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July 23, 2004


Here's the ticket.

Actual Motto: "Two Heads are Better Than One"

(Thanks to Ilene Waterstone)


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The Party Party Ticket??!?

Are they seeking liver donors?

Cool, "Joint" Presidents

"Joint" Presidency says it all


I guess ANYONE can run for president!

They're running for the "Party" party. They'll surely get the vote of college students everywhere.

If they win who will be in their cabinet?

Tommy Chong for Attorney General!

While I hate to put a curfew on the Party Party, wasn't Graham Nash born in England? And isn't David Crosby a convicted felon? Those seem to be disqualifiers although I do like them better than the present president.

"We’ll have two presidents, and between us we have vice covered.”

They certainly will.

who'da thunk Stephen Stills would be the last one with a shred of dignity?

Besides, they can't be better than the only man qualified to be president in these nasty times: Dave Barry!

After looking at the bus, I have only one question.

Where is Graham going to sit?

This is absolutely appalling. It's a disgrace. I mean the nerve of someone to run for the greatest most powerful position on earth, just for entertainment purposes and to garner a little publicity. I mean what kind of person would make a mockery of the US Executive Branch just for a joke??

Their candidacy is unsafe on any speed. It harms the debate among serious candidates and could dilute the vote for those of us with a real chance at winning.

So, Neil Young and Stephen Stills would be co-vice president?

Throw Roger McGuin in as Secretary of State and you've got my vote.

Ross, if you think that's appalling, what about this?

Hey, Ross, you spelled your name wrong. Vote for someone who is smart enough to spell their own name and get rid of gun laws, at least!

Uh oh, looks like Dave has even more competition this year.

uh, dave, your gonna have to get much higher in the polls to beat these two....i'm gonna sign up to be a campaign worker for them.....

I'd love to be an oscar mayer weiner and that is what I'd truly like to be if'n for these tears of a clown.

Other jt: you got my comment. And Neil Young is Canadian.

I think Dave needs to get them to be "Co-vice" Pres. Then the nationality/felony stuff doesn't mean anything AND they can arrange for the evenings "entertainment"....

....if you know what I mean?

Sounds like a gimmick to promote a concert tour, if you ask me.

This reminds me of our new bumper sticker:

Vote Kerry Edwards!
So full of shît, they need two Johns.

So. Just what's wrong with wanting to be President without having the background or experience for the job?

John Kerry:

Better to be Edwards/Kerry than Dick/Bush, I always say.

Waldorf: That's pretty juvenile, and not even a balanced comparison. You're using the last names of Edwards and Kerry, but the first name of Cheney, just so you can put the words "dick" and "bush" together. Har har. Middle School humor is always so hilarious.

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