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July 23, 2004


Consider: SaniTaco.


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Having seen how fast food is typically made, this isn't all that bad an idea...

Love it! My family owns a food-service establishment, and although most rules make sense, it just gets ridiculous sometimes. Six months ago, the health inspector made us remove a table because we had too many for the number of restrooms (one). Then, on our last inspection, we got docked points for letting patrons use the restroom at all! AAAAAAAARGH!


But Dave, then how do you add the urine?


Acchhhhhhhh me quazy.

So tell me, how does Lyle give the dog the middle finger when their hands are just nubby, round circles, devoid of any phalanges?

that's actually a good idea in order to protect workers from being exposed to taco bell all day. somebody tell the unions!

Mad? You got any of these neet gizzmos? Could we borrow it for some MOAT experiments?

Like LOX and rodents, snakes, manitie riders, what-not?

Who's got the 'rita mix tonight?

Aaaargh - your family wouldn't be the owners of a burger king, would they??? Perhaps the demerits were for HOW the patrons used the restroom. (just kiddin', you can put the straw despenser down now) ;)

Kibby - Yeah I got several gizmos like this. And I have to dress up in a "stay puffed marshmellow man" style biosafety outfit. (at least I am safe from the west african snails). They are very handy for parties as they are completely stain/water resistant and excellent on the slip and slide.

*sets up a biosafety hood in the moat*
*installs industrial sized blender*
*mixes up the first batch of margaleetas*
*opens up the box of biosafety outfits, hoses down the slip-n-slide and unleashes the west african slugs*

Ok ready for the weekend.
Bismuth - can you monitor the chemicals that get put on the slip-n-slide please?
Oh and watch out for that patch of petunias at the bottom...

Let's all pretend that I haven't been coming to this blog long enough to know better.......could someone please link to the MOAT?

Is it hermetically sealed?

The poor chihuahua will suffocate.

Yo Quiero Taco Box!

Mad, can you bring enough of those outfits for everyone in Vegas? It will sure cut down on the cleanup.

here you go, Brian.

Lily: "Yo Quiero Taco Box!"

That's twice today now that you've made my coworkers give me funny looks after bursting out laughing. Thanks alot.

Sorry, Tetsu. Here, have a Taco.

I won't be here next week so you are safe. . . as long as you don't read comments from anyone else either. Everyone here is hilarious.

I'll be entertaining my professors with my insightful comments at a week-long class across the state from here. If they only knew I was coming, they would just call the whole thing off.

Oh well, all the students will thank me.

In case u make it up here from the MOAT ( where i cant go due to technical difficulties):

[furthur observations of ass.ets have stopped under Loyalty Agreement 1...theoretically speaking]*

*conditions apply

Jeff - sure I can bring suits for everyone ot vegas. We can paint them red white and blue and put dave for pres all over them.

Bangi-sizzles - I will post your comment to the moat for ya and also take your share of glances and judging of the male bloglit bums. :-)

Sani Taco,too funny. Would be a good name for a feminine hygine product also.

Please excuse the blog-ignorant (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy)...but exactly what is a MOAT? I mean other than a defensive canal built around a castle, thank you very much. I followed Jeff's link and found many blog comments, but what's the distinction of posting them there, instead of here?
Puzzledly yours.....

Ok, THAT DOES IT!, when Bangi_bat_girl can't MOAT we HAVE to do something!

This weekend I'll be working up an "Open" letter to Stealth Bloggerette Judi to stream-line the MOAT. Let's call it Slip & Slide'd MOAT walls. Or, Express Lane to the MOAT!

It's really a sad state when Bangi_girl cannot even read the MOAT - Yet alone when Bangi_sizzle has to have her stuff RE-MOATed.

That's .... that's.... a math thing .... 3 MIA's (MOATies In Action) missing. THIS cannot be tolerated!

Can it?

Reposted from the MOAT by permission ... who's? we don't know.

tivogirl, the MOAT is the Mother Of All Threads.

It differs from our normal blog in that it doesn't necessarily follow the theme of the original posting. In other words, our MOAT wanders. AND it's closing in on 5000 posts.

Not that we'd too proud of it.

You're welcome to join. But be FORWARNED! We're a strange, friendly and sometimes sleepy bunch. ANYTHING goes.... and sometimes it just doesn't come back.

Oh, and please watchout for Fluffy and Plisskin. They protect us in the MOAT.

... and we like to say "boogers" alot.

[imagines Bismuth getting groped by inflated rubber gloves whenever walking by in the lab]


MOAT is where bloglit rock-stars & groupies retreat. Not for trolls, crapweasels or (after today) psychos.

Keep it an oasis.

And we drink some.

Or was that too understated?

Speaking of the MOAT and drinking, where IS Queen Punky?



Huhuhuh, that one guy said taco, then he said box.

They should hire Garfield away from Wendy's. He has the corporate salute down pat.

i knew what MOAT was, is, but how do i get there? and i think this cartoon character obviously is related to garfield in giving the finger.......

Yes, Deon...

And I *have* gotten grief about our band name in the "taco" and "cat" regard. Think I should recommend adding "sani?"


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