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July 20, 2004


"Shamelessly ripped off from holdthebutton.com."

(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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It's like playing 'Hold the Button' under the influence of alcohol. Neato.

The top score is over ten-thousand seconds?

I'll bet he's (ir she) is very popular.

Booyah, 15 seconds, I placed 9 gillionth.


Seems a little like using a possessed etch-a-sketch,doesn't it?

It would be much more fun if it spelled stuff out. Or made a bunny or something.

At first I wondered why I was so lousy at "Hold The Button." I mean, the concept isn't exact rocket science or anything. Then I remembered that I use Mozilla as my web browser. HTB doesn't work on it.

So I switched over to Internet Explorer and it worked great. I did just fine but got bored very, VERY quickly.

Like Bismuth, I did the math. 10,792.01 seconds = 179.9 minutes or nearly three solid hours! Talk about having no life! Even the runner-up logs in at almost 79 minutes. Sheesh.

Did anyone else's end up spelling "die"?

Just um... curious...

I got holdthebutton.com on my laptop and then put a rock on the button(as much as I tried I couldn't make it work on my pc)

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