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July 19, 2004


Here you go.

That wasn't supposed to be posted yet. The stealth bloggerette apologizes for any inconvenience, and promises to repost the link when she is told to. The stealth bloggerette is most obedient. Please do not repost the link in the comments section, or the stealth bloggerette may be in Big Trouble. Thank you.

EDIT: OK, the stealth bloggerette is now obediently putting the link back in, because it turns out it was ok to blog it.


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But where can we buy an actual guy?
The doggie wearing the T-shirt, the non-Labrador, looks as if it just read the shirt and cannot believe what it says.

You can never have too many G2G "classic" thongs.

But what makes a thong "classic"?

Phew, for a second I didn't think you had the "Classic Thong".

So what's the non-classic thong look like?
(No, MKJ, I don't really want to know. It's just a rhetorical question.)

I just read Dave's new column.

Excuse me while I change my shorts.

You are the MASTER, DAVE. I study your toenail clippings. I peer at your words and try to find the meaing of the universe.

I am unworthy to breathe the same fart gas-laden air in which you reside on the planet ReeB.

Please donate your unused brain cells to me or at least allow me to lase-purchase them.

thank you

Did anyone else notice the 'Organic Cotton Tee' about 1/4 of the way down. Seriously, what kind of guy, who would have read and will see the movie, G2G, would buy this. Something tells me that will have some pretty low sales.
On second though, beer is organic. Maybe they're on to something.

I could make beer from my used organic tees.


Damn! It's only 10:54 am and I missed it!

where? what! ackkk!!!

judi - if you get in trouble, you can always defend yourself by throwing an alligator at the attacker. I hear that sort of thing works in Florida.

Big Trouble Florida's about 40 miles west of Miami. Somewhere in the swamp lands, with tripods and meat hooks. Someone side gator fishing was a huge sport out there.

But then it could be a spiritual thing....

Good luck Judi!

I won't post links.

Good going Judi, you're back from Big Trouble FL.

... and I need to learn how to type.....

I'm also fond of the "Guys to Guys Camisole" with built in Man boobs.

I noticed the absense of the color pink.... I understand that...but a thong and a camisole!?!?!?

I really don't know about that green, which I've heard described as "eye-watering".

What!? No beer hat? No Hawaiian shirt(s)? Has Dave seen, approved of and signed off on this batch of merch?


When this movie comes out, if it knocks I, Robot or Spiderman or Cheeseburger 911 from the top of the box office, do you think everyone will flock to this blog? Will there even be room for us peons to make pithy comments here anymore? Promise us that the success of G2G won't ruin what we all have,

We love you man!

I think you're right Brad, G2G is going to make us all unknown writers. ARGGGGGG, the anonimity!!

do u realize 15 dollars=900taka?
but more importantly, do u realize, if u donate some of those stuff to a certain 3rd world country, u might get tax benefits?
( charity=tax cuts..aint it?)

I STILL think, as dedicated Barry Bloglits, we should be invited to the Gala opening. What better, more dedicated, devoted and nuttier fans that WE does Dave have?

Maybe, dare I ask (dare! dare!), there would be a SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW for us!?

I'll bring popcorn.

to answer somebody's question, i believe you might be able to find guys at the men's warehouse, maybe...

*fumbles excitedly for wallet*


"Mmmmmmm - G2G merchandise...." aaaaarrrrggggllle.
(As Per Homer Simpson)


>What!? No beer hat?

Hey, show a little guy initiative. Buy a hat and add your own beer. You expect everything to be done for you. What a guy.

>No Hawaiian shirt(s)?

Can't help you there. Buy a patch and sew it on your own favorite Hawaiian shirt?

I think the G2G thong would go great with the burn your eyes green T! Actually I might have to get the spegetti top.. I could then explain to everyone I meet what G2G is!

Oh, because I am to lazy to browse the site.. when does the movie come out again?

I know I am wearing to the vegas invasion under my lab coat.
Can we say Classic thong.....

holy crap! that green tshirt looks like something t hey should have dressed the movie vikings in.

So, why does the thong have a warning that it was made in the USA?

I see the SSENGER lobster suits are not being marketed this time. Maybe around the time of the sequel.

" SSENGER lobster suits ..."

Huh? Lobster suits?

Nothing says "Honey I love you more than life itself" more than by giving her a thong with Dave Barry's name on it. If this gift does'nt start with the making of the love then nothing will.

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