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July 31, 2004


It's a big one.

(Thanks to Mac)


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But is he subservient?

It is, BTW, cruel to post a story about a 9 foot rooster if there is no picture.

There's always this.

Did this bird escape from Johnny Depp? I thought he had one of these... or perhaps he'd want another?

Alas, he would have made Speckles very, very happy . . . .

oh, those crazy amish. maybe the owners arent amish, but this is in amish country, right?

How do you vandalize a rooster?

"There is nobody to feed him..." What do you feed a 9 foot rooster made out of fiberglas?

I bet the guy in the red speedo from Murphy, OR wouldn't mess with a 9 foot cock.

Now that's a big cock...

Able to say that, secure in my manhood and heterosexuality.... Thank you, thank you...

..." What do you feed a 9 foot rooster made out of fiberglas{sic}?"
Compliments and platitudes, my friend.

"..the kids are all married so there's noone to feed him"

See, when you get married, you vow never to feed a giant fiberglass rooster ever ever ever ever again, because, well, your love is like a gazelle, isn't it?

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