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July 19, 2004


Don't bogart those nachos.

(Thanks to "sct72")


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Man! What kind of vodka was that? I want some!

It's gotta be good stuff if you decide to become a human nacho & cheese snack!

It's too early for this.

Okay, he broke into the snack bar, covered in cheese, defecated in the trash can, and broke the water heater, but it was climbing a 8' tall chain link fence WHILE NUDE took some real guts. Or vodka. Those of you with the dangling apparatus will know what I mean. Even without barbed wire...(shudder)

I'm with MOTW,

What kind of day will entail if we start with this?

No no no, back to nude defecating nacho man, please......(I think that was a song by the Village People, right?)

(*shutting eyes tightly and conjuring up images of Ali Landry [aka, The Doritos Lady]*)

(1) This is reason #12 why I almost never mix processed cheese food and potato-based alcohols.

(2) How will this guy possibly defend himself? "Uh, my client will stipulate to the streaking, breaking, entering, petty theft, public intoxication, vandalism, and littering. However, on the 8th count, trashcan defecation, my client was merely trying to offer the snack bar with an alternative fuel source. On that count, he strongly protests his innocence"

Well, if he was covered in chesse then he wasn't nude, was he?

Good point, MKJ. So, for the streaking charge, he could use a Hillbilly Liquid Latex (TM) defense.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Frito Lay just found their new spokesman!

This is your brain on lizard dung. Any questions?

Nudes n' Nacho Cheese wbagnfarb

"In addition, the male had nacho cheese in his hair, on his face and on his shoulders," (police officer) Spicer reported.

The cheese did not cover vital organs, so, technically, Monn was nude.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Frito Lay just found their new spokesman!

Posted by: jamester

He couldn't be any more irritating than the Wendy's guy.

I have not had nearly enough coffee yet. That is the only justification I have for calling this guy an utter dip. (runs like hell)

Thanks, I did miss it. Key Quote:

"Bala Abu, a 20-year-old unemployed high school graduate, says he smokes lizard turds to forget his woes."

Reminds me of that old song:

"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, that's why I eat worms.

Big ones small ones short ones tall ones
see how they wiggle and sqirm

Bite their heads off, suck their juice, throw the skins away

No-one can see how I can eat worms three times every day!"

Where was Dave on his birthday and why is he lying about his age?

There was a young man from Ghana
who was trying to reach Nirvanna
he tried smoking pot
and the rest of that lot
but settled on blue lizard guano.

Blue Meanie ......... really good one.

OBTW ...... what color is the sky in your world.

To the rescue, amigos!

I don't think stem cell research is going to help this guy.

However, Bubba, his cell partner, MAY just like a little cheese snack later.....

Ay, yi, yi, yi!
Cheese on my head and shoulders!
I climbed over barbed wire
With no clothes on me,
I smoke lizard dung for pleasure.

He was "semi-incoherent" as opposed to "semi-coherent"?????

Now I'm confused or was it just incoherent to me?

( thanks, MKJ! )

Where does one come up with the name of Blount?

Maybe the strong smell of alcohol, mixed with sweat and nacho cheese, also affected the journalist's word choice, bm.

nacho, nacho man, i wanna be a... bwahhhhaa.. dumba**. but at least he didnt shoots his cajones off whilst intoxicated. 'semi-incoherent??' yeah. whatever that means, he was that. great case of drunk and stupid.

Sounds like this guy was doing a little cheese diving at the pool since it was only in his hair and on his face and shoulders. What did he do? Stick his head in and lick it out of the vat?

Darwin at work once again..

If the liver damage doesn't kill him, the nachos will (eventually!)

Yeah, you're a real winner if that's the best thing you can think of to do on your birthday.

First of all, at least he didn't cover the inside of his motel room in vaseline.

As far as lizard crap, quote: "When mixed with 'blue' in water, it produces a strong effect similar to the effect of drinking strong whisky to excess on a hot day,"

Then why not just drink whisky, from my experiences with it, you really don't need a "hot day" to become semi-incoherent.

Now all I can think about is Chong smoking "Labador", because his dog at his weed.

Lurker2: Multi (or at least it used to be....)

Son and Mom in the store. Son is fussy so mom says "Be quiet and you can pick something out. You can pick out the cheese." He calms down and picks out the biggest wheel of cheese he can find. They are walking home and he starts to roll his cheese because it was so big. It starts to roll downhill and he runs after it. The cheese goes faster and the boy runs faster.
Cut to: Little girl at the bottom of the hill stops the cheese and takes it into her house quickly. "Mommy, Mommy! I found some cheese!" "What kind of cheese is it?" "Mommy, I think it's nacho cheese!" "Why?" Wait for it............ "Because there was a boy running behind it yelling "It's nacho cheese! It's nacho cheese!"

I just can't help imagining this guy being institutionalized next door to the guys who only speak Klingon.

$40 in chips and $7 in cheese does not seem like a good ratio for making nachos. I mean if you are going to do it, do it right, coherent or not.

Hell, he's probably in some kind of cult with the petroleum jelly guy.


Maybe Wal-Mart was the cheese supplier.

Was someone chasing him down the street yelling: "Hey! Come back! That's nacho cheese!"

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