they get the itchin'
Tossin' them caimans, heavin' them crocs,
Throwers dressed in nothin'
or only in they jocks.

How to be a gator thrower?
Not much to it here.
Keep a gator in the tub
Let him fly whenever you run out of beer.

And did he yell "Later Gator" when he threw it?

jamester - GREAT SONG!!!

Californians can be explained by the smog.

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