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July 21, 2004


This blog wants to contribute to the defense fund for these guys.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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This Bud's for them.

i sent this in yesterday myself, because i thought it was a critical guy thing. glad it finally made it to the blog... and these guys were so stupid they probably deserve to stay in jail anyway

Why, they were just going out for some refreshments for their Bible study group!

The world is right again, a Dave and Claire post!!!! Seriously, welcome back Dave, but much thanks to Judi for keeping all of a least a little sane while you were gone. Except maybe for one too many naked men posts, but I guess we were warned.

As far as this post, these are the type of guys who would go the police station to report their dope being stolen.

yeah, BMX3. or, they would leave their dope in the car, and report that stolen. they deserve a sort of non-fatal darwin award. or at least a getting hit on the head lesson.

"The crowded jail doesn't have enough orange jumpsuits for all of its inmates."

Makes one wonder what ELSE they don't have enough of. Bullets for the guard's guns, perhaps?

"The sheriff pointed out that all 36 inmates on the cell block might have tried to escaped while the doors were unlocked."
"At least they came back," he said.

Apparently, Rogersville, Tennessee is not a rockin' town ...

...who bought four cases of beer before returning to the jail, were charged Monday with escape and introduction of intoxicants into a penal institution...

Yah, a pee-nal institution. After four cases, if you gotta go, you gotta go.

What else don't they have enough of? Bulbs for the control panel lights, evidently. Actually, this makes sense to me. It sounds like a nice jail - very relaxed, guards not too vigilant. All they wanted was some beer, not to spend the night fleeing federal tracking dogs through the wilds of Tennessee. But maybe they might have got away. Rogersville law enforcement sounds a lot like the force that can't find the 2 ton rock.

Re: Trystan's comment

These guys walked right out of the building and had time to rip a hole in the fence to get out without anyone noticing. So no worries about the bullets for the guns, it appears the prison has no guards.

"With their cell doors accidentally left unlocked, four county jail inmates escaped only to return the same night (insert DUH-DUH-DUNNN music here) -with beer."

"left the door propped open with a small Bible (See! The word of God will help set you free!)"

Dave, I'm in on the defense fund thing. I've got some urinal pennies saved up.

"introduction of intoxicants into a penal institution"

can cause problems.

The people at the jail should chill. I don't want my tax dollars going to keep people in jail longer who just wanted a freakin beer.

Maybe the problem is that they didn't share with the guards. Or maybe the guards said "Did you bring enough for the rest of the class?" but the inmates, anticipating this kind of intellectual trickery thought ahead and DID bring enough thus foiling plans to confiscate the load.

This is the kind of jail I'd want to guard, were I a correctional officer.
The inmates sound like really fine fellows.

I didn't realize our penal system relied on the honor system. If I was incarcerated and a door was left unlocked, I don't see why I couldn't use the door without further penalty.


At least they had their priorities straight!

hope they at least got to drink the beer!

"At least they came back."

Yeah, that was very considerate of them.

Posted by: Teodoro on July 21, 2004 12:42 PM:
"This is the kind of jail I'd want to guard, were I a correctional officer.
The inmates sound like really fine fellows."
Couldn't agree more! I HATE having to go out at night for the beer run.

"You guys swear to God you'll come back right?"
"OK then....get a carton of smokes......oh and some chips too ok? Here's 10 bucks."

I agree with Pete. What's the hassle? Other than making a hole in the fence -- easily fixed -- what's so wrong? They came back, right? And they -- apparently -- paid for the beer. (Of course, where did they get the beer money? This sounds like the place to be incarcerated when you can't help being locked up.)

Why'd the guards turn them in? THEY HAD BEER!

Thanks to not getting their priorities straight, the guards missed a fun time.

Besides that, at least they didn't come back with a crapload of pot.

Sounds like a place for Barney Fife. Or, maybe he was there.

Sounds like a place for Barney Fife. Or, maybe he was there.

Posted by: Lmd33 on July 21, 2004 06:41 PM

Excellent point, I can picture Gomer sleeping on the roof.

If the beer is Schlitz your must aquit.

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