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July 23, 2004


The fish are fighting back.

(Thanks to Octavia Sawyer)


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``Generally, it's a mistake by the fish when they bite someone.''

No, duh.

Oh, and just because no one has said it in a while....First.

Ziggy Zablotny???

Come on, we're supposed to believe this is a real story when the protagonist's name is Ziggy Zablotny, fer cryin' out loud? Pull the other one, as a British friend would say, it's got bells on.

Ah, man! Our MOAT Fluffy's after the fish. Here Fluffy! Time to come home!

Either that, or the fish just was tossed out of the bar and took it out on the 1st one it came across.

I kept thinking it was this guy from the Superman comics, Mr. Mxyzptlk.

I thought that it was pronounced "Mixitpitlick", and that red kryptonite caused gigantism?

"Ziggy Zablotny" I can cope with. It's the marine expert named Fischel that's making me get my "Yah, right" on.

great name, just great. ziggy and the boatmen, wbagnfarb.

Holy Spanish mackerel!

If I am ever hit by a barracuda please dont send me to memorial university hospital.

Keep your distance from the goldfish tank...



Thee fish are biting mateies.

No one ever expects the Spanish Mackerel.

I do have a question for the fish. Did he taste like chicken?

I am always cautious about gars - I know that if you see them in the water near your canoe you should be on the lookout for them attacking. It is true and never ever ever ever ever swim naked especially if you have had recent Fore Skin surgery. It is just to tempting to the gars. It would be best to troll a sheep statue behind the boat to distract the gar.

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